HiMedia Q10 Pro Stock Firmware

HiMedia Q10 Pro is one of my favourite Android TV Box. A powerful and have great video quality thanks to HiSilicon Hi3798CV200 chipsets. Great hardware without proper firmware support is useless. Thankfully, HiMedia Team does a great job on maintaining and improve HiMedia Q10 Pro from time to time. Yes, you can expect bugs fixed and new features being added on new official firmware. You can get latest firmware update through over-the-air programming (OTA) method or download and install stock firmware manually. And downgrade to the firmware that you prefer anytime too. By the way, HiMedia Q10 Pro has both Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 7.0 Nougat firmware. Choose the one that suit you most…

Download HiMedia Q10 Pro Stock Firmware

Android 5.0 Lollipop
1.0.1 HMD-1.0.1 2016-03-22.170326 – link
1.0.3 HMD-1.0.3 2016-05-23.124800 – link
1.0.6 HMD-1.0.6 2016-07-07.151525 – link
1.0.7 HMD-1.0.7 2016-08-10.190824 – link
1.0.8 HMD-1.0.8 2016-10-12.193826 – link
1.0.9 HMD-1.0.9 2016-12-13.091707 – link
1.1.0 HMD-1.1.0 2017-03-15.164418 – link

Android 7.0 Nougat
2.0.0 HMD-2.0.0 2016-11-17.181855 – link
2.0.1 HMD-2.0.1 2017-01-10.164949 – link
2.0.3 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-12.095905 – link
2.0.4 HMD-2.0.4 2017-07-05.174159 – link

1.0.3 HMD-1.0.3 2016-05-23.124800 Changelog:

  • Switching channel too slow issue fixed
  • Individual AAC audio tracks no passthrough issue fixed
  • Individual amplifiers unable to passthrough 7.1 channel issue fixed
  • 3D video L/R switch priority of local player malfunction fixed
  • HDR10 compatibility improved, for example, blank screen when playing Sony_4K_HDR_Camp.mp4 fixed.
  • Video player malfunction after clicking Imprex fixed
  • Video and audio of local player unsynchronized after audio track switching issue fixed
  • Local media player stuck after fast forward issue fixed
  • Settings of Imprex engine of video player not saved after reboot issue fixed
  • Online playback optimized, for example, occasionally where there was sound but no image issue fixed
  • File display list of media center optimized and is able to display more content
  • Pressing Menu to enable file sorting function added in Media Center
  • Menu keys of file manager malfunction fixed
  • Clicking Wifi hotspot in the Advanced Settings malfunction fixed
  • Googleplay malfunction when searching fixed
  • WIFI and Bluetooth stability and reliability optimized

1.0.6 HMD-1.0.6 2016-07-07.151525 Changelog:

  • Subtitle compatibility improved, occasional subtitle out-sync and partial ass subtitle failure issue fixed
  • Local playback optimized, 23.976 source output improved
  • Online and local playback optimized, partial source occasionally black screen issue fixed
  • HDR10 compatibility improved.Color distortion issue which generate after log out from HDR source
  • playback via HDMI output fixed
  • Media player optimized. Support lge format and menu description improved
  • Method for system to obtain network time optimized
  • Color space setting in Advance settings can’t be saved issue fixed
  • System UI occasionally crash issue fixed
  • Fuzz display of account in Advanced settings issue fixed
  • Fuzz display of download content issue fixed
  • Inconformity of icon size in app manager issue fixed
  • Image browsing auto-play black screen issue fixed.
  • Input method updated and support multilanguages
  • Kodi updated to 16.1
  • Wrapper updated

1.0.7 HMD-1.0.7 2016-08-10.190824 Changelog:

  • Screen lock supported
  • Frame skip when playback issue fixed
  • Default support widevine L3
  • Error of Youtube DRM playback fixed
  • Support local media playback time on the front LED display
  • Local media playback output model optimized
  • HiMedia Player updated, and subtitle download function supported
  • App compatibility optimized

1.0.8 HMD-1.0.8 2016-10-12.193826 Changelog:

  • Fasten the loading of the Blue-ray Player movie
  • HDR-source video playback type optimized, flick the conditions of some Certain video sources the fixed
  • Playback the HDR-source in the mode auto and IT WAS not issue the fixed function
  • Media player type optimized the Local, Including the default font sized and some modified Certain
  • subtitles the which the display Unable to issue the fixed
  • Unable to Attain the F1, the F2, the F3, and the F4 buttons bmp issue the fixed
  • Media scan That CAN not the read the files is the Audio & the Video of a USB storage device issue fixed
  • Setting malfunction under some certain conditions issue fixed
  • SAMBA, NFS support shortcut name change function
  • The Media Center Optimized, Homepage and the ensure better and smoother the Operations
  • System type optimized to the run more smooth and reliable.

1.0.9 HMD-1.0.9 2016-12-13.091707 Changelog:

  • Freeze and unable to shutoff on some conditions issue fixed
  • Pause and then unable to continue when playing music via local media player issue fixed
  • Occasional picture display in broken shape issue fixed
  • Certain videos playback black screen while has sound issue fixed
  • Certain apk unable to playback online videos issue fixed
  • Occasional output resolution not saved after reboot issue fixed
  • Advanced Settings malfunction under certain conditions issue fixed
  • Media Center Crash under certain conditions issue fixed
  • File manager stop running under some conditions issue fixed
  • Status of Bluetooth setting unable saved after shutoff and turn on issue fixed
  • Application manager abnormal ANR issue fixed
  • Wifi handling capacity improved
  • Compatibility of 4K50hz and 4K60hz output optimized
  • Support IOS 10 Airplay

1.1.0 HMD-1.1.0 2017-03-15.164418 Changelog:

  • New feature POSTER supported
  • Auto scanning videos in local storages/SAMBA/NFS and downloading relative posters supported
  • Video classification and sorting supported
  • Video searching supported
  • Separate disk browsing or all disks browsing supported
  • Scanning videos via video formats supported
  • Poster auto upgrading supported
  • Customized classification supported
  • Renaming or deleting Shortcut of SAMBA/NFS supported
  • Interference to devices caused by HDMI CEC issue fixed
  • IOS 10.2 airplay malfunction issue solved
  • Slow speed of copy function in SAMBA issue fixed
  • Media center, Homepage, Music player, Application manager updated

2.0.0 HMD-2.0.0 2016-11-17.181855 Changelog:

  • Android N OS running stable and smooth
  • Support Android N google play version
  • Support Samba uPnP
  • System function perfectly upgraded from 5.1 to Android N with compatibility
  • Youtube updated to 1.3.11 and Netflix to 4.10.7
  • Homepage, Application Management, Media Center optimized, focus movement are more swift and smooth
  • Media Player upgraded and support mouse operation
  • Local Media Playback Improved; Certain rare videos black screen, display ratio of 3D to 2D abnormal, and occasional subtitle defect issues fixed
  • Blu-ray video slow loading conditions improved and speed up
  • Local Audio output improved and certain audio tracks unable to decode and output issue fixed
  • Revise some UI language
  • Support Widevine L3

2.0.1 HMD-2.0.1 2017-01-10.164949 Changelog:

  • Recent Key out of operation issue fixed
  • Some HDDs unrecognizable issue fixed
  • Samba copy at low speed issue fixed
  • Video playback fastward buffering issue fixed
  • Bluetooth auto enable after turn off issue fixed
  • Certain applications unable to install issue fixed
  • Wrapper unable to playback the videos in NFS issue fixed
  • Support KODI 17.0
  • Airplay support for IOS10.2
  • Default support widevine L3
  • HDMI compatibility improved
  • Advanced setting descriptions optimized
  • Wifi handling capacity improved
  • Key touch-tone has been turned off

2.0.3 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-12.095905 Changelog:

  • Added Wallposter function
  • Automatically scan videos in local disk, Samba and NFS, and download corresponding posters
  • Supported film classification and sorting
  • Supported video search
  • Supported browsing by each disk or full browsing
  • Supported scanning video by formats
  • Wallposters update automatically
  • Supported customizing classification
  • Supported renaming and deleting shortcuts of Samba and NFS
  • Fixed the issue of occasional failure while powering off
  • Fixed the issue of occasional blurred-screen in Wallposter
  • Fixed the issue of not displaying full screen while playing online videos
  • Fixed the issue of occasional blank screen while playing local videos
  • Fixed the issue of reporting video error while playing local videos
  • Fixed the issue of displaying in a abnormal rate while playing 2D videos that transformed by SBS 3D videos
  • Fixed the issue of adopting only 2 audio channels while applying PCM7.1 pass-through
  • Fixed the issue of staying full screen display while the display area is modulated
  • Fixed the issue of wrongly displaying USB type in File Manager
  • Fixed the issue of detecting device failure while using Hi-Control
  • Optimized the option of 24HZ in player setup
  • Optimized system stability and compatibility with different APKs
  • Optimized WI-FI stability and increased WI-FI speed
  • Updated Media Center, adopted a User Interface of 3D technology, presenting flexible operating experience; Fixed the distortion of the video icon,fixed the issue that IP addresses can’t be added in NFS.
  • Upgraded Homepage, fixed the issue of not saving the substituted APK on Homepage after restart
  • Upgraded video displaying , revised some description on interface and added “HDR”in display information
  • Supported more resolution modes for output
  • Upgraded Wrapper, optimized Kodi displaying
  • Updated the Happy Cast, making it applicable on iOS 10.3
  • Updated the latest Hisilicon SDK, presenting a more stable system and better display

2.0.4 HMD-2.0.4 2017-07-05.174159 Changelog:

  • HDR ratio issue fixed
  • Fix the issue:some Apps stop working caused by DATA patition read-only
  • Issue of compatibility with some routers fixed
  • Not working when press 3D button of the remote control issue fixed
  • Fix the issue:the subtitle cannot be moved by the Navigation buttons of the remote control
  • TV’s fault output issue fixed
  • Lagging issue caused by turnning on the 24hz fixed
  • System crash caused by mmc issue fixed
  • 23.976 and 24hz files frame-skipping and jittering issue fixed
  • Blurred screen sometimes issue fixed
  • No sound of AAC 22.05K 5.1 channels pass-through issue fixed
  • No sound of 96K PCM 7.1 channels pass-through issue fixed
  • Frame rate auto-adaptation optimized
  • File manager optimized, language sources added, some useless files filtered
  • Video player optimized
  • 3D/2D indication when playback a movie added
  • 3D/2D default playback setting added into the playback menu
  • Not working when switch HDR issue fixed
  • Video player UI optimized
  • Some BDMV and BD 3D ISO not playbacking in KODI’s NFS issue fixed
  • Mediacenter UI optimized
  • Filter the useless file “BIN TDDwonload THUNDERDB Alarms Notifications Ringtones Podcasts DCIM dlna”in mediacenter
  • HD playback optimized bring many useful functions