Download Retail Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3

Want to show off you newly bought Samsung Galaxy S III? There is an application to do so. It is Retail Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3. An application that being used in Samsung Galaxy S3 showroom, roadshow and demonstration. Basically, it has a screensaver that promote Samsung Galaxy S3 features, and provide tutorial and product information.

Retail Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3

Download Retail Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3 at Samsung Apps. Search for “Retailmode for Galaxy S 3”. Install it and enter 5444 as password. Enable sound and service. And you are ready to show off the wonder of Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • hola

    Helo jayce..
    just inform u..
    S3 ready for..
    4.0.4 I9300XXLEF
    Omega Custom Rom XXALEF..

    • Thanks for the info, hola.
      Will try custom ROM after finish testing all the stock ROM features. πŸ˜‰

      • hola

        Welcome jayce..
        ok..learn n share..
        coz i still noob..hehe

  • zelig

    I seem to have lost my lockscreen after trying the retailmode app. No setting for it in security either. I’ve unInstalled but it’s still gone. Before I do a factory reset is there a way to restore it.

    • I don’t think Retail Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3 app is causing the problem (no lockscreen issue here). Maybe other apps are causing it.

    • Evgeny

      I have the same problem!!!! Do u find the way to restore it???

      • Zelig

        No I didn’t find solution. I did a factory reset and re set up my phone. Avoid that retail mode app it messes your phone up!!!

    • AVA

      Jayce, tired Retail mode and after uninstalling, lost Security settings… Please help to retrive…please..
      Also noted on long press, mobile is directly switching off without any message…
      recently upgraded from 4.0.0 to 4.1.1 but no luck πŸ™
      Please find solution for this.
      thanks in advnace

      • Hi AVA, you can try factory reset.

  • sunny

    hi jayce, im running custom rom there is no samsung app in my rom so oi cant odownload retail mode. Can you provide me the link for download this app?

    • Sorry sunny, I don’t have download link for Retail Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3 App. Try to install Samsung Apps. Then install from there.

  • e


  • thomas

    where is the download link?

  • kyoungbin

    What is the retail mode?

  • Evgeny

    I seem to have lost my lockscreen after trying the retailmode app. No setting for it in security either. I’ve unInstalled but it’s still gone. Before I do a factory reset is there a way to restore it.

    • No more screen lock as Swipe in Security?

    • Zelig

      So glad it wasn’t just me. No lockscreen and no setting to enable lockscreen. Do a factory reset. Or like me now get a custom rom. I recommend XXBLFB Wanamlite 1.5 from XDA.

  • rivio

    where i can get it, please inform.

    • Samsung Apps, dear…

  • Mardex

    Change the lenguage and all will be fine again.

  • devin

  • AVA

    how to get back security settings on S3

    • Try factory reset see.

  • Zelig

    You have to go to settings, back up and reset, factory reset. It Is the only way to reset it properly after using that retail mode. Avoid that retail mode.

  • Rico

    Hi guys, attention:
    I found out a way to set the locksreen back and other stuffs…

    You dont need to factory reset.

    If you have it unistalled, install it again.

    Go to data/media through root explorer e dele retailmode folder.
    Now open the retailmode apk again. Put the password.
    In the settings, click on “enable service”, let it on, and then after a while, let it off.
    get out the program, repeat the procedure deleting the folder thru root explorer.
    Your lockscreen for some reason will be back. Unistall de apk.

  • john

    how do i get an s3 mini out of retail mode

  • jelly bean

    4.0.4 retail mode – passcode is all you need
    4.1.1 retail mode – can’t get rid of it. Enable service is greyed out.

  • Charlie

    It seems my phone is stuck in retail mode and it is asking me for a code to unlock the
    Retail mode but I have no idea what that code would be can u help me?

  • Charlie

    And by the way it Is the galaxy S3. Thank you

  • Charlie

    And it is the galaxy 3

    • Above code didn’t work for you?

  • Jack

    5444 password did not work on my Sprint GS 4. Is there another code?

  • Phoenix Chandler

    I go to GS3 retail mode app
    click on configuration profile
    then it’s on STA default I click on none and am prompted to enter a password
    I entered 5444 & also tried M729Q16K8546
    Nothing is working. And instead of global default it says STA default do u know why
    I really need help

    • Sorry Phoenix, I have no idea then. Please consult Samsung Support for help.

    • Yess19

      I have the Same problem did u got the phone to work

  • Phoenix Chandler

    πŸ™ o darn

  • Rizwan Ahmad

    hi,my device galaxy s3 i9300 andriod version 4.1.2 have some problems.i can neither send any message nor dialed number for call due to this opption ^ not registered on network^. plz help me, i am very thank full to you