How to enable Dead Trigger Tegra 3 extended effects on non-Tegra 3 device?

Don’t have NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices such as HTC One X, Google Nexus 7 and ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity. And still want enjoy Dead Trigger Tegra 3 extended effects like spectacular ragdoll effects and water simulation. Well, you are in luck now. You can enable Dead Trigger Tegra 3 extended effects on non-Tegra 3 device like Samsung Galaxy S III with just some tweaks. Note – root access is required.

Dead Trigger Tegra 3 extended effects

Ultra High Graphics Detail

How to enable Dead Trigger Tegra 3 extended effects on non-Tegra 3 device?

  1. First of all, enable graphics details to high in setup/others.
  2. Exit game.
  3. Use root explorer like ES File Explorer.
  4. Go to /data/data/com.madfingergames.deadtrigger/shared_prefs/ folder.
  5. Edit com.madfingergames.deadtrigger.xml file.
  6. Change <int name=”UnityGraphicsQuality” value=”1″ /> to <int name=”UnityGraphicsQuality” value=”2″ />.
  7. Change <int name=”OptionsGraphicDetail” value=”2″ /> to <int name=”OptionsGraphicDetail” value=”3″ />.
  8. Save it.
  9. Modify permissions to remove all write permission on User, Group and Other.
  10. Delete com.madfingergames.deadtrigger.xml.bak.
  11. That’s all.

If everything goes smoothly, you should see Ultra High Graphics Detail in setup/others like screenshot above. And do not change any settings else you have to redo this Tegra 3 graphics hack again. Enjoy Dead Trigger Tegra 3 extended effects ~ spectacular ragdoll effects and water simulation…


  1. Hi jayce.At Android/Data/ com.madfingergames.deadtrigger there is just a .obb file.can you help me. and im buying a galaxy s3 .what do you think pebble blue or white?

  2. the game exits everytime i go through the water.. even if i set the graphic settings to high.. im using lg p920 tegra 2 device.. any advice!?

  3. yes i remove all write permissions.. when i look back to the value it stays with 1 for graphic quality and 2 for graphic detail.. what went wrong!?

      • Thank you Jayce. It worked for me but only for the first level and I had the pool of water. But when I keep playing, I think the graphics go back to just “high” again on my s2…
        When I go back to the file, the write preferences are checked again even if I had unchecked them before and the “value line is back to “1” only the OptionGraphicsDetail remains to “3”…
        Any idea to save the changes forever and for them not to go back to default ?

  4. Thank you anyway, Jayce. In settings it says “ultra high” but I only have the pool of water in the very first level of the game but I did not see it in the next levels… so maybe it is actually ultra high… I don’t know.
    Or maybe after the first level, the game puts the setting back to normal even if it says “ultra high”..
    Any idea ?
    Is it the same for you with the pool of water only in the first level ?

    • Hehe… I don’t play Dead Trigger with my phone. Just tested it. Playing on iPad with bigger screen which don’t have Tegra 3 effects.

    • In ES File Explorer. Hold on that file until Operations menu pop up. Then select Properties. Click on Change. Uncheck all writes. Finally, select OK.

  5. Hi, I know I’m late for the party but, well…I wanna do this on Xoom tablet tegra 2 which is marked to be compatible with this game , of course..and will this modifications affect future updates? I already did this in my Droid x which has less capacity of performance than my Xoom tab but, the freaking game is way too awful when playing than before the modification… I know how to do this stuff and I wonder if I do this in my Xoom , will the game play be as crappy as in my Droid x?
    One thing I think I miss was , should I have removed the permissions on each folder? Or only on the one where the changes were made?? I removed all Wr permission on the .bak folder but , was that supposed to be made on the modified values folder or on each one??
    Please I’d appreciate a response..thanks..

  6. hey jayce i find /sdcard/android/obb/com.madfingergames.deadtriger/ and no more folders,, like ‘shared_prefs/ folder’ you said.. can you help me?

  7. Hi Jayce! Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I am having no success. I have a galaxy Nexus with liquids Jelly Bean beta 1 Rom. What I have done:
    1. Open game change graphics to high. Hit back button “quit application”
    2. Using Es file manager I did the steps. Deleted the .bak
    3. Open game back up and It starts off like its the first time I have started the game. graphics are back to low.
    4. Also tried opening game, hitting home button, then proceeding with changes. But nothing happens in the game.

    Any ideas?

  8. I can confirm that this works on the Latest dead trigger in the market. so no, its not patched. It depends on what text editor you use for it to work correctly. If a .bak file is not created it wont work. at least for me anyway

  9. So I can just download dead trigger from the play store and do this, and i get all the particle and water effects? or do i need a tegra 3 apk like i heard about?

  10. What’s the difference between high and ultra high? On my GSM Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom, I can simply go to settings and set the graphics quality to high and it looks like Tegra 3 graphics. I haven’t tried this ultra high hack yet. I’m wondering if it’s any different.

  11. Try changing the device name in the default.prop file since that is the folder apps read to identify your device to set the best settings for it. Search the location of the file on Google because I don’t remember where it is located. Root access is needed.

  12. Hey i cant set the graphjins to ultra high on my htc epxlorer. everythime i do it it only goes from high to low and low to medium then high. there is no ultra high gfraphics option. plz reply me to my mail cuz i will definitely forget ur website after a minute. PLZZZZZZZZ HELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!

  13. may i ask what version of dead trigger you used im sure i could get it to work if the setting didnt revert every time i ran the app

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