ThrottleLock ~ a cool way to lock Windows Mobile

I don’t enable phone lock which require password to wake phone. But ThrottleLock from ThrottleApps makes me install it for fun. ThrottleLock provides a cool way to lock the device along with some security. You need to key in a pattern to unlock your phone.


Usually, we use simple PIN or Strong alphanumeric as the phone lock password. However, ThrottleLock uses a pattern to do so. It is fun to play but just make sure that you remember the pattern that you set. Else a hard reset is required.

Oh no… Invalid pattern.

Note – ThrottleLock developer recommends to perform a backup before installing this wonderful application. This app is provided ‘As Is’ and he takes no responsibility of possible harm or lost of data derived from it’s use. I tried and no issue found so far…

Download ThrottleLock v0.8 here.



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