Google Nexus 4 ClockworkMod Recovery

Unleash the full potential of your Google Nexus 4 by installing custom recovery like ClockworkMod Recovery. Yes, CWM has more features than the stock recovery that come along. You have extra features like install zip from sdcard, backup and restore, mounts and storage and advanced on CWM. I have CWM v6.0.1.9 currently. The latest version should have more features and better functions to get more juice out of Nexus 4. Anyway, I use CWM to make Nandroid backup and restore most of the time. Of course, install custom ROM with it. That’s custom recovery is meant for…

LG Nexus 4 CWM

How to load Nexus 4 ClockworkMod Touch Recovery?

  1. Boot into Nexus 4 Fastboot.
  2. Go to Recovery mode with Volume buttons (Up or Down).
  3. Then select it with Power button.
  4. That’s it.


  1. sir,please help me.i rooted my nexus 4 but the problem is when i go to recovery move it only show the “dead” android can i install the clockwork recovery?wwhat should i do?tnx

  2. trying to get back to android mode. can’t use the phone anymore, as soon as i turn the phone ON, all i see is ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.1.9 screen. if you can please help me get back to normal.


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