Clash Royale ~ a Game of Patience

Clash Royale is a new game from Supercell which publishes Clash of Clans that many of you known about. Hmm… Being a Town Hall 11 player in Clash of Clans, building upgradings take lot of time even with 5 builders. So I take my chance to try out this freemium mobile strategy video game which combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense games and MOBA’s. In short, Clash Royale is a very interesting game as well. However, it really needs a lot of patience to play. Yes, just like COC which does not require real money to advance. But lot of time needed on waiting for the chests to be opened. And basically you can’t do anything when chest slots are full. You can gem it with real money to fasten the process or wait for it patiently…

Clash of Clans took me around 3 years to reach this stage without any money spends on gems. I believe that I will do the same on Clash Royale. Play it slow and steady. Luckily, there are more cards on higher level arenas which will speed up the game a bit. Are you playing Clash Royale too?


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