Download Skype with video call for Android (SGS2 supported)

Yeah… I have a phone with front camera finally. But the Skype in Android Market does not have video call support on Samsung Galaxy S II. It supports Google Nexus S, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo and Sony Ericsson Xperia pro only. Thanks to XDA Developer, theos0o and VillainROM Developer, pulser for creating a hacked and modded version of Skype that enable video calling on most Android phones like SGS, SGS2, Galaxy Tabs / Epic 4G / MyTouch 4G, HTC EVO / Sensation / Flyer / Desire / Desire HD / HD2 and Xperia Play / Ray.

Skype with video call for Android

Pulser’s build is like official Skype but enable video call function for non official supported phones. theos0o’s build has lot of tweak and hack. Try it to find out more…

Note – Skype video calling function requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread and supports landscape mode only.

Download Skype with video call for Android here.

  • chari manlapaz

    jayce i finally flashed android on my hd2 🙂 i just wanna ask how to install files on it? like installing cab files on wm..thanks!

  • Tan

    Which one do you recommend? theos0o’s build (v02) or pulser’s build? Just to share, got mine Sensation on 4 days ago…:)

    • Try them both. See which one you like. Personally, I prefer theos0o’s build.

      How your HTC Sensation? 😉

      • Tan

        So far so good. Likes the Sense 3.0, photo is excel. UI is smooth, and more. Only complaint so far – battery life last only 24 hours or slightly more; and depends how I used the device. One more to add, the back of the device is a bit hotter than SE Xperia X10i I used before this.

        So you got yourself a SGS2?

        • Yup, just got it for 4 days just like you. 😀

          • Tan

            Was considering SGS2 too but then dropped it just becos I don’t like Maxis line.

            • Oh, I did not get it from Maxis but directly from Samsung SEP – 2 years warranty.

  • fitz

    cant install it in my desire.hd… help

  • Ned

    I initially installed theos0o’s build (v02) and tested it, and the option for video calling was not available so I removed it and then installed pulser’s build which then worked perfectly! Thank you so much for providing the link to the file.

    I have a SGS2 on the Bell Network in Canada, on 2.3.3.

  • Bassem B.

    Hello Jayce, perhaps you could edit this post with an update since Skype is now normally available for SGS2 with video calling 🙂

  • Saad

    I installed pulser’s build but video call option isnt showing up…

    • Hi Saad, please consult the developer or try the official one.