Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Test ~ Maxis10 (Video)

As per requested, here is the Apple iPhone 4 antenna test. Does Maxis iPhone 4 have the same antenna issue like US and other countries? Check out video below to find out… (Watch it on full screen to see it clearly)

Based on Apple Antenna Design and Test Lab, they updated iOS software to version 4.0.2 (I am using this version) to fix issue with the signal strength bar display on iPhone. Yup, they fixed the display issue but not the antenna attenuation issue. Therefore, they give out iPhone 4 Bumper case for free for those bought iPhone 4 before 30 September 2010. iPhone 4 Bumper case will fix the antenna attenuation issue.

The connection signal changed from 1 bar 3G network to 1 bar GPRS network while holding with left hand. This means no more Maxis 3G fast speed Internet connection. And back to 4 bars GPRS connection without hand holding it. No call dropped issue while holding with right hand. The antenna attenuation issue only happens when you hold the black strip of the lower left corner of the antenna band. But I don’t have Maxis 3G data connection while holding with my left hand to surf Internet.

Apple, I want my free iPhone 4 Bumper case! Maxis, I want my 3G data connection!

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  1. Hi Jaycee! Firstly, thank you for this website, we in Malaysia certainly need more local websites (
    and of course people like you) for more local and thus more relevant info on iPhone.

    One question, has Maxis given any reason why they are not giving out the free bumper?

    2nd question, I now live in KK, Sabah, anyone can tell me if the papago app for iphone 4 a practical navigation for moving around within kk, sandakan, tawau as well as to and fro these towns?

    Thanks! Keep up the good work. Just found your site and will certainly visit this website often.

    P/S: I am seriously thinking of “registering/booking” my iphone4 here (can’t buy immediately as no stock, according to the Maxis rep at Warisan Square, need to wait 2 – 3 weeks).



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