Celcom 4G LTE on Galaxy Note 3

Enjoy free Celcom 4G LTE access from now till 31 December 2014. Yes, my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is getting 4G LTE data connection right now. And the speed is fast. However, Celcom 4G LTE does not fully cover the whole Malaysia. And have limited coverage at my home town, Sungai Petani, Kedah. But hey, I still can enjoy it. Better than nothing at all, right? Too bad, my Galaxy S4 I9500 supports 3G only. Hehe… Maybe I can use it as excuse to change to Galaxy S5?

Celcom 4G LTE Connection Speed

I am getting 35 Mbps for download and 15 Mbps for upload. Wow… Not bad at all. The only worry that I have now – running out of bandwidth real soon. And disappointment, my house area still does not support it yet. Same apply to TM UniFi.


  1. Hello Jayce,

    Any idea what is the 4G Technology that Malaysia Telco (Digi/Celcom or others…) are using? I know in Singapore, SingTel is currently running 4G on LTE 1800/2600. The reason I ask is to know the network compatibility when bringing over smartphones from overseas. Any help is appreciated…Thank a lot and hv a good day:)

    – Kiet


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