Top reasons to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Want to enjoy advertisement free environment on your Samsung Galaxy Note II? And able to make full data and system backup to avoid data loss from time to time? Root access on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the essential stuff that you need. In addition, your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 performance can be improved and user experience can be enhanced too. Why? Lot of these nice applications and modifications require root access to work. Therefore, root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a must for me. And you too…

Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Remove advertisements
Love to play ad-supported free Android games like Angry Birds? You in luck today because you can turn them into a full version game without advertisement with AdFree Android. AdFree removes (almost) all ads in the browser and other applications by nullifying requests to known host names in the system hosts file.

Backup & restore apps, data and system settings
Besides AdFree Android, Titanium Backup is the must installed Android application for all rooted Android devices too. Backup your Android applications and data with it. Restore them when needed. Schedule the backup and leave it. You won’t lose any important data then.

Improve user experience with custom modification
You need root access to replace system files. For example, a modified Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera that enable feature like video quality up to 30 Mbit and 192 kbit audio on 1080p video recording. You need root access to replace the existing camera application.

Speed up CPU and increase battery life
SetCPU for Root Users is one of the tools to tweak CPU settings. You can use it to improve overall performance by overclock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 GHz. And undervolt Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to save battery.

Faster GPS lock
FasterFix speed up GPS signal lock by using a NTP server near you. For example, I select Malaysia NTP server as I live there. Select your region to speed up GPS signal lock locally. And select other region when you travel to other country.

Firewall to block Internet access
Want to improve battery life with lesser Android application accessing data connection? DroidWall is the Android firewall application that you need. Use it to block application from accessing Internet.

Access to other region Google Play Store
Can’t find certain games or applications at Google Play Store? Well, they might limited to certain country like United States only. Use Market Enabler to help you by faking current region as other region.

Enable DualShock 3 Wireless Controller
Play games with your existing PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Sixaxis Controller application is the one that help you. Playing games will not be the same again with PS3 game controller.

Screen standby on MHL / HDMI mirroring
Screen Standby switches off the screen temporarily without putting phone into sleep mode. It is great for saving your battery and avoids heating to prolong battery life while enjoy games and movie though MHL / HDMI mirroring on TV.

Better and faster custom ROM
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) allows you to install better and faster custom ROM as most of them are well tweaked. No need to wait for official firmware release and try out the latest and greatest custom ROM out there.

Interested? Follow this guide to root Galaxy Note 2 ~ How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with CF-Auto-Root? (Video)