Download Awesome Note HD for Android

Awesome Note HD by BRID is one of the powerful organizers out there but exclusively for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 only. However, it does not stop developer from porting Awesome Note HD to other Android devices like Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2… However, it is designed for larger display screen like Galaxy Note 8.0. So using it on smaller screen smartphone is not very user friendly but good for big screen tablet.

Awesome Note HD

Awesome Note HD Features

  • Organize Your Life
  • Enhanced User Interface, Enhanced Variations
  • Diverse View, Powerful Organizer
  • Integration of Notes and To-dos
  • Anniversary Note, Diary Note
  • Handy Drawing Feature
  • Quick & Fast Note writing
  • Awesome themes
  • Backup & Restore

Download Awesome Note HD for Android here.



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