Download Virtual D-pad for HTC HD2

Do you miss hardware D-pad on HTC HD2? Personally, I don’t. But there are certain applications and games require D-pad to control directional. Then, the Virtual D-pad by xda-developers member, more_pizza is the one for you. It works on my HTC HD2 or any Windows Mobile devices that have WVGA screen.

Yeah… I solved the missing D-pad problem. But I have another problem. I need to find applications that require this virtual D-pad.

Download Virtual D-pad here.


  1. Amazingly cool! Works well on my Touch Pro 2. I wish HTC would stop trying to be like Apple and go back to their strength — making great phones that work well with Windows Mobile! And we Windows Mobile users like REAL START MENUS! That we can use with a HARDWARE D-PAD! But in the meantime your software is the next best thing. 🙂


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