How to disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound?

How to disable Samsung Galaxy S III camera sound? Yes, I want to turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 focus and shutter sounds. Don’t want other to know that I am taking photo. Unlike Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sounds are not controlled by System Sound anymore. So you can’t control the volume but you still can disable it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera

How to disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound?
Samsung Galaxy S3 camera does not have sound control built in. And can’t control by ringtone, notifications and system volume controls. So the only way to disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound. Turn sound mode into vibrate or mute mode. Not a good idea but at least you can turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound without changing Samsung Galaxy S3 camera application which requires root access.

Enjoy taking sleeping baby photo now…


      • I also just tried it and it does not work. Hola, do you have the US version or Europe? Maybe there is a some sort of difference. I turned silent mode to mute and turned all the volume controls off and it still makes that stupid sound. :-\

    • I hated that clicking sound so much! This is the easiest way to fix it. Just go to Market and dowload CameraMX (MAGIX) app, in there you can disable the ‘play shutter sound’. And WALLA…… Anyhow the App it is way better than the one the ph comes with. Good luck!

  1. I have the Galaxy S3 and tried everything you mentioned but still cannot disable the camera shutter sound. Even with headphones in the sound still comes out of the phone speaker.

  2. It worked on my phone (Sweden). I think this is different from country to country. Some countries does not allow you to take sneak pictures.

  3. I’ll try to change language on my phone and see if it change. Maybe you can do the same? Elle, try English UK or US instead of AU? Maybe it that easy πŸ™‚

  4. I tried English AU and it still worked (the shutter sound get silent when I mute the phone). I’ll not try Turkey because I don’t speak it and then I maybe not find my way back to English πŸ™

  5. I mailed to Samsung Center and they said we are unable to turn off sound camera. so sad. Hope next firmware will change it

  6. Just hold your finger over the speaker and it will deaden the sound a bit. Not ideal but if you cant disable it what else can you do!

  7. Yes Anthony, that worked quite well.
    I also found out that I can’t lock the screen and continue to use the video recorder like I could in my old i5500. If I press the on/off button my screen gets black and the recording stops πŸ™

  8. If you go into video mode and start a recording you can make silent pictures. At least a way around it for the sneaky moments! πŸ˜‰

  9. I looked up this thread because I am going to my brother’s wedding today and at the rehearsal last night I noticed that the sound was incredibly invasive. I did find one work around in case you need to take pictures in a situation like mine: start a video recording (it will still make a sound, but smaller). You can take concurrent still photos, and those will not have that really loud shutter noise…and you can delete the video file later, if you don’t want it.

    Still, it seems like this is somethings that Samsung should fix. Was it an oversight, or a deliberate decision?

  10. I have tried everything on my USA phone that everyone suggested and it doesn’t work…. It’s annoying that samsung doesn’t include this feature.

  11. I’ve tried everything on my Sprint Galaxy S3 to no avail. However, a friend of mine downloaded a free app from the Google Play store call “Mute”. This app worked on his Verizon version of the Galaxy S3, but did not work on my Sprint version. So this may help some out, but it wont help if you’re on the Sprint phone. I compared my phone to his and it appears the Sprint phone is running a newer kernel and a different rom. This is a simple software tweak that should be applied to all phones and I hope they allow muting the camera shutter sound down the road in future software updates.

  12. I rooted my phone so now it’s easy to silent the sound and I get rid of the free apps advertising at the same time πŸ™‚

  13. If you pull down the toolbar on the main page (where you can set wi-fi on/off, gps, car/airplane modes) and you select mute or vibrate from there, it works for me. I have the US version of the phone.

  14. There is an option if while in the camera you just click on settings and then scroll down the list till you see Shutter Sound and turn it off

  15. I wonder if there is another Video and Photo app in the Play Store?

    I have a Sprint US version, and also cannot turn it off, and it is quite loud.
    I know it’s a privacy issue, but this is just another example of “big PITA brother”, “protecting” us from “ourselves”.
    As I get older, I’m getting sicker and angrier about all the limitations that are placed on people.

    Even if I want to take secret videos or pics of my date or anything else for that matter, it’s MY responsibility to divulge that activity.

    I tried to take pics and some video of a memorial for a friend, and EVERY GOD DAMNED Pic and video I took made that annoying-as-hell sound.

    Guess what? I’ve had the phone for a week and it’s going back to Sprint.

    • It would be cool if EVERYONE who has recently purchased an SIII would return the phones to Sprint. This IS Sprint’s doing because other carriers are allowing the sound to be disabled.

      Also I’d wondered if any genius’ who know these phones know if there is a way to simply remove that particular sound file.

  16. I bought mine thru Sprint USA and I do not have any options, I called sprint and they told me that there was no way around that until a new software update comes out. They better release soon, it is totally crappy that they forgot something so important. So much for privacy.

    My brother has the same phone thru AT&T USA and his does have the option in the camara settings to turn off the shutter sound.

    Sprint is sucking, I should have switched while I had the chance. Plus the 4G Lite is not available in my area in California. And the Galaxy S III has the capability but Sprint does not.

    My brother thru AT&T is able to use his 4G Lite capability.

    Sprint sucks bad…

  17. I have the Galaxy S3 from Hong Kong, camera sound does not work at all, please help me to know how to operate the sound effect.

  18. On my Samsung Galaxy S3, I simply opened the camera application, went to settings and scrolled down to shutter sound and switched it to off. It worked for me.

  19. When you open the camera make sure your looking at the setting in camera mode and not video mode. My shutter siund option was there on the TMO version

  20. Okay so the first thing you need to do is go to camera settings >shutter speed > Turn it off and it wont make any more sounds and as for the video thing tht every time u click record comes a big annoying sound you just have to turn down ur phone volume to vibrate if you wang is you choice
    Hope this helps ~ ❀

    • Thank you so much!!! I read through this whole blog and you are the first (maybe only?) to suggest to turn the ringer volume down to silent/vibrate. It works for my SG3/Virgin Mobile! Yea! No more shutter sounds in stills or video mode!

  21. Why do we still discussing this? We all know there are different firmware in different countries. Some users can disable the sound others have to mute the phone and some users can’t turn it off at all. If you google GT-I9300 firmware you can see how many different firmware there are so please stop give instructions to people and think we are stupid that can’t find the β€œno sound” option.

  22. With the US/Sprint version of this phone, there are no options within the camera app to turn off the sound of the shutter.

    I found a free app in the google play store called silent camera – it is a diff camera control app and there is no shutter sound..

  23. Hi, I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 also. For those times when I need the ability to take shots without the shutter sound, I use the app Camera360. It’s a nice featured app and works until an update comes out for the camera.

  24. I was able to turn off my shutter sound but not as what was told on this website. Here’s how l did it:
    1. Open Camera app
    2. Go to settings(the button that looks like nut)
    3. Scroll until you find “Shutter Sound”
    4. Set it to OFF


    Jess Pogi

  25. When you plan to go photo sneaking (babies or up skirts) just cover the micro with a bit of blue tag. SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I used the above enforced stream silencer and it worked I have the Samsung galaxy stellar and my phone had the same problem untIll I came here thankyou very much I was losing hope

  27. For those of us in the States, there will be no update to “fix” this. It is becoming a US federal mandate under the Privacy Act that dictates all cameras on all phones by all carriers MUST make an audible noise to prevent unwanted invasion of privacy. Sprint is one of the first carriers to comply and BY LAW, they will not be able to offer phones that allow for the camera shutter noise to be disabled or muted. Of course this makes no sense since there are apps available to easily bypass this, and think about it–everyone is on camera everyday anyway if you’re ever out in public anywhere (at ATMs, on buses, at intersections, entering grocery stores, etc.). Stupid, yes. Will it go away? No.

  28. If you update to JB 4.1.2 you will get a new (I think it’s a new widget) called “disable all sounds” and it’s easy to have on your home screen. So when you need to take photo without shutter sound press this button. Don’t forget to enable the sound again or you will not hear a thing from your phone…and again, this may not work in every countries…

  29. Simple but brilliant! I didn’t think this. Now I can use camera with no sounds! It’s a little bit annoyng but works! I use a Galaxy S3 with Android 4.1.2
    Thanks for the workaround.

  30. To turn off the shutter sound in the galaxy s3 all you have to do is be in camera mode. On the bottom left corner is the settings icon which looks like a sprokett. Tap that so that the settings menu pops up then scroll down to shutter sound. Click on shutter sound and you will get a sub menu all you do then is select off. That should take care of it. Worked for me.

  31. Thanks Sweetthang! Camera360 Ultimate works! No sound! The quality is compromised a little (doesn’t take good close-up shots, takes 2 megapixel shots) but it’s the first thing that’s worked.

    I have the Samsung Gallaxy S3 from Sprint/California. Tried rooting and changing the file name, then tried changing the volume settings to “true”, etc. The phone will not allow for saved changes.

  32. As stated before for Sprint there is no option to turn it off in the camera settings. This is a big problem when out in the woods taking wildlife photos. They don’t particularly like loud noises!

  33. Doesn’t work for me with my S3 in Australia. Embarrassing going to a concert like I did last night and taking photos with the damned shutter noise. Does anyone know if you can disable it on the S4? If not may look at an HTC or Iphone next time round – Samsung will need to address this issue.


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