16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card Review

8GB SDHC card is able to record 40 minutes 1080/50p video on my Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder. 2 bundled 8GB card is not enough for me. Therefore, the search for the largest SDHC card was on. Wanted to buy 32GB card but can’t find any near by. In the end, I bought 16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card. Let’s see its writing performance…

16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card

The SDHC benchmark was carried out with the help of CrystalDiskMark. 16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card is able to read at 19 MB/s and write at 10.7 MB/s sequentially. Not bad, I can buy another 16GB card. Then, I can record 2 hour ++ video.


    • Hi Kalel,

      I bought it from PC Depot. Not sure how to determine original or imitation. Nowadays, imitation really look like original one. So better get it from well known PC shop.


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