Download Hashcode Android 4.0 ICS Kernel for Kindle Fire

I mentioned that Amazon Kindle Fire is not perfect on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich due to poor kernel support. However, thing had changed and changing fast. Lot of developers like Hashcode are working hard to make a better Android 4.0 ICS Kernel on Kindle Fire. Yes, we have better display driver and audio driver. Ducati / hardware codecs are working now. I can play 1080p MP4 video smoothly now thanks to hardware accelerated GPU support. This 3.0 Kernel is getting better each day. But it does have bugs like can’t shutdown properly issue. So only try this beta kernel if you know what you are doing…

You can download Hashcode 3.0 Kernel for Kindle Fire and install it with TWRP 2.0 or CWM on any Android 4.0 ICS ROM for Kindle Fire. Or wait for your favorite ICS ROM chef to include it. Then try it out. Be sure to check for the detail 3.0 Kernel known bugs at XDA website.

Download Hashcode Android 4.0 ICS Kernel for Kindle Fire here.


  1. hey,
    i wanted to upgrade my reliance 3g tab.from 2.3 android to android 4.0 ics. how sholud i do it.
    Help me pls.
    send me video link or written link pls.
    utkarsh singh

  2. I recently bought this tablet Xtouch 708 by Tecsync Technology, i am stuck on “too many pattern attempt” screen, wifi is connected i am putting my gmail credentials but it is giving me invalid login error tried it in every way.

    Now i am trying to flash it but not able to boot in recovery mode, the device is rooted as i was able to install Titanium Backup on it, i have tried the Kindle Fire Utility but no success, have tried Android SDK Tools – ADB but no use, now i am out of choices been 4 hours now so posting here if someone can help me out how i can flash this thing !! i have tried pressing volume up down and power button but no success this device doesnt boot up in recovery mode if it has any !! there is not any hard reset small hole on the device !! TOTALLY STUCK !!

    Anyone !!


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