Samsung Galaxy S4 Retail Mode

I love to play around with Samsung Galaxy Series Retail Mode. It turns your Galaxy devices into a retail display unit. Yes, good to show off your new device. Learn all the new features. I tried this retail mode on Galaxy S2, S3 and Note 2. So far so good. However, you need to be careful if want to try it on Galaxy S4. Why? You can’t simply uninstall Galaxy S4 Retail Mode from Applications manager. You need to factory reset in order to remove it. The worst part, the factory data reset function is grey out (can’t select it) in Backup and reset.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Retail Mode

No worry, you still can factory reset in recovery mode. So what is the password for Galaxy S4 Retail Mode? It uses the same password for all Galaxy series. Just search for it on my blog if you are willing to delete everything on your Galaxy S4 after tried it.

  • volvo

    Hi! I need a password to remove the retail mode app!
    How do i get the password?

    • Search my blog. πŸ™‚

    • umang

      i have a solution pls make me call on +91 9898393977

  • Kim


  • Vinsens

    Can you provide the link to download the Retail Mode for Galaxy S4?


  • sid

    dct retail mode password

  • Jack

    5444 did not work for the password on my GS 4. Is there another code?

    • matt


      this is case sensitive

  • Shamil

    hi i can’t download from play store. says my local area don’t support. what i must do?? pleas help me… i nedd it seriously!!

  • jack

    I have s4 demo I tried 5444 in retail mode it work but I doest remove the intro movies

  • jack

    I want to remove retail mode from play store plzzz tell me the proceduree

  • jack

    It doest work ok just tell me how I can use sim in live drmo unit

    • Huh? What is the error message?

      • jack

        I just have 2 use sim in it please tell ma the prodecuree

        • Retail mode is not for daily usage. Factory reset is the only solution.

          • Mick

            Hi Jayce ,
            What is the solution for Factory reset ?


  • Seven


    can i put on S4 Retail mode a usb stick 3g ?


    • Sorry Seven, I don’t have 3G USB stick to test. No idea.

      • Seven

        But it.s posible if this phone has no radio(gsm module ) inside to works
        I try with applicaiton PPP Widget from Playstore but it.s not work
        this is the link but i’m a beginer in thi πŸ™‚

        Thanks in advance

        • It has radio module. Just retail mode disable it. Restore back to normal mode will solve it.

          • Seven


            Good to know…and how to do that ?!?
            How to restore to normale mode ?


            • Factory reset in recovery mode.

              • Seven

                I do that just now…dont reinstal all aplication ( games,samsung aplication) but phone dont work ( mobile network not availble )

                i root to disable demo retail…i put another kernel..
                i try to update with odin ( firmware ) but dosent work

                only can work it’s BeatsAudio πŸ™‚ this is nice

                Another ideea πŸ™

                • Send back to Samsung for service then. Mine work perfectly fine after factory reset. Retail Mode was removed. No need to disable.

                  • Seven

                    Retail Mode is removed …when i start phone there is a logo..Samsung S4 Live Demo Unit…
                    first i root the phone,then remove de demo retail….and work like a tablet with only HI-FI
                    i put another kernel and i cant read microsd but sim dosen’t work
                    How do enable network…maybe with another kernel or firmware ?

                    any ideea from you can help me


                    • Sorry Seven, never see this model before. No idea. Samsung Support is your best friend now.

  • bee hwang

    how about s5 in retail mode. I have tried 5444, it does not work

    • Sorry bee hwang, I have no idea too.

  • kekeLUUNA

    i cnt get rid of this demo mode I got sold a fake please help iv searched ur blog but cnt find the p.w to factory rest

  • Haris Muhammad

    Hey guys I am having galaxy s4 (live demo unit)
    I personally found a hack to it .
    just simply root your phone by (baidu root) app
    and delete two system apps
    named retail mode and samsung dict.
    and you will get rid of demo playing everytime you turn off the screen
    Hope you like my post and it is tested on
    galaxy s4 i9505X

    • uncle

      I have rooted with Baidu root apk. But even after rooting I am unable to delete Samsung retail app.
      I am also unable to remove chech box of retial mode under setting/security. pls help

  • sam

    what is the note 3 live dummy unit master password?

  • uncle

    unable to delete post baidu root