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For me, ClockworkMod Recovery is a must install tool on Samsung Galaxy S II. You can install custom mod like theme, boot animation, application and even firmware with CWM. It is very simple to install them because all you need to do is copy the update zip file to sdcard. Then install it at CWM. No PC or Mac is needed. However, not every custom build zip is friendly to your Samsung Galaxy S2. Be sure to make a full system backup with CWM before apply any update zip. Just restore to previous stage if anything go wrong. A beginner and new to ClockworkMod Recovery? Do check out below step by step video guide to learn more…


After rooting Samsung Galaxy S II, a yellow triangle will show up at the bottom of Samsung Galaxy S2 Logo during boot up. The simplest way to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S II ~ use micro USB Jig. However, USB Jig is not a common gadget that you can find in PC shop (I ordered mine from eBay). How to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2 without USB Jig? Check out below step by step video guide to find out. A long way to go but you can remove the sharp looking yellow triangle…


  • Odin3
  • CF-Root
  • Stock kernel

In short, you need to have stock kernel of the firmware that you are using. Flash it with Odin after you rooted SGS2. The stock kernel will remove the yellow triangle. Then re-flash kernel from CF-Root using CWM Manager. This will bring back ClockworkMod Recovery.

Note – You need a CF-Root that matches your Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel version. And stock kernel that matches your firmware.


Bored with default Samsung Galaxy S II boot animation? Here is a cool PC BIOS boot animation for Samsung Galaxy S2. It will turn your Samsung Galaxy S2 into a powerful computer. :)


Err… Where is the reboot function in the power menu (long press power button) in Samsung Galaxy S II? No, there is no reboot function unless you install custom power menu like Advanced Power Menu. Besides APM, this update also bring along other goodies like CRT, SIP enabled on 3G and stock battery with % (1 to 100%) to Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock firmware.

Advanced Power Menu


It’s time to restore Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery when you face issues like applications always force close, data loss… Of course, you need to have a backup Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery first in order to do a restore. You can use CWM Manager application to restore if you install CWM through CF-Root. Else load ClockworkMod Recovery to restore. CWM has Advanced Restore feature which can restore each component individually like boot, system, data, cache and sd-ext. Below video will guide you to restore Samsung Galaxy S2 by using CWM Manager. Read the step by step guide for more information…


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