Best smartphone for AOV – Arena of Valor (Video)

Garena AOV – Arena of Valor is a great alternative for Mobile Legends. Personally, I prefer AOV over MLBB. However, I seldom play it due to high ping latency – over 110ms compare to MLBB @ 40ms only. Anyway, which is the best smartphone to play Arena of Valor (Kings of Glory)? Yes, OnePlus 5T. Watch to know more…

OnePlus 5T supports maximum display quality settings on AOV. High frame rate mode, HD display and all other goodies are supported. OnePlus 5T suits the bill right with sub $500 budget. And comes with beautiful large AMOLED FHD+ display that great for gaming experience. Do check out OnePlus 5T Best Deals and get yours soon. Check out OnePlus 5T Gaming Review too.


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