Google Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode

Google Nexus 4 is my first Google Nexus smartphone. Being a developer smartphone, how can I do not modify and push it to the maximum limit? So Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode is a must know feature if you wish to customize your Nexus 4 too. You can try lot of stuffs like unlock, relock, root, install custom recovery, flash Google stock ROM on fastboot mode. Be familiar with it now…

LG Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode

How to load Google Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode?

  1. Power off Nexus 4.
  2. Press and hold down Volume Down and Power buttons.
  3. Google Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode will be loaded then.
  4. That’s it.


  1. hi jayce,
    i have tried the above but my phone shows android logo and start and downloading thats and after a while the phone is switching off..its not going into recovery mode..pls help

  2. hi Jayce,
    its bit confusing,when i press and hold volume down button and power button,,my phone is displaying like:
    android pictire
    do not turn off target.

    and at the left top corner it shows “odin mode”.

    after few minutes phone gets off
    pls help

  3. hi jayce
    can i check
    is there any other way to put my phone in usb debug mode.
    bcoz when i connect my phone to laptop it doesnt shows anything


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