I love to play around with Samsung Galaxy Series Retail Mode. It turns your Galaxy devices into a retail display unit. Yes, good to show off your new device. Learn all the new features. I tried this retail mode on Galaxy S2, S3 and Note 2. So far so good. However, you need to be careful if want to try it on Galaxy S4. Why? You can’t simply uninstall Galaxy S4 Retail Mode from Applications manager. You need to factory reset in order to remove it. The worst part, the factory data reset function is grey out (can’t select it) in Backup and reset.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Retail Mode

No worry, you still can factory reset in recovery mode. So what is the password for Galaxy S4 Retail Mode? It uses the same password for all Galaxy series. Just search for it on my blog if you are willing to delete everything on your Galaxy S4 after tried it.

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