Download YouTube Kids for Android & iOS

My kid loves to watch YouTube videos lately. However, the official YouTube application is not so user friendly for small kids. There are lot of navigation and plenty of videos to choose. And they might jump into videos that not suitable for them with adult Google Account login. Yes, you can search everything. Thanks to Google. There is a new YouTube app just for them – YouTube Kids. Yes, this official free app is simple and packed full of age-appropriate videos, channels and playlists. Not to worry about what will your kids watch anymore…

Family-focused content is what I love the most. And it will play the next video automatically. Just select from four categories: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. Then start to enjoy it with your kids. There are parental controls too. The built-in timer will let you limit kids’ screen time by alerts your child when the session is over, so you don’t have to. I love it. Great, right? However, it is available to download from Google Play and the App Store in US for the moment. You need to download YouTube Kids apk and install it manually if you live out of US.

Download YouTube Kids for Android here & iOS here.