Creative SXFI Air Gamer Review – One Gaming Headset to Rule Them All!

One gaming headset to rule them all! Meet Creative SXFI Air Gamer. A hybrid wireless/USB holographic headphones with Super X-Fi. It is loaded with Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, AUX and microSD. Comes with discreet NanoBoom mic and the pro-grade ANC CommanderMic. That’s not all. It has intuitive touch control and RGB lighting. Don’t forget the useful Battle Mode for gamers like you and me too. Does it perform well? Let’s find out…

Special Thanks
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  • Creative for this Creative SXFI Air Gamer Super X-Fi USB-C Gaming Headset with Bluetooth 5.0 + CommanderMic

Package Content
SXFI Air Gamer comes in gift box alike packaging. Well protected too. Since it is a Super X-Fi device, be sure to download SXFI app and do the head mapping.

Once taken out the headset, you can find a lot of accessories there. 3.5 AUX cable, USB-C cable, CommanderMic, USB-C to USB-A dongle, rubber mic cover, safety info, warranty leaflets and quick start guide in the package. By the way, the NanoBoom mic is attached to headset by default.

Build Quality & Design
Excellent build quality thanks to sturdy plastic housing with metal frame. Cool and stylish in design too. The RGB lighting surely added cyber feel to it.

Everything is located on the left ear housing. Power button, microphone port, LED light indicator, USB-C port, AUX-in port, Bluetooth/source button, microSD slot and Super X-Fi button are there. The touchpad is available on left channel only by the way while both of them have RGB lights.

Yes, a thick headband with Creative logo on the top. As usual, do check out all the photos for its design in detail.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
SXFI Air Gamer fits well. And you can wear it comfortably thanks to soft padded large breathable earcups. By the way, the ear housings can be rotated slightly to help to get the best fit. The adjustable and flexible headband helps too. However, you might feel some pressure on top of your head after long period of usage due to the less padded headband.

As for noise isolation, it is below average as an over-the-ear closed back headphones. But this is expected due to breathable earcups. Great for those who want to aware of environment’s happenings.

You need to install SXFI application in order to unleash the full potential of SXFI Air Gamer. Do personalize your Super X-Fi profile through an advanced Head and Ear-Mapping process in the mobile app. Then configure other settings in mobile app (iOS & Android) or Windows PC/Mac as you prefer.

The next thing you want to setup – equalizer. Choose the preset – classical, flat, pop, game and cinema. Or customize the each of the values to suit your requirements. Yes, you have the full total control.

Same apply to the RGB lighting. Pick the colour that you want. Or let it cycle all of them automatically. Of course, you can also turn it off.

That’s not all. You can set SXFI Air Gamer as stereo, 5.1 and even 7.1 surround mode. Try them all and choose the best one for you.

Performance Result
Outstanding Bluetooth 5.0 range! One of the best Bluetooth devices that I have tested so far. Easily connect up to 10m with obstacles like walls. Connection is very stable too. In addition, audio and video are virtually in sync on mobile devices that great for movie, music video and games. Lastly, USB-C/AUX connection is always there for non-Bluetooth devices.

The flexible, detachable & noise-cancelling CommanderMic is performing very well. My teammate can hear me loud and clear thanks to reduced ambient noise. Don’t limit it to games, you can use it for video phone call during office meeting as well. You can also change to the much smaller NanoBoom Mic when on the go. You won’t notice it is there at all.

Wait! There is more. Yes, SXFI Air Gamer supports GamerChat. A feature that lets you enjoy Super X-Fi Headphone Holography via USB and connect wirelessly to your mobile phone’s chat app over Bluetooth simultaneously. Gaming and chatting at the same time. Yeah…

Wow… Out of my surprise. SXFI Air Gamer supports 512GB exFAT microSD! And it plays the lossless FLAC format on top of the usual MP3 too. That’s a lot of songs that you can listen to. Based on specs, you can enjoy up to 11 hours of music playback wirelessly. There is battery indicator status on iOS and Android devices. And can charge it anytime that you want while using it wirelessly.

Sound Quality
SXFI Air Gamer can have any sound signature that you want thanks to built-in equalizer. By default, it is a very bright headphones without Super X-Fi. Ultra sharp until you need to lower the treble a bit. As for soundstage, it is average. It starts to shine with Super X-Fi turned on. Even with flat EQ, it sounds great. That’s what SXFI Air Gamer should sound like. However, the soundstage is narrower but you do have much more depth in return with 7.1 holography effect.

In short, you can make it bright, flat or warm sound signature. Make it crystal clear in treble department. Or make the bass sounds deeper and punchy. Totally up to your preferences. Just take your time to adjust the EQ until you find the best settings for you. My only wish that the soundstage can be wider. That’s will be perfect then.

SXFI Battle mode is working as it should be. Everything sounds closer to you especially footsteps and gun reloading sounds. Yes, gaming will never the same again with this battle mode. You can identify enemies easily. Great for FPS, battlefield kind of games. For other types of games, Super X-Fi mode is good enough.


  • Super X-Fi with 7.1 holography effect
  • Equalizer built-in
  • Ultra-wide Bluetooth
  • Sensitive detachable microphone with noise-cancelling
  • Bluetooth, USB-C, AUX & microSD support
  • Excellent build quality
  • RGB lighting


  • Below average isolation (might be pro for some)
  • Headband padding can be thicker

One gaming headset to rule them all! Yes, Creative SXFI Air Gamer can do so. You can use it on any devices that you want. And it comes with a lot of useful features including Super X-Fi. Interested? Head to Creative Website for more information. Get yours there too.


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