Download uCONVERT ~ a powerful unit converter

uCONVERT is a handy unit and currency converter on your Windows Mobile phones. You can convert USD to RM, KM to CM… There are 200+ units across 19 categories for you to select from. Just like my example below, 1024B == 8192bits.

By the way, the first thing that I find weird about uCONVERT. The keypad number sequence. The 1, 2, 3 numbers is on top which are not same as keyboard which are at bottom. No worry, you will get used to it. (Haha… My brother in law just told me that. The numbers sequence follows phone keypads. Guess that I am the one that need to get used to it. 😛 ) By the way, uCONVERT is not free, you need to purchase it at USD 0.99. Or just try the free version uCONVERT Lite which does not have currency converter. Note – it needs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 to run.

Download uCONVERT here.