Access other PC with Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote desktop function is available on Windows platform long time ago. I always use it when I was a system engineer to troubleshoot server issue remotely. A great tool for IT support. Personally, I prefer Windows Remote Desktop function as it is a lot faster than realtime screen sharing mode like VNC provides. Both have pros and cons. Realtime screen sharing mode is preferred when other remote access to your PC for support / troubleshooting because you can see what he is going at the same time. Guest what? Google has a same tool too – Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop gives me the ability to connect to my PC from Android devices. There are lot of other apps can do so too. Just pick the best one that suits you. With remote desktop, I can monitor OSK Global J Trader – FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Futures (FKLI) prices while babysit my 2 years old that wondering around the house. This is one of the solutions to use desktop application on mobile devices. Not the best way but it will do the trick until native mobile apps come out.


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