Download Real Racing 2 for Android Free

I love to use Samsung smartphone. Why? There are always free goodies from Samsung Apps. Real Racing 2 is the first free full version game that I downloaded from Samsung Apps. Yup, it is not the test drive version from Google Play Store but full retail version. By the way, it should be free for Samsung Galaxy S III only. Because I can’t find it on Samsung Galaxy S2. Anyway, you can try out your luck as it might available for Samsung Galaxy Note or other Samsung devices.

Real Racing 2

Download Real Racing 2 full version for free at Samsung Apps. Go to Games – EA – Real Racing 2.


  1. i think i told u samsung note not for me, but i ended getting one anyway as i need a backup for my HTC HD2 πŸ˜›

    no luck for note πŸ™

  2. Sad to say the graphics performance of this game on s3 is worse than it is on s2.
    probably because of the added graphic effects.

    • Yeah I looked in Samsung Apps app and still can’t search for it.. .under Games, there’s no EA section… so I guess it’s not free in the US region? πŸ™

  3. I used to play this game on my Note but the steering turning is not as smooth as my iphone4, is this the same case with S3? Is it a problem of the game itself or accelerometer problem? Do u know?


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