Sense 5 ROM for HTC HD2

Sense 5 ROM for HTC HD2


HTC HD2 just doesn’t want to die. Yes, it is still kicking and alive with HTC Sense 5 ROM. It is still in development stage and for developers only. So only try it if you know what that is. Back to the ROM, it is based on HTC Desire 600. And working stuffs are screen, touch, GSM and data (magldr). Hopefully, others will work sooner. My HTC HD2 already left me to heaven. If yours still alive, feel try to try it then.

Sense 5 ROM for HTC HD2

More screenshots and video demos at XDA Forum. Head there to find out more – link.

  • King Khong

    long live HD2 !

  • alpesh871patel

    hi. jayceooi ……….launch for samsung galaxy s4 everday new

  • YassiNe Machichi

    which Android is That Plz ?! 4.2 or 4.3 ?!

    • Jayce Ooi

      Sorry YassiNe, I have no idea too since I did not try it myself.

  • Vens

    I have updated HTC one x to android 4.2.2 which I really don’t like much. Can I bring it back to original I mean factory installed version ? If yes, how.

    • Jayce Ooi

      Sorry Vens, I am not sure about that. Please consult others at XDA Forum. Didn’t mod my One X at all due to warranty issue.

  • shyam

    hi jayce .

    how to decrease backlight in hd2 android?
    MIUI roms helps a lot . in MIUI ROM I can decrease the backlight little bit more than JB/ICS/GB . any other way to decrease the backlight? ( not brightness) …..

    • Jayce Ooi

      Sorry shyam, I have no idea on this.

  • http://none lamptey

    I have an hTc inspire 4G phone which always shows E(Edge) instead of H (HSPA)
    I have tried *#*#4636#*#* all to no avail. internet connectivity is very slow and cuts for a long time, sometimes, 2 days before it returns.
    What should I do? I want to install a much higher version of android version.

    • Jayce Ooi
      • http://none lamptey

        kindly show me how to do it. Thank you anyway

        • http://none lamptey

          I have done all that it automatically switches itself to GSM/CDMA auto (PRL).
          It simply won’t work anytime i tried it.
          can i run a new software. If yes, how? All sites I have visited could not help me.

          • Jayce Ooi

            Not working even set to WCDMA only?

            • http://none lamptey

              yes please

              • Jayce Ooi

                Sorry lamptey, I have no idea then. Please consult HTC Support.

  • sajad

    how can i change hd2 to dual boot system?

  • alauddin

    I have problem in installing android ics 4.0 in my htc.
    What should i do. Plz help me

    • Jayce Ooi

      What is the issue, alauddin?


    ! hi friend can help necklace is ROM: Sense ROM for HTC HD2 5

  • yash

    hi jayce ooi iam not able to install rom data on Ext how to install it on Ext help me………….
    thankx in advance

    • Jayce Ooi

      Hi yash, did you use CWM layout size and create EXT partition on SD card?