Download CheckROM RevolutionHD XXKI4 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (CWM)

LeoMar75 Revolution XXKI3 ROM stays on my Samsung Galaxy S II for several weeks. I like it because it is clean, stable and fast. And supported by RevolutionRom Kitchen App. The best has become better. LeoMar75 teams up with CheckROM Team. They just came out ~ CheckROM RevolutionHD XXKI4 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2. It is based on the latest leaked XXKI4 test firmware (Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread). KitchenPro application is very useful and it is included in the ROM by default. You can use it to install custom boot animation, modem, kernel, widget / apps, font and mods. Do play around with it and make CheckROM RevolutionHD an even better ROM to match your needs.

CheckROM RevolutionHD for Samsung Galaxy S2

Quadrant score
TouchWiz Launcher
Software information

CheckROM RevolutionHD XXKI4 ROM is deodexed, zipallinged and Samsung apps were removed. Using CF-Root XXKI4 Kernel. JKay Deluxe Theme is included too. Do check out XDA for more information…

CheckROM RevolutionHD performance is great as you can see from Quadrant score. Battery life is good too, just like XXKI3. Let me know what do you think when you try it.

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Download CheckROM RevolutionHD XXKI4 CWM ROM v1.0 here.


    • hi buddy , can u tell me how u install this CM ROM 7.1 , because when i try flash it whithin CWM it get stuck on the boot animation , i repeat 5 times , and same result. i was on 2.3.5 dakyroom 2

      • Basically, CM 7.1 installation is the same as other CWM ROM. But it need to wipe data and cache, then install ROM. Repeat wipe data and cache, and install ROM again. I faced boot loop on 1st installation too. Just do the process twice and you are fine. Don’t know why…

  1. i just got my first andriod .. s2…am confused about the kernel version..mine is xwkf3 (os 2.3.3)..can i instal this one directly?

  2. Sorry to ask. i just got my s2 yesterday.I am currently using DXKI2 official firmware.
    1) If I want flash XXKI4. Do I need root my phone first before CWM?
    2) If i flash with xxki4 can i still using samsung kies on my pc

  3. I want to install the CheckROM RevolutionHD ROM but i dont have CWM. So i think, i can change my official firmware into XXKI4 before apply this rom. CAN I?? Sorry for a lot Question

  4. My Phone’s wifi connected but like no connection at all.. any idea? i done everything before install this rom.. my router ok ( tested with other phone ).

  5. The above rom is rooted one or the official one….
    i have 2.3.5I9100XXKI3 version which i downloaded from your website

    and one more thing which is the latest official rom for s2 is it 2.3.5I900XXKI3 or I9100XWKI8
    thanks in advance

  6. I like this CheckROM. It is fast and stable. Do not use Speedmod kernel. It causes force close issues. I changed it back to CF-Root KI4 v4.4 kernel and it solved the force close issues.

      • I just got my first android phone today and have spent countless hours diving through this information.
        1. I just rooted my phone using, cf-root 4.1. Should I re-root to version 4.4?
        2. There are many kernels to choose from, some not compatible with some roms. Should I just stick to cf-root then?

        3. When I install a new rom all apps will be wiped, unless backed up, but does this also include the CWM manager and superuser which came with the cf-root file?

        • 1. No need.
          2. Only change kernel if you want to use its unique features. Else stay with CF-Root will do. I am using CF-Root kernel now too.
          3. Yes, all the previous installed apps will be deleted.

  7. I installed fugu tweaks with kitchen rom. didnt notice any difference. I want to get rid of it. I flashed Checkrom hd over again (with wipe). After boot up, in kitchen pro, next to fugutweaks there is a sd card icon. does this mean its still on the phone?

    Same goes with a boot animation I installed. After re-flash sd icon nect to boot animation name in list.


  8. hi friend
    i have a galaxy sII and i don’t know why i can’t connect it with my pc via usb. . i have tried everything *#7284# . usb debbuging…. i don’t know … ๐Ÿ™
    in the past this was not happened. ๐Ÿ™ :,-(


  9. Hi Jayce,
    using your guide I have successfully flashed this rom, however since I do not wipe user data, my display theme including wallpaper, lockscreen, shortcuts, etc, all remain the same as before.
    I have jkay in my apps list, but it does not seem to work. How do you use it to install different themes from kitchenpro? Please advise.

  10. Hi all,

    Just wanted to share something:) I am currently using the Checkrom RevolutionHD v2.0, with his Dark Knight Siyah beta kernel. I also overclocked my S2 to 1.4GHz. Shows very good results on the performance benchmark test. I got scores of 5165 on Quadrant and 6263 on Antutu!

      • I’m not sure. I only installed everything this morning. I usually charge my phone nightly so I don’t think I can answer that. Hehe. Maybe I’ll do a full charge tonight and see how long that last. I use data during day time and wifi mostly at night. But the battery is definitely better than stock firmware:)

  11. Hi!

    I just found that the stock GS2 screenshot feature is not available on this rom.. Could you please tell me if there is a way to get that back?


  12. Jayce,

    Any idea if Checkrom lets change the font size and font type – for system wide usage. I liked this ability very much in CM7.

    I could see a 80 font package in kitchen pro – but I failed to find how and what to access to make changes.

    I like small fonts on my device. Thanks.


  13. ei, Jayce need your help.
    looks like i’m not getting signal if 3G network is selected. did i miss something?MMS settings perhaps?

  14. Hi Jayce,
    Just downloaded checkrom however my ESET AV detected a threat called “Linux/Exploit.lotoor.AG Trojan” from the zip file. Is this a false alert?

  15. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve flashed CRR HD V.3.1.1 with Siyah 2.1 Dark Knight Beta 1 kernel. Everything works ok except that I can’t connect to my KIES. I’ve got some backup contacts in there that I need to upload to my phone. My contacts is a little messy at the moment with gmail contacts & phone contacts mixed up especially when the names are mismatched.

    I’ve tried installling Kies.apk but it prompt, “Application not installed”. Any suggestions?

    In future what would be the best way to backup my contacts, so I will stick to one type of backup only.

    • Installed then back to v1. I missed JKay data toggle at notification. Did not test for battery life since just used it for awhile only. Speed performance is about the same as v1.

  16. jayce..want to ask u something..
    Frankenstein firmware & Official Firmwares with one more better,difference & safety..
    with one u used..need ur advice..tq

  17. Hi Jayce, is there a video tutorial on how to install this?
    am done downloading this file and found out lots of folders and i don’t know where to pick up a file:

    pls current kernel version is XXKH3 is this compatible for this program?

    best regards

  18. after using this firware for couple of hours, the battery doesn’t drain that much i was impressed. but unfortunately i noticed that the samsung apps widget is no longer there.
    i tried to download again the titanium backup to restore the all my files. but nothing happen though i follwed the procedure u have given.where in fact, i even made a titanium backup before that.. i guess i made something wrong?

  19. aloo jayce… you r the man.tq for very much.this rom is awesome.
    i have few q bro.

    1.what is the purpose of addons in sdcard?

    2.Can u brief me the function of deluxe setting and kitchen pro.

    3.Can i know which kernal that you use now?

  20. hi jayce. do you have any idea why my number of cpu cores sometimes appear 1 or 2 upon checking on quadrant benchmark and antutu on system information?
    pls advice.

      • well..i don’t know if this is good:
        QUADRANT————- 2876 (SGS2 on the top-1st)
        ANTUTU—————- 3808 (SGS2 3rd rank; 1st–asus transformer quad core; 2nd–Galaxy nexus)

        Now, here’s the funny part… in quadrant it appears 2 cores while in antutu only 1.
        and sometimes in antutu it appears 2 cores and quadrant only 1. and..sometimes both benchmark has 2 cores.
        isn’t it SGs2 supposed to be dual core?

  21. hi jayce, any idea why there’s no sound upon boot up my phone only samsung galaxy s2 animated screen but no sound. still am using this checkrom.
    pls advice. thanks

  22. Hi. Are you still using the checkrom revo hd v2 for your sgs2? I saw a newer version which is v4 xwkk5 [2.3.6]. Just wondering if it’s better..

  23. by the way, sir.some says bloatware are gone from rooted it a big deal? what does it do after all?
    pls advice.

  24. I overclocked my samsung s2 and now the color is so ugly. Poor resolution. Kernel was dxki2 now it’s xwkdd. How can I get everything back? :'(

  25. Hi Jayce,
    fantastic tutorial indeed!
    Please tell me how do I revert back to my original ROM(stock) which is 2.3.3 in my case,if I don’t feel like keeping the custom ROM

  26. hi jayce, have you tried using antutu benchmark lately?
    my benchmark result has an average score of between 5900-6020 and am on the top of Samsung Galaxy S2 standard score. but as lately,i think the antutu has updated its version, my rating is now below the standard score of SGS2 where in fact is still got same average score.
    what do you think the main reason that the SGS2 score outsmarted my ratings?
    does the new 2.3.6 SGS2 firmware is way better than the checkrom in benchmark scoring?
    pls advice.

  27. Hi Jayce!

    I’m using
    android version 2.3.5
    kernal I9100XXKI3
    build leomar75 Rom Revolution 2.7.1 – XXKI3

    1. Why can’t i see the kitchen app?
    2. When i try to install checkrom it says can’t open then installation is aborted, do you have any idea why is that so? I did do the data wipe and cache as well but still unsucessful.

    Pls help! I google but noone seems to have this problem then me! what am i doing wrong


  28. I was confused about Darkknight kernel,is it a another kernel for checkrom?so to use darkknight kernel first must flash Checkrom after that flash dark knight kernel,is it right?

  29. hi jayce, just want to ask if it’s ok to delete the installation file (zip) in my sd after installation has been made just to save some space in m sd?
    pls advice.




  31. hi jayce ..

    band base uhkg4
    kernel XXKI4 CL611039 se.infra@SEP-62 #2 – (CF Rooted V.4)

    I ‘ve downloaded CheckRom v1 from link above… so

    1. Can I just install it as simple as CWM like u say ? considering my kernel and BB..?
    2. Can I only install Siyah Kernel or any otherone simple as CWM?
    3. I see newer versions on CheckRom – can i just upgrade to one of those simple as if I’d doi it by Rom Manager (not tru this, I mean just by one click like this app does)


      • Jayce,

        If i want to install CheckRom

        1. What data will I be deleting after ”Wipe CAche and Dvlik Cache” process.. Apps , APN settings , what exactly? – of course after doing a back up wit cwm. – sorry Im a little bit confused. —

        2. I CF Root’d my Cell like I told you before … but in order to remove the yellow triangle I did install the ”stock kernel” – and the triangle dissapeared… — I do still have the CWM (i’ve installed the nexus bootloader also after that ) – CAn I install Siyah Kernel or ANYONE with out problems? or do i hav to go back to CF kernel to proceed?

        3. Can I restore my stock ROM by recovering it trhu CWM option? simple as that?

        thanks J.

        • 4. This is a no wipe Rom right?? so what happen if dont wipe cache and install it right away?? Miss something? Rom work incorrectly? or nothing happens…

        • 1. All apps and settings in internal storage except USB storage.

          2. CWM should be removed after installed stock kernel. You should still be able to install other kernel with Odin.

          3. Yes, if you have backup previously.

          • Jayce,

            Referrering to:

            2. Not sure if i understood that part….everytime i install a ”stock kernel” i loose the rooting? even dough i see the CWM and SuperUser appks? Should I have to delete the CWM after I’ve moved to a stock kernel…thats what u mean?

            I’ve downloaded ”Siyah-v2.6.6-CWM kernel”…. should i install it tru odin?


            • Not sure about root access. I did not test when I restored stock kernel. But CWM (boot) is gone for sure. CWM Manager and SuperUser apps are there.

              No, this version is meant to install with CWM.

              • Well … im new to this and I barely understand some differences on rooting methods but…. if you mean Root Acces is accessing the recovery mode and all of the features that you can access by pressing vol + power + menu stuff…. I still have it whether doing it like that or directly tru CWM manager… it is working very good. And after installing a stock kernel ..Of course if this is whay u mean… is this common?

                By the way gotta tell that you that after i upgrade to GingerBrd 2.3.5 my batery just to drain in almost 9 hrs or less in a normal use…. and when i moved to CF root xxki4 and then to stock kernel….. my batery lasts let me see….. so far today … i have my cell on since 6.30 am and now its 10.46 pm and it has 48% of battery charge with out conecting it to any charger….. AWESOME!!! I dont know if this is normal or what but so far .. I love it….

                1. Is it ok to install siyah and then install CheckROm RevolutionHD?? Or should I stay with the stock kernel instead?

                thx again J…

                    • Jayce,

                      I’ve installed the Rom…and of course I’ve lost my APN settings.. As I couldnt found any APN settings for my Costa Rica – Claro Carrier – I’ve decided to go back to my Stock Rom

                      1. Dont you have any APN settings usefull for my? In case I had to ask my carrier… what data should i have to ask… I’m affraid they say to me…. bring the device for revision… haha ..

                      2. If I instll CheckROm with out wiping the all the data… CAn i wipe it after that ? – in this case… wouldnt be the same…

                      3. Running siyah kernel 2.6.6 now… I’ve read on xda that after installing a kernel is recommended to wipe data… what if I dont do it ?

                      Thanks for all your advices…. !!

  32. Hai, jay…
    after i flashing this rom, my android os is maintaining 24% in the battery usage
    it is quite high and battery drain compared last time

    any way to reduce the android os?

  33. @Alonso: 1. Just ask telco for Android smartphone APN.

    2. Yes. Wipe before install to avoid boot loop issue. No need to wipe if nothing bad happen.

    3. I don’t wipe data after changed kernel. Do we need that?

  34. Jayce Jayce Please please….

    i think i brick my phone !!

    i installed CheckromRV HD v1…

    Did the back up with Titanium .everything perfect… i restored everything…

    When I was checking all the features on Kitchen Pro…. I chose Theme ICS Domination

    click Apply .— my cell reboot and began to install it…. then i got the ”Nexus” bootloader …. and it got stuck there….. then a pop up window comes up

    No aplicacion can do this
    We sorry the process %1$s does not respond …

    and it keeps running the nexus bootloader

    Please help…. I dont know what to do…!!!

    • 1.Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
      2.Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
      3.ClockworkMod Recovery or stock Recovery Mode will be loaded then.
      4.Select wipe data/factory reset.
      5.Then select Yes โ€” delete all user data.
      6.Turn off your phone after that.

      I do the point 1. and i dont get the ClockworkMod…. i get the Download mode for Odin….

      Please man …. help me…. I;’m about to cry…. for real !

  35. I have gingerbrd 2.3.5 and siyah kernel 2.6.7

    Jayce can install CheckRom Rev v4 tru CWM? I read it is under another firmware different than mine xxki4….

    or should i imstall CR V1 first then upgrade to v4?

  36. hi jayce,

    can you please provide me a linked where i can download CheckROM RevolutionHD XXKI4 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 but using odin not CWM.


  37. a question: Why i can’t download software from Market anymore with ”CheckROM RevolutionHD v4” Samsung GSII.
    can download only from market by PC to Phone.

  38. I’m currently using CheckROM RevoHD v4 on my SGS2. Nice customisations available, but ain’t as fast as CM7.1.

    One problem that I’ve experienced (since stock ROM) is the “Dialer” appearing in Battery Usage, taking up 10-20%. Upon fresh reboot, no problem until I receive/make the first voice call.

    Anyone else having this problem? Facing this on stock ROM and Checkrom RevoHD v4. Didn’t have this on CM7.1 (but I do get the occasional freeze, which was why I tried out CheckROM)

  39. Hi jayce, great advice your giving to everyone!
    I have a question, i installed checkrom revohd successfully after full wipe but there are 2 small problems I’m experiencing:
    1) only the applications icon is available on the main dock and the rest have disappeared, and it won’t allow me to add new ones..
    2) I’ve installed several kitchenpro apps and the phone has rebooted and installed them but there is no difference, i thought the changes applied automatically right?

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  40. Hi Jayce,
    first and foremost,congratulations to you for marrying such a beautiful lady! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Here;s my question, if i want to go for Checkrom v6 from checkrom v1,should i wipe data and cache?
    I saw on the checkrom forum it says we need to remove any folders that’s related to android, i dont understand that. So hope can get a clearer picture from you, thanks alot!
    warmest regard,

    • Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Make a CWM backup and backup with Titanium Backup first. I usually wipe data and cache before install new ROM. You can try to skip that if you want.
      I don’t touch my folders and files on SD card (no matter internal or external) when upgrade ROM.

  41. Hi Bro!

    I am currently on the CheckRom Revo HDV6 version with Base version # I9100 XXKL1 & Kernel # XWLA 4.

    wanted to ask you how can i sync my Facebook contacts since it doesnt feature under the Accounts & Sync Tab and also can i use this JKay Deluxe Theme for my SG2?? If not this them any other that you can recommend?



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