Download & Install SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

SiyahKernel is well known during Samsung Galaxy S II era. And XDA Developer, gokhanmoral makes SiyahKernel available for Samsung Galaxy S III too. The best part of SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 ~ it supports Samsung and CM9 / AOSP / AOKP with a single kernel image. Of course, SiyahKernel has lot of other goodies like CPU overclocking, undervolting, auto-root, automatic EFS Backup…

SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

SiyahKernel Features

  • Supports both Samsung and CM9/AOSP/AOKP with a single kernel image
  • CPU over/underclock: 100-1800MHz 18-steps
  • CPU underclock (600mV-1500mV). vdd_levels and UV_mV interfaces.
  • Insecure adb even though we have
  • optional smooth_scaling for those who wants to limit fast scaling of governors (such as ondemand)
  • triangle-away app support
  • added hotplug governor and modified it to support quad-core
  • Auto-root. You can also remove root via ExTweaks app and install it without rebooting your phone again. Auto-root can be disabled as well.
  • You can completely disable android logger using ExTweaks app
  • Adjustable charging speeds for AC and USB
  • Cpu governor optimizations
  • governor-aware stand-hotplug for old conventional governors
  • Available CPU Governors: Pegasusq (default), Hotplug
  • CIFS as module
  • Available I/O schedulers: CFQ(default), noop, Deadline, SIO, V(R)
  • init.d support
  • ARM topology support (SCHED_MC)
  • default idle mode is IDLE+LPA (highly recommended). however you can change the default to AFTR+LPA using ExTweaks.
  • Automatic EFS Backup
  • Samsung proprietary ExFat modules are loaded
  • Lots of I/O tweaks and file system optimizations via some parts of thunderbolt scripts.
  • NTFS automounting for USB sticks. When you plug in an NTFS formatted USB flash it will be automatically mounted to /mnt/ntfs folder.
  • Almost everything is configurable such as scheduler features, hotplug thresholds, GPU voltages, arm topology modes… and they are configurable via simple and free ExTweaks App from Google Play
  • mDNIe negative effect toggle with home button (press it four times).
  • sound boosting for great headphone experience (partial-port of wm8994 based implementation from project-voodoo since our wm1811 is mostly register compatible and almost the same)

Installation guide ~ How to install custom kernel on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Download SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 here.