Download Samsung Kies for Galaxy Note 2

Simplify, sync and keep life up to date with Samsung Kies. Yes, manage music, movies and photos. Backup precious contacts and calendars. Or download apps and podcasts and automatically upgrade device firmware. Samsung Kies conveniently syncs your life across all your devices including Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung Kies is the essential tool for Samsung devices. And it is available on Windows PC and Mac.

Samsung Kies for Galaxy Note 2

Download Samsung Kies for Galaxy Note 2 (Windows & Mac) here.


  1. hi, noob here. isit normal that after root n7105 with cf root, kies dun support the phone anymore. I tried to connect with kies through usb however claims the kies 2.0 dun support my phone anymore. please advise

  2. Jayce,

    Last week, I updated my Note 2 (GT-N7105) phone as the usual regular Samsung updates request. After the updated, my S Pen keyboard is malfuctioning. The “enter” key is not responding anymore.
    I went to Samsung Customer Service (Causeway branch) for help, the customer representives format/erase my note 2 data for nothing and then told me there is a bug with Samsung updates program, so there was nothing Samsung Customer Service department can do for me, all I can do is to wait for next update to see whether the problem will be fixed.

    Can you shed some insight to me as I am only staying HK for a mth and then I will go back to Canada.
    I bought the Note 2 in HK a yr ago (never rooted) and before I also updated my Note 2 in Canada, there was no problem happen at all.
    I don’t know whether the updates will be different due to geographical reason as there is and version difference between countries.
    I wil be much appreciated if you email me back. Thank you



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