Google Nexus 7 (2013) issues

Google’s latest most popular Android tablet ~ Nexus 7 (2013) faced the same issue as the previous generation. Yup, build quality issues. Lot of users reported that their new Nexus 7 has issues like dead pixel, LCD screen light bleed, erratic multi-touch, GPS lock, low speakers volume, random reboot, oddly coloured pixels, dust under LCD screen, creaking sound… Some can be fixed by factory reset. Some don’t. That’s the fate of earlier adopters. Did Asus lowers quality control in order to rush to market on time? Anyway, just exchange for a new one if face issues. Or send back to warranty claim since Nexus 7 has international warranty.

Does these issues make new Nexus 7 a bad tablet? Overall, no. It is still the best budget Android tablet in the market (of course, your unit needs to be 100% perfect from defect). Just make sure that you test out all these reported issues before purchase. You will be a happy Nexus 7 owner then.



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