How to backup Samsung Galaxy S3 with ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)? (Video)

One of the best ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) features that I love ~ full system backup and restore with Nandroid. I can try lot of custom ROMs and restore back to my daily use ROM after testing them. Just like full system backup with Norton Ghost on PC. How to backup Samsung Galaxy S III with ClockworkMod Recovery? First of all, you need to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3. Have CWM already? Continue to read below step by step guide for more information…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Turn off Samsung Galaxy S3.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release all buttons when you see SGS3 Logo.
  4. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  5. Go to backup and restore with Volume Up / Down buttons.
  6. Select Backup with Power button.
  7. After backup finished, select reboot system now.
  8. That’s all.

ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) will make a backup on external SD card by default. Else it will store at internal storage if no external SD card is found. And will store the backup at clockworkmod\backup folder based on date and time. Make sure that you make full system backup of Samsung Galaxy S3 with CWM from time to time to avoid data loss. Prevention is always better than cure…

  • KeN

    will warranty void if install CWM ?

    • Yes, but there is a way to reset the custom flash counter. Guide is coming out soon…

  • ChrisHRocks

    2.2Gb backup!!!

  • trein 91

    Hey, I rooted my phone using the androidauthority video. I realised later that the links provided in the video were old (but my root still worked). Right now, I’m trying to do a nandroid backup, but when I press the volume up+home+power button, it brings me into “android system recovery” instead of the “CWM based recovery” as shown in the video. The options for backing up and etc are NOT available. How should I update to the newer 6.4CF root? (I used the v6.2 CF root and 1.85 desktop odin)

    • Re-root it with latest CF-Root.

  • Chan.S

    When i Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time the ClockworkMod Recovery is loaded but the backup option does not show…

    • Hi Chan, which ClockworkMod Recovery version are you using?

      • Chan.S

        I’m not too sure… at the top it says Android System Recovery . Does that help?

        • You don’t have ClockworkMod Recovery yet in this case. Built in recovery is not CWM.

          • Chan.S

            okay thanks so how do i get it?

            • Hi Chan, please take your time to study my SGS3 guides. Study carefully… 😉

  • Thinh

    When I go to “Backup & Restore” in CWM, I only see 3 options, 1) backup 2) restore 3) advance restore. I don’t see the option to backup to internal or restore from internal even though I have an SD card in my phone. I used a file browser and see that my previous backups are located in \sdcard, which is my internal storage while my \extsdcard has nothing. How do I fix this? Thanks for your help.

    • Which CWM version are you using?

      • Thinh


        • You need to consult CWM developer in this case. Or use CF-Root like mine.

  • neons1

    my baseband now is I747UCALG1 and like to know how to update to new baseband I747UCLH9 with out loosing root s3 sgh-i747 att?. Can you please send step by step how to this thanks?

  • cal

    Hi Jayce-
    How are you? I try to do a system backup follow your instruction. But it said “Can’t mount backup path”. Do i need to mount my S3 external SD card? I thought this already mounted. Pls advise.

    CWM v5.5.0.4 CF-v1.2

  • okizen

    Hi Jayce,

    I can’t back up my S3 to my external sdcard. I choose backup to external sdcard from the backup menu in cwm but it says ‘Can’t mount backup path’. Any solutions?

    • Hi okizen, is your SD card in FAT32 format?

  • okizen

    Hi Jayce. It was formatted by the S3 itself. Should it be in FAT32 format?

    • You can try that.

  • Andrew

    I’m having the same issue.. how do I put this on my external sd card and not my phone!!!! Please help!

  • rocco

    i put clockwod recovery v6.0.3.1 on my sprints s3 and now my will turn on it just goes to the screen saying samsung s3 with a little blue guy how can i fix this