Enable Galaxy S5 settings UI on Galaxy Note 3

Want to enjoy Samsung Galaxy S5 now? Well, you can’t unless you have close relation with Samsung. But you can make Galaxy Note 3 looks a bit more like Galaxy S5. So far, you can enable Galaxy S5 settings UI. As usual, good stuffs require give and take – root access is needed.

Galaxy S5 settings UI

No worry, Galaxy S5 ROM will come sooner or later to both Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. Just give some time to ROM chef to cook it when Galaxy S5 firmware is leaked. Then, you can most of its features. As for now, you are welcome to enjoy this Galaxy S5 settings UI here.


  1. Hi Jayce!

    Is Knox still makes rooting Samsung phones (eg Galaxy S4, Note 3 and probably S5 too) lose their warranty, or is there some kind of workaround?

    AFAIK it was impossible last time I’ve checked, because of upping flash counter which couldn’t be reset to zero value later.

    Please let me know if you know what’s up with that.


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