Cygnett Cache Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review (Video)

Want a flip case with ‘kickstand’ ability for your Galaxy S4? Give Cygnett Cache Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 a try. It is a stylish flip case with integrated landscape stand and textured cover. Besides provide certain level of protection, there is a card holder at the cover for credit card (or travel card) too. And with screen protector bundled along. By the way, this Cygnett case has lifetime guarantee to back it up. Interested? Read on then…

Cygnett-Cache-Flip-Case- Galaxy-S4_01
Cygnett Cache Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Video Review

The build quality of Cygnett Cache Flip Case is great. It is rock solid. The front flip cover and back case are covered by nice textured material which provides the premium look. The inner part has soft fabric feel and able to provide addition protection for Galaxy S4 Super AMOLED Screen. Of course, the perfect cut out screen protector as the first level of defense. By the way, Cache fits and holds Galaxy S4 tight. It is easy to access to all the ports and sensors. And it can be docked on popular docking station in the market. No worry about earphone plug size too. Power button is easy to access but a little bit hard for volume rocker. Overall, it does not add much weight and size to Galaxy S4 while providing certain level of protection against light drop, bump and scratch. As for colour, there are 2 choices – Charcoal and Grey. Mine is Charcoal by the way.

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It is nice to hold Cygnett Cache Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4. Perform daily activity like surfing Internet, playing games, chatting as usual (it might need to take some time to get used to the extra flip cover). Receive phone call with flip cover closed as the earpiece is not blocked. The integrated landscape stand is great for movie, TV series or listening to music video. Yeah… No extra stand, dock or hand is needed and at the viewing angles that you prefer. The useful card holder lets you put in credit card to travel light is another added advantage. Things to take note… The flip cover blocks the view of notification light. And this case is not a fully protected case because top, bottom and screen (if flip cover is opened during drop. Note – bundled screen protector only manage to protect from scratches, not impact) is not covered.

Premium textured flip case + landscape stand + screen protector = Cygnett Cache Flip Case. And it comes along with lifetime guarantee. Flip case lover, be sure to check this out.

Interested? Grab yours here.


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