Google Nexus 4 price & availability in Malaysia

The cheapest Google Nexus smartphone ever ~ Google Nexus 4 by LG is coming to Malaysia real soon. DiGi will be the first Malaysia Telco to grab it. Nexus 4 is selling like hot cake in US at $299 for 8GB model and $349 for 16GB model. Out of stock everywhere… As for Malaysia, don’t expect to buy Nexus 4 at this kind of prices. And only 16GB model will be available for retail just like other countries. Price? RM1799 or RM1599 based on rumours. Place your bet. Or wait for next Monday, 7 January 2013 to find out more about Nexus 4 release date and price…

Google Nexus 4 price and availability in Malaysia

Will I get a Nexus 4? Sure!!! Be sure to stay tuned for my Nexus 4 tweaks and guides then…


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