How to enable Tegra 4 Ultra High Graphic on Dead Trigger 2?

Want to enjoy ultra high graphic details on Dead Trigger 2? Get a Tegra 4 device then. Well, that is not the only way. By following the old method for Dead Trigger for Tegra 3, you can enable the extended effects on non Tegra 4 devices too. However, you need to have root access. And of course, your Android device’s GPU need to be as powerful as Tegra 4 too. My Galaxy S4 GPU is a little slow on this setting. Huhu… It’s time to root my Galaxy Note 3.

Tegra 4 Ultra High Graphics on Dead Trigger 2

How to enable Dead Trigger 2 Tegra 4 extended effects on non-Tegra device?

  1. First of all, force stop Dead Trigger 2 in Application manager / Apps at Settings.
  2. Use root explorer like ES File Explorer.
  3. Go to /data/data/com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2/shared_prefs/ folder.
  4. Edit com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2.xml file.
  5. Change <int name=”UnityGraphicsQuality” value=”x” /> to <int name=”UnityGraphicsQuality” value=”3” />.
  6. Change <int name=”OptionsGraphicDetail” value=”x” /> to <int name=”OptionsGraphicDetail” value=”3” />.
  7. Save it.
  8. That’s all.

You should see water refection effect just like screenshot above. And no worry about the Graphics Detail still in High mode only. Enjoy…



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