Download Voodoo ScreenTune for Samsung Galaxy S2

There are 3 screen modes on Samsung Galaxy S II ~ Dynamic, Standard and Movie mode. If anyone of them is not your cup of tea, you can try a new present from Voodoo ScreenTune for Samsung Galaxy S2. Voodoo ScreenTune is currently a development application but rest assures that Supercurio who behind of Project Voodoo for Samsung Galaxy S will make a better application for our lovely Samsung Galaxy S2.

Voodoo ScreenTune

Supercurio reverse-engineered all the mDNIe image converter registers so that Voodoo ScreenTune can improve Galaxy S II Super AMOLED+ screen and rendering. Currently, Voodoo ScreenTune is working on Standard present mode only. Do take note on this. The screen looks softer and less colour banding issue. Try it and see it for yourself.

Download Voodoo ScreenTune for Samsung Galaxy S2 (dev) here.


  1. Hello Jayce

    Your website is outstandingly informative so keep up the good work.

    I am a relative amateur regarding installing firmware, flashing and rooting.

    However based on your step by step informative videos I am encouraged to start the above mentioned process.

    What firmware and rom do you currently have on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and where can I get the required software?

    Once I have installed the required software and rooted my phone I’d love to install this new Voodoo package.

  2. sorry if you don’t understand.. T_T

    I am really confused. xD

    1stly… my version is 2.3.3 then I want to upgrade it to 2.3.4 but then I saw 1 of your topic that it has KF1 but the version is 2.3.3. T_T

    • Asian don’t have Android 2.3.4 firmware yet. You need to install Europe firmware if you want Android 2.3.4. Most of the custom firmwares are based on Android 2.3.4. πŸ™‚

      • thanks for the fast reply.

        Now I see a little light…

        if I upgrade my firmware into 2.3.4.
        1. battery issue will be fix right?
        2. Is it true that if you upgrade your firmware to 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 it will void the warranty?(sorry to ask that cuz I read 1 of the readers ask that and I am really confused if it’s true or not.)
        3. how many hours does your battery fully charge to 100%? cuz mine almost like 5 hours.. without use.

        I am very sorry that I have soo many questions for you.

        I am only 15 years old. T_T

        • 1. XXKG5 (2.3.4) does improve battery life.
          2. Install other region firmware will void the warranty.
          3. I am not too sure because I always charge it over night. Around 4 hours I think.

  3. Thanks for the fast replies….

    Now I see more bright light xD

    1. uhm, I already ask you this question.


    and you answer my question which is K1 something.. however can I upgrade my firmware to XXKG5(2.3.4). instead of PDA:KF1/PHONE:KF1/CSC:KE5(XTC) in my Kies?

  4. I really appreciate your time for answering my DUMB questions T_T….

    AND THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR SHARING THE LIGHT xD… now I download the XXKG5 IN XDA DEVELOPERS.. upgrading the firmware will delete all the files in my phone right even in external memory card right?

  5. i bought sgs2 yesterday i upgrade it to xxkg5 ,i have one plm i cant able to forward mkv video 2hr film but my frnd have ke5 version he can forward it very fast …….wats ur opinion ..can i change my xxkg5 to ke5 frm where i get ke5 help me

  6. hi, may i know how to re-install back to me stock kernel


    is there a way to re-install back to my stock version?

  7. Jayce

    Why screen voodoo can’t be use with ICS..or i miss the upgraded one. Hope you can suggest another apps who can replace screen voodoo


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