Download & Install Official Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2

Finally, you can download and install latest official Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S II now. Yup, there is a leaked official Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ XXLQ5 Firmware (Europe region). What are the new features and improvements in this XXLQ5 Firmware? Based on feedback from users who tested it… Much smoother experience in TouchWiz Launcher, menus and stock browser. And other minor tweaks from here and there too. Try it yourself to find out more. No worry, you can install Android 4.0.4 ICS XXLQ5 Firmware on any other region Samsung Galaxy S2 as long as model is GT-I9100. Just installed it on my Malaysia unit. Note – this is WIPE version. It will delete everything on your phone. Make sure you make backup first.

Official Android 4.0.4 ICS XXLQ5 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2

There are 4 files in XXLQ5 Firmware. Ignore the .pit file. DO NOT install it. And install other 3 files by following instruction at XDA website. Enjoy Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2…

Antutu Benchmark score
TouchWiz Launcher
Software information

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin? (Video)

Download official Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich XXLQ5 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 here. (download link removed due to hard brick issue).


  1. Hey Jayceooi,

    Thank you for the post, I’ve been waiting for it since forever 🙂

    I’m just wondering, does this firmware support the RTL languages? Arabic specifically??

    Thanks again my friend. I’m a big fan.

  2. Dear jayce…in gingerbread there was an option to update using wifi without having to use kies or computer but i dont see any such option in ics version…plz guide.

  3. Hi Jayce, I am from Nepal and thanx for it…………..but I wanna ask you one question- “is this firmware also rootable?

  4. just install it on my s2 last nite, everything works great except no sliding on notification bar for brightness anymore. i need that function for outdoor usage.

  5. Hi Jaice …

    I updated the phone and it works fine, but I lost root access, can be a problem if I do root through the tutorial you have published before.


  6. Hello… I tried to install the ICS 4.0.4 without the pit file but the odin gets stuck and show on the process area that is looking for the PIT file for mapping !!!???

  7. hello jayce… i’ve downloaded d ICS 4.0.4 firmware n xtracted it (found 4 files 3 with .tar.md5 n 1 .pit in it) bt whn it gets to selecting the .tar files in odin, i dn’t knw whh one to select for PIT.. BOATLOADER.. PDA.. PHONE.. CSC……

    could u pls give me a HELP here……… whh file to select for every section…

    thanks jayce

  8. Installed and works.
    The only bug is that there is no life- preview in all camera-related apps. Once I press back key there is a moment of visible camera screen.

  9. Just installed, i have one problem, during messaging,i changed to 3×4 keypad, but the letters wont written, only numbers only

  10. Hii jayce well this firmware is the smoothest stock ics for sgs2 but when i rooted with cf root or siyah kernel….intresting problem came thats is my camera and video player stopped to work….it just shows black screen…..i flashed the firmware again now using without root….and yes is there any possibility of jelly bean to comeon sgs2

  11. Hi Jayce, i planning to buy galaxy nexus, which is pretty cheap right now. do you think u going to publish any custom rom article for it?

  12. Hi Jayce,

    ICS 4.0.4 will work on I9100 G version?
    & Can I perform the update same way as 4.0.3?

    Sorry, I’m a noob.


      • Yeah, I can testify to this firmware not working with I1900G. 😀 Didn’t notice the G suffix at first and happily downloaded it, only to find out that it wouldn’t install.

  13. Finally this week ICS 4.0.4 for China was there. Great result, but it was unrooted again.
    Today I also found root, you can do it with LPQ.

    • The Chinese release (I9100GZCLPF ) is supposedly for the I1900G. Has anyone tried to see whether it’d upgrade successfully over one running I9100GDXLP6 (current Malaysian firmware)?

      • the chinese release ZCLPK/LPL came through Kies and is the official update for I9100.
        And it working perfectly.

        • What I meant was for the I1900G, not I1900. Anyway, I’ve tried the I9100GZCLPF. Can’t get it to install on my DXLP6 firmware S2.

  14. Hiii pls update this article whenever cf root without bug is available….i found cfroot xxlpq 5.6 on their page but this time didnt dare to flash it….so any news for perfect root kernel….coz i always use sgs2 between 800-1000mhz cpu speed

  15. Dear Mr. Jayce,

    I really appreciate your efforts for creating new inventions and research for firmwares of Galaxy S 2. I wish you best of luck for maintaining your interest, more so when a retired officer like me is benefited.

    Lahore, Pakistan

  16. hey jayce i have updated my galaxy s2 via kies to firmware 4.0.3 but it is not working properly games and apps are is very buggy i have downgraded my s2 to 2.3.6….so can u tell me that this 4.0.4 is better than 4.0.3

  17. Hii jayce there is new firmware XXLPQ6 i have fladhed it and its working butterly smooth….but though this is th official firmware but somehow when i connected my phone to kies it shows ur device does not support…..this is official version so it shud support kies….i am from india….
    And you mentioned s2 is only gonna get value pack instead of 4.1……i cant blame you but it will be very dissapointing for millions of s2 users

  18. hi i was wondering when u said it was good for all users does that mean even if the phone is not GTI9100 it will work with the SPH-D710

  19. Hi Jaice …
    I have one question. I instaled 4.0.4 and works fine but on my wallpaper( background ) has some text
    PDA :i9100XXLQ5
    Phone: I9100xxLQT
    and few rows about firmware.
    HOW TO GET RID of that 😀

  20. My phone is stuck on airplane mode, and my sim card is not working. How can I solve this issue? I have read that the IMEI is the issue but I can not seem to grasp what is needed to be done exactly. I am not a great person when it comes to technology if you may kindly refer me to a solution, a simple one=)

  21. I updated and now when i am on the phone and i get a notificaiton in it beeps in my ear. does anyone know how to take that off?

  22. someone can tell me how i can download this rom using the odin , because i was wiping all data on my phone and i didn’t saw the batteries level and it died and now only working is download mode , so please help asap

  23. Hello… first thanks for the help the last time…. thas anyone knows how to fix the 4gb usb storage issue on the galaxy s2, I just formated the usb storaga and now only shows 4 gb capacity…. help please… I know is something with the pit file but I didn´t used cuz on the description of the rom title that.. so… maybe a tool or app .. anyway I need help !!!1

  24. Hello jaycee I would like to know whether resurrection remix rom is a stable one and can it be used for daily purposes ??

  25. Hey Jayce, I recently rooted my phone with the WRONG Kernal, and now the phone is stuck on the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark and it wont boot any futher (Stays on the screen with the yellow triangle). So that means i cant turn on the phone and access my settings to check my kernal. I remember that my Version was 4.0.3 with ICS. IS there a way i could actually bypass this screen or get rid of the triangle? I Just got this phone and was really liking it. I remember the kernal starting with TD or something along those lines. im in AUSTRALIA if that helps at all. If you could reply it would save a phones life from VODAFONE. I can also get into recovery mode and download mode but thats the only thing close to actually using the phone. PLS REPLY ASAP

  26. Hi jayce

    i was trying to sim unlock my samsung s2 using Odin.
    i don,t know what went wrong i was able to do 1st step but later on i could not see anything on mobile.
    it just shows the Samsung galaxy S2 GT-19100 in the screen and i can,t do any thing.
    can u plz help me out.
    regards Sam from sweden

  27. Hi jayce i recently updated my SII with ics4.0.4 problem is volume down button doesn’t work while volume up seems it hardware problem? Also i have regina 3D launcher installed. I am unable to take screenshots too.

  28. Hi Jayce,

    I may have sent this before but did not see it on your page so perhaps another try ..
    I successfully updated my SGSII with I9100XXLPQ but later found the one for my country – GDXLP6.
    I have made several attempts with Odin 3.04 as well as Odin 1.83 but was unable to get it to PASS.

    Any tips on what to do to get it to run GDXLP6?

    Thanks in advance,

  29. Hey there Jayce, Just wondering if you could help me with this. My phone (s2) cant be recognised with odin 1.83 and just wondering if you could help me. My phone is stuck on the triangle boot and wont load any further than that.
    thanks in advanced.

  30. Just was forced by a system update to 4.0.4. I lost my ability to take a screenshot with the galaxy s2. Is there any way to get this back. Please help.

  31. Hello there Jay, How R U?
    Its been long time since my last question. Now i Have a question again
    1. how to backup all my apps including data apps before i flashing a CM9 RC1 9.00 on my sgs2 ?
    2. how to restore the apps after a flash with cm9 roms ?
    3. It seem cm9 rc1 is stable enough for daily use, am i right ?

    Thanks so very much for your advice.

  32. Hi Jayce,

    Do u recommend me to update to 4.0.4 or not using the ROM mentioned in this thread? If not then is there any other ROM which i can use. I am from India.

  33. Jayce will you please help me? My SGS ” is from Malaysia and i was trying to instal the ICS firmware with ODin using your tutorial. It firs did not work at all. Then sudently the phone does not respond. it shows a image of a phone conected to a computer, with a yellow triangle in between.
    What can i do to start it up again? It just doesnt respond.

    Please Help me.


  34. Actually, what happened was that, after trying to update the firmware, the odin showed “fail to update”. So i closed the program. But before i remove the usb cable from the computer, by mistake i pressed the power button and it got all black. After that it shows a smal icon that i told you…

  35. can this ics 4 work for my device:

    model number:



    KERNEL: #2



  36. Successfully downloaded Ics 404 from sammobile & flash the phone via odin. Now running on new Ics & it feels good. Fast & smooth. Antutu benchmark given me 6247 mark… tried rooted & use siyah kernal but not as fast as this one. Back to stock somehow.

  37. Hi i have a samsun galaxy s2 gh i9100 with 4.04 on it amd no one can beem to be able to unlock
    This unit now as they say i have uograded the firmware from the original factory firmware that came on
    The unit , something to do with baseband or kernill i was told ?? Is it possible in any way to find the ORIGINAL
    FIRWARE THAT CAME SHIPPED WITH MY SAMSUNG ? i have tried loads and loads of firmwares and only a few seem to
    Work corrextly but not fully and freeze the phone on start up screen so i downloaded this one now and all works fine but
    Srill not able to unlock on 4.0.4 PRODUCT CODE- 9100LXKEU Pda- I9200IXWLPT, PHONE-I9100LLXQ6, CSC-I9100XEULPA. ANY HELP APPRECIATED , Please note i do not have the original firmware remembered .

  38. Hello Everyone,

    2 days back I installed I9100XXLQ5_I9100OXALQ5_OXA firmware successfully but mistakenly I also installed the .pit file which read u1_02_20120326_emmc_EXT4_8GB and now my USB Storage (Phone Storage) is shrinked from 16Gb to 8Gb. Please help me out on this.


  39. WoW,

    what a solution it is. I’m so so so very grateful to Jayce and you all. Thanks you so much. It was undoubtedly the biggest issue I ever faced in any of my Andriod device but the solution you guys fetched was the most smallest, easiest and the best one. What else can I say. Thanks u so much once again. You guys are wonderful.

    Bye for now ..
    & Love u guys

    Thanks & Regards,

  40. Hello Mr. Jayce !
    Can you give me a working link to download ICS for samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus !
    I have upgraded my SGS2 to ICS 4.0 from your site and It’s working perfectly so I trust you to give me a working link for ICS to Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus (GT 6200)

    Thank you !!

    Best regards !

  41. hi Jayce..

    is it possible to download and install the Official Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware for Smasung Galaxy S2 Android Phone made in China?

  42. hey i want to update my s2 from 2.3.6 to 4.0.4. i just chked some updates link with odin and i downloaded this file. (T989UVLH1_T989TMBLH1_T989UVLH1_HOME.tar.md5) bt dont know that this rom is the correct one? if not plx paste the link of the correct rom.

  43. or this one is the correct firmware Filename: | Size: 510 MB?

    extract file name :I9100XWLPM_I9100OXELP8_I9100XXLQ6_HOME.tar.md5

  44. This firmware and the guide above are compatible only and only with Galaxy S2, model number I9100. It’s not compatible with the I9100G or any other device.

    is there a diff in i9100 and i9100g? well my cell is i9100g need help in this regard!

  45. hello i am trying to update my galaxy s2 from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 via kies but the kies didn’t show me the popup that gives me the “do you want to update your software?” thing..i dont wanna root it i want it official please help what can i do!

  46. Hey Jayce,

    Great work so far. You really help out a lot of people, so for what it’s worth: thanks.

    I’m have installed a different firmware on my S2 I900 (or something), but I want to revert to my official Tmobile firmware again, the official ics. Do you have any ideas on where i can find it?

  47. Hi,

    I have a SG S2 and in June ’12 I upgraded from Gingerbread to ICS.

    Since then I am having couple of issues
    1. The date which used to get displayed on touching the top bar does not get displayed now in ICS
    2. I cannot take screen shots at all. I’ve tried all methods.

    I am suspecting either the ICS has not installed correctly or does it really matter that the region(where i d/n and installed ICS) is different to where I am primarily using the phone.

    Should I revert back to gingerbread and then try installing ICS.

    Please help.


    • Hey,

      I just read the UPDATE on your “how-to-take-screenshot-on-android-4-0-ics-samsung-galaxy-s2” page and it worked!! 🙂 Thanks for that.

      I guess now I am just left with the date issue which I forgot to mention is affecting my some of my other apps (they do not display dates too) and on enquiring with their dev’s have advised me that they just use the default date app of the phone.


  48. Hi guys,
    For me it’s very strange..Me and my colleague, we have Samsung Galaxy S2..Both from Romania.
    For him, the update is already done to 4.0.4 and he had another kernel official update in august, mine not.
    How can it be?

  49. Hi Jayce

    I just installed version 4.0.4 with kernel version XXLQ6. Previously, I used gingerbread before the update.

    Now, my phone freezes (is brick the word?) around 5-8 times a day. I need to unlatch the battery to restart the phone. Is there a solution to this?

    Also, when installing, I couldn’t find the pit file. Where’s it? I just selected the tar file using odin and it installs by itself.

    Am a newbie =) Please advise


  50. Hi Jayce, 1st – Great work with ur tutorials!
    Im a beginner with a fair idea of it all.

    I want to know for someone like you, who switches roms day in and day out,
    whats the best way to keep flashing to try out new/custom roms and still keep(or restore) apps and data(settings,contacts,sms,pics,etc.)
    I recently got my phone restored(by samsung due to software issues) and i had done a backup on SD card from ClockWorkMod but when now i went into recovery and installed and then tiered to restore it said no backup found. So lost everything.

    So whats the best method to flash? To Backup?

    And can i root & unroot without loosing data?


  51. hi jayce i live in toronto, canada and got an update from my phone for ics 4.0.4 did the update since then phone has lots of bugs in it. does not work as well as 4.0.3 pda-i9100xwlpw, phone-i9100xxlq6, csc-i9100dbtlpi is this the right info for my region and if not what is the right info. i am using i9100

      • thx for the reply jayce the problem is this phone is not available in canada and am not sure where it originally came from therefore am not sure if i am getting the right updates(firmware) to use in my region. i bought the phone from a 3rd party. it was rooted when i got it but i had to get someone to try and put back the stock firmware on it. as this is my first smartphone and a newbie to boot i am totally lost.

        • Hi mohammed, I have no idea which region does your I9100 from because it can use any region I9100 firmware. But no worry, if current firmware does not suite you, you can always change to other region firmware.

  52. hi jayce , i got a new handphone from my uncle from finland. Now the phone showing a blank baseband as well as a empty imei….i have rooted the phone .i am running on 4.0.3….i have used gs repair but it didn’t work as well .IS there any solution???? The phone doesnt recognize my simcard…._PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. hi jayce good morning
    how to flash my android 4.0 firmware
    please help me.

    coz there have something wrong.
    google lock my android tablet
    they need an account user name and pass.
    but i dont have an acc.

    please help me

  54. Hi jayce! I have samsung galaxy s2 gt i9100 korea version with rooted gingerbrid 2.3.5

    Should I update to this version now or is there any new updated version is available or it still has hard brick issues…
    Thanks in advance

  55. tired waiting for Android 4.0.4 for my Galaxy Sll 🙁
    i think Samsung gonna release JellyBean instead of 4.0.4 for Malaysia Galaxy Sll 🙁
    dont wanna wipe off my phone for other region’s 4.0.4

  56. dont do it you are scared? thats all yo have to say ?
    are yo gonna gimme some adivce, like people have done it and that its ok …
    i wont blame ya if somethin goes wrong… its gonna be ma thing…
    but i was lookin more from yo… like peeps have done it and thats its ok… etc


  57. hi jaycee,
    I’ve bought a korean alleh samsung s2 and its running on 4.0.4 ISC …
    but it had all the korean apps and look which i didnt like… so i tried to flash it with XXLQ6 firmware… but unfortunately it fails, I’ve tried it several times but its fails, i’ve check the USB debugging also…
    i donn now where am i goin wrong… now ma phone wont turn on it will only show a screen which say “upgrade” and somethin in koeran.
    help please…

  58. Jayce…my sgs2 was recently upgraded by me….but my brother’s s2 cannot be upgraded to 4.0.4 via kies…kies says kernel version is old….is that possible??how to fix it?? i am from india!

  59. i upgrade my galaxy s captive sgh i897 using costum rom of 4.1 jelly bean.and camera does not i used ics’s kernel using odin and after that my phone shows only a yellow triangle with ” ! ” mark in between a phone and lap’s sign.what to do?

  60. im using au samsung galaxys2 wimax in japan iam in problem to get the imei 15 digit number, an i also planning to take it to nepal to use it in nepal is it possible to use its service in nepal.

  61. Hi jayce!

    I’m going to help my friend root his Samsung galaxy s2. He has model GT-I9100 with a XXLQ6 firmware. Is there any root for this? If yes, do you know where I can find it?

    Thanks 🙂

  62. Hi jaycei!
    Hi have upgraded my Galaxgy S2 to 4.0.4 and now I am thinking of going to new leaked jeally bean .But will my phone be hard bricked if did this or it is safe. My chip is 0x19 (has bug).

  63. “Note – this is WIPE version. It will delete everything on your phone. Make sure you make backup first.” what does it mean? Will it delete all previously installed apps and files.

  64. Hi! I am stack on ICS 4.0.4 …Can I goto new jeally bean leaks from this by using ODIN …
    I mean is it safe to flash new rom from odin if I do not use .pit file?


  65. Hey Jaycee,
    I’m using Jelly bean 4.1.2 on ma galaxy s2 1900 and I want to upgrade it to Rainbox … but the jelly bean rom I’m on doesn’t have cwm recovery and for me to update it to rainbox, cwm is necessary…. what do I do?
    When I normally reboot in recovery mode it doesn’t show “update from internal rom” option.

    Help me please…

  66. hi jaycee,
    i checked out the list of all kernels available but i cant find mine… mine is baseband version – xxlpx
    kernel version – 3.0.31-462349se.infra@SEP-111 #3 SMP PREEMPTTue Nov 6 02:42:23 KST 2012

    what do i do? is there nothin for me?

  67. I browsed your list of cf-root Odin but ma firmware isn’t there in the list. (The above mentioned i.e) Is there a way?
    Coz if there is nohin I’m thinking of installing ics rom which can be cf rooted and then install rainbox through it. Long process… unless yo have an idea.

  68. Dear Jayce, I am your big fan. My Galaxy SII having kernel version XWKJ2. I have rooted CWM as per per you guide, and its working fine. My question is that can I use any Kernel version to update my phone from gingerbread 2.3.5 to ICS or I need only specified firmware version. I am newbie.

  69. Hello jayce. i’ve downloaded d ICS 4.0.4 firmware for SII. i have one problem, during messaging, I changed to 3×4 keypad, but the letters wont get printed, only numbers come.

    Any idea ?

  70. Dear Jayce

    One more query. After upgrade to 4.0.4, i am not able to connect to Samsung Kies. It just shows connecting but does not proceed ahead. Any suggestions.

  71. IT mobile about Samsung galaxy Ace version 2.3.6 upgrader to jelly bean
    Ace phone model ace SHW-M240s jelly bean firmware i want to firmware

  72. Hi jayce

    I need your help can you give me a link for ics 4.0.4 for gt i9300 /s3 because the HOTFILE SITE IS DEAD
    Am having a problem after i update my s3 on jelly bean. Am having this message on my s3 NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK..can you help me how to fix this..tnx alot


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