How to install Android Market apps on Kindle Fire without root access?

Can’t find apps from Android Market in Amazon Appstore? Amazon Appstore has lot of paid and free applications and games for Kindle Fire. But it surely does not have the amount or latest apps like the original Android Market by Google. Besides, Kindle Fire does not have Android Market App installed. Only has Amazon Appstore. The simplest way to install applications and games from Android Market on Kindle Fire ~ have Android Market App installed on Kindle Fire. Then you can download and install apps directly from Android Market then. However, you need to root Kindle Fire in order to install Android Market App. So here is the solution for those who have stock Kindle Fire without root access…

Android Market
Android Market


  • Android device with Android Market

Step by Step Guide

  1. On Kindle Fire, tab Quick settings.
  2. Click on More…
  3. Go to Device.
  4. Make sure that Allow Installation of Applications ~ From Unknown Sources is ON.
  5. Go to Amazon Appstore.
  6. Install ES File Explorer (or install any file explorer that you prefer).
  7. On Android devices with Android Market…
  8. Make a backup of the apps ~ How to backup Android apps into apk?.
  9. Copy the backup application apk to Kindle Fire download folder.
  10. Launch ES File Explorer.
  11. Go to download folder.
  12. Select application apk and install it.
  13. That’s all.

Note – Not every application from Android Market can be installed and use on stock Kindle Fire. Example, you can install Google Gmail but it won’t work (close right away after launch).

  • Sylvia

    Hi, i just got my kindle fire for a week. As i know, we cannot download any apps from amazon, we need to download android app store…i try to follow you instruction as above, but when i go to amzon apps store to Install ES File Explorer, but i cant do it….can u pls help me…..

    • Email ES File Explorer apk to your own email. Then install from there.

      • Sylvia

        Sorry….can i know how to email ES File Explorer to my own email?

        • Find ES File Explorer apk from Google. Attach it to your email then send.

          • Sylvia

            Thanks…finally got it…..

  • Alex

    Hello, you can send me an email file “backup application apk”, because I do not have another device with an android?

    • Please Google it.

  • Alex

    I do not really understand how to do this)
    if you send me an email I would be very grateful.
    my email –
    Thank you.

  • Changitito

    I did manage to install aneroid market to my fire but when I opened it. I got this message “you must add an account to the device to continue. Do you want to add one now?” When I clicked yes the market app automatically shut itself down. What should I do then?


    Nope i follow how to install market in fire without root access

    • Please follow it then.

  • Gustavo

    Ok… vivo en venezuela y es obvio que el kindle no me deje comprar nada por el amamzon store, asi que note que me trajo el quick office y me fije que tenia el file explorer y me baje la apk del balckmarket y listo full aplicaciones! ahora voy a ver si se le puede poner el market de google!

  • Paul

    First thanks for all your helpful guides.
    I wish to buy Kindle File in the USA and then ship it to Europe (a present).
    I’ve read that Amazon apps won’t work outside the USA (as Amazon detects the IP address and blocks it from entering the cloud). Since the main use of the Kindle Fire is for web browsing (which shouldn’t be an issue) and games (which is the problematic thing), would the Android Market installation (I don’t mind rooting it if required) solve the issue and will basically detach the Kindle File connection to Amazon cloud (which I want to happen while outside the USA)?

    Thanks again!

    • I live in Malaysia. Basically, I turned my Kindle Fire to run CM7 ROM. It has nothing to do with Amazon now. I can access to Android Market directly and play most of the games.

      • Paul

        First thanks for the prompt reply.
        How did you do that to make the Kindle run on a different ROM?
        Can I install on it Android ROM like any other Android tablet? Would love to get details on that if you have them.


  • Maren Demont

    You should have read the whole article before posting.

  • Will Moore

    I do not see the Download Folder when I access my kindle fire folders from my pc. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to create one?

    • Create it if you don’t see.

  • laptop

    What version was this preformed on? I think Amazon has made an update to the OS.

  • laptop

    according to this site: it works on 6.2.1, not explaining if it work on 6.3.1 or later

    • If you still can perform step 4, then it will work on 6.3.1 too.

  • butterflygirl36

    Do you half to root a kindle fire to get the market? I would like to find one

  • Fredrick Taylor

    I don’t have a device with aneroid market…is there another way without rooting it:/

  • mark

    hi joyce..i have kindle fire 10.2.1 version…can it be rooted?…to install android market?. .tnx.

    • 10.2.1 version? Sorry, I have no idea on this version.

      • mark

        yah…10.2.1 version,,..hmmp… some advice?…plss?..

        • Sorry mark, I really don’t have idea on this version. Try to consult others at XDA Forum.

  • adiind

    Hey man can plz tell me how to open zip files .I have the backup of play store as zip and kindle says i dont have the application

    • Use 7-Zip to extract it.