Download camera mod (30Mbit 192kbit hardware key) for Samsung Galaxy S3

Want to use volume up / down buttons as shutter button to capture photo with Samsung Galaxy S III camera? Want to take better video quality up to 30 Mbit and 192 kbit @ 48khz audio on 1080p video recording? Want to use latest camera application from Samsung Galaxy S3 XXALF2 firmware? Then you need to try out this camera mod by XDA Developer, hyperX. Note – root access is required.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Mod
Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Mod

Hmm… It should be a complete silent camera mod application. But the version 1.35 that I tried still have shutter and focus sounds. But other features like 30 Mbit video quality is working fine. Want to try this camera mod? Just replace existing SamsungCamera.apk by using root explorer like ES File Explorer. Or install it with CWM recovery. Don’t have root access yet? Please refer to this guide ~ How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 with CF-Root? (Video).

Download hyperX camera mod for Samsung Galaxy S3 here.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    Nice sharing bro, cool!
    Bro, did u notice there is no Social Hub apps in S3. OMG I just loose my yahoo mail push notification. Is there any alternative?

  2. Can I do this using the stock ROM that can with the phone? If not, what Custom ROM should I use that allows me to use all the features that comes with the phone? Thanks

  3. Hi, I’m sorry I failed to mention I own a T-Mobile USA version of SGS3. Stock ROM and firmware but my phone is rooted. Thanks

  4. I tried doing this, now the camera will not work at all :/ I installed it with CWM but I got a message saying ‘E:signature verification failed’.

    Also I saw in another comment you mentioned reverting to the stock firmware, where can I get it? (v 4.1.2)

  5. Hi….after i installed it with CWM, my phone does not reboot at all. I tried to restore back the previous one, & everything is alright. What is wrong?


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