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Here is another quick tip and trick for Samsung Galaxy S2 users who love to watch movie or video clips. Press Power button during video playback (work in built-in video player, does not work in YouTube) will lock the touchscreen, Menu, Home and Back keys. You can still adjust the volume while in lock mode.

Lock mode in video playback


Err… I hate Samsung Galaxy S II battery fully charged notification sound during night while I am sleeping. Come on, who is the one that come out this idea? And there is no way to turn off the fully charged notification sound in the settings. Hmm… There is a way to disable it totally by changing the system file. But that will require some Android technical knowledge ~ Android Debug Bridge (adb). Not so suitable for new comer which don’t know anything about it. No worry, Battery Charged Silencer comes to rescue…

Battery Charged Silencer


Do you know how many multi-touch points does your Android phone have? I know that my Android HTC HD2 has 2 multi-touch points only. Maybe it is due to the kernel or LCD sensor. Anyway, how many multi-touch points does my new Samsung Galaxy S II have? Let’s find out with MultiTouch Tester…

MultiTouch Tester


Yes, the mighty Android phone ~ Samsung Galaxy S II does not have LED notification light just like iPhone 4. If Samsung Galaxy S2 is your first smartphone, you might not have any issue. Just press Home button, and you can see any missed call or SMS on the lock screen. But for users like me who coming from HTC HD2 with LED notification light, you might need to take some time to adapt to it. Or make your own LED notification light for Samsung Galaxy S2 by installing NoLED.



Don’t like Samsung Galaxy S II camera focus sound? And want to turn off camera shutter sound when taking photo? Here is the way to turn off the camera focus and shutter sounds. Or reduce the sound to lower volume. We don’t want to wake up sleeping baby when taking photo, right?

Samsung Galaxy S II Camera