Best trophy range to farm loot in Clash of Clans

What is the best trophy range to farm loot in Clash of Clans? Yes, that’s the question CoC players are asking. Well, there is no exact answer for everyone because of different level of Town Hall. And it might change from time to time when Supercell changes the looting system. Yes, the new looting system change sucks. However, it does not stop me from getting high amount of gold and elixir. But it will take lot of time by pressing ‘Next’ button to find good loot if you are in the wrong trophy range.

Farming at 1100 trophy range

I am currently at TH7. The best trophy range that I can find great loot with lot of full gold mines and elixir collectors are from 900 to 1100. Most of them are inactive players. And easy to get with just goblins and wall breakers. As you can see from screenshot above, 200K gold and 200K elixir are there to raid. So if you can’t find good loot at your current trophy range, try to go up or down. Down is better as they are easier to raid. Enjoy…


  1. The best range is 1600, im a TH8 and i find SOOOOO many good raids, ATM im having an average of four 800K+ raids A DAY!! You laso hardly get dominated because there are so many low lvl Players trying to town hall snipe that u get free shields, also, ist very easy to win and stay efficient in saving elixer if you use all archers


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