How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Want to have NAND Android or Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2? SPL-2.08.HSPL from DFT HSPL4 is the very first thing that you need to install. HSPL4 includes SPL-2.08.0000, SPL-2.08.HSPL, SPL-3.03.0000 and SPL-3.03.HSPL. How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? And which HSPL should I install? In short, install SPL-3.03.HSPL if you want to install latest custom Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM. Or install SPL-2.08.HSPL if you want to install NAND Android or Windows Phone 7.


  • Windows Mobile Device Center installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or
  • ActiveSync installed on Windows XP
  • You must have any SPL version from this list on your device:
    • SPL-1.42.0000
    • SPL-1.62.0000
    • SPL-1.66.0000
    • SPL-2.07.0000
    • SPL-2.08.0000
    • SPL-2.10.0000
    • SPL-3.03.0000

HSPL4 should support all HTC HD2 and T-Mobile HD2 SPL version. And do make sure that you have Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync installed, else HSPL4 cannot detect your HTC HD2 in USB mode. It needs USB drivers from there.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
  2. It will load into ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen bootloader.
  3. You can see your HTC HD2 SPL version there.
  4. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  5. Serial status will be turned into USB.
  6. At PC, right click on HSPL4.exe and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  7. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  8. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  9. Do make sure that you select 2.08.HSPL.
  10. After installation, you should see ‘We hacked it!’ on your phone.
  11. That’s all.

If everything go smooth, you should see your HTC HD2 SPL had been replaced by HSPL. Once again, do take note that Android and Windows Phone 7 only work on SPL-2.08.HSPL. Not SPL-3.03.HSPL.

Download DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2 here.


  1. I can not install HSPL4, can you help me?

    I have a HTC device that T-Mobile HD2.
    My SPL versions:
    SPL 2.10.0000

    I have a picture of the problem (in the link below):

    What’s the problem?
    How do I install HSPL4?
    Can you help me?

    ‘d Love to help you,
    Thank you and good day.

      • Hey Jayce this is the first time I will install HSPL here are my questions:

        -can I install this instead of HSPL3?
        -is this compatible with T-Mobile US HD2?
        -I’m currently running SPL 2.10 and radio I’m using sergio core droid and it’s good and very stable but I always have screen of death problem so I’m planning to upgrade my radio to 2.12.50 do you think this is the best fix for SOD? I want to use radio 2.15 but I’ve read that it consume more battery.

        Thank you so much for all your help!

  2. Thanks for everything, but im facing a problem which is after installing HSPL4 my available ram is only 20 MB. Im not able to see 576 MB ram, my mob details are

    Rom version: 3.14.405.2 (04666)WWE
    Radio Version:

    Any help will be highly appreciated,thanks.

      • Yes u r right, i m still using Winmo 6.5 and when i chk the hardware info Ram size is 576, Flash memory is 512 MB, storage size is 176.49, kindly clear me that can i complete the rest of process or i did mistake somewhere, sorry to bother u, thanks.
        And 1 thing more, i just instal the HSPL4 not the Radio til now, do i have to re instal the Radio too which is ?

  3. Hello, first of all thank you very much for these tutorials.
    I’ve already got my HD2 running on :

    Jaws-MIUI base on MIUI 18-12 [Kernel: prj0.3] NAND ZIP ROM + DATA.IMG

    But I want to do an upgrade again! Now the problem occurs then when in Bootloader modus the phone won’t connect to USB? Serial does not change in USB in the screen. Do I need a seperate driver?

    Most guide depart from upgrading from WM but I’m already running on Android.

    Thanx for your time!

  4. hey buddy , i have EU HTC HD2 SPL 3.03.0000 XE

    I tried ur procedure but its saying …. bad SPL …. erroor code 0000005 some ting like that !
    m not able to install it …!
    i bought the new htc hd2 yesterday becoause my old was damaged … i dont knw whats wrong with it …i run the android on previous one but …this htc hd2 not even clearing the 1st step …!!
    HELP ME … 🙁
    I am a developer too 🙁

      • hey sorry i disturbed you …actually the was due to the OLD version of HSPL …. i dint noticed but i wa susing HSPL 2 …and HSPL 4 is required …. 😀 thanks any ways !! and yaa one more info for you …. try the windows phone 7 ROM on xda …. PDAIMATEJAM …. ITS NICE ! please report your feed back about that ,,,than i ll give it a try !
        njoy your day buddy ! 🙂

  5. Hi, Jayce, My 2.3.7 on HTC HD2 running fine since day 1, found that the keyboard for sms and email is not so good as WINDOWS MOBILE 7. Is there anyway to change it as WINDOWNS MOBILE 7 keyboard. Pls adv soonest. appreciated.

  6. Hi…thanks for the tutorial… Can I have dual boot (windows mobile 6.5 and Android 4) on my HTC HD2? I am currently running windows mobile 6.5. thanks

  7. Dear JAYCE,
    Good morning. I have a HTC HD2 (Windows mobile 6.5) SPL-2.08 and I already successfully installed Official HTC HD2 ROM-3.14 as your follows instruction. Then I Installed Android froyo 2.2 as per your video instruction. It’s working. But when i Power off and then power on, It comes to again Windows mode. Radio-2.15, ROM-3.14 already shows. But SPL-2.08, How can I upgrade SPL-3.03 (Because you tell that need to SPL-3.03 before installing Android 2.2 Froyo ROM).
    Please help me dear Jayce. Because I love Android Mobile instead of Windows Mobile. Pls. help.
    Waiting for your reply.
    From Bangladesh.

  8. Hey how can i do a hard reset im using alpha 1…messed up by downloading without unzipping the DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2 to the sd card. tryin to load it from my phone

  9. I have a T-Mobile USA HD2 which used to have 576MB RAM size but now it is down to 448 MB. The changes I made to my phone recently include downloading BsB Tweaks to hopefully unlock some hidden features. Also in an attempt to install either Windows 7 Mango or Android 2.3.4, I installed the SPL below:

    PB81120 HX-B3
    SPL-3.03. HSPL XE
    Cotulla HSPL 0X50

    Could this have anything to do with my missing 128MB RAM?

  10. Hi!

    I tried to run (as Administrator) the HSPL4.exe, but it says, that RAPI.DLL is missing. Could you pls help me, what should i do?


  11. hello i just tried doing that but in the red green and blue screen it says
    cotullaHSPL 0x50

    and when you did it on yours it said 0x30

    any idea on why mines says 50 instead of 30? does it matter that much with numbers

  12. hello friend, i saw the video… i did as per ur video… but the ”serial” status is not changing to ”USB” mode upon connecting to the PC…..what should i do?

      • thanks for the reply JAYCE… WEll i want to upgrade ROM.. i have ”RUU_Leo_S_hTC_Asia_India_3.14.720.3_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship”…with me… i followed your video.. But the ”SERIAL” status on the boot loader does change to ”USB” on connecting to PC…Also my PC requests for ”Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM” update …. where can i get this update.. I have WMDC in my PC( with windows 7)…

        Please please please help me….

  13. Hi Jayce ,
    I’ve tried installing android on my htc hd2 and have followed all the steps to the letter. But, when it come to copying the Jaws MIUI and data file to sd card it just say device no longer on computer, even though it starts the process of copying. I’ve installed all the prerequisites on phone now I’m stuck…………….please help


  14. Hi Jayce,

    I cant seem to copy the Jaws MIUI and Data files onto the sd card I’ve downloaded and inzipped all the neccessary files and its all gone well so far. Now when I try to copy the above mentioned files on the sd card I just get the message the “Can’t find device on computer” halfway through the process. Please help.

  15. Hello Again,

    Something strange happened. when I boot up my phone I now get the message as follows……..

    [K]111808000:[1]12800000 11800100
    Load Done!
    Go Go Go!

    Then nothing, what do I do from here ? It seems things are beginning to shape up , albeit strangely…..:-)

  16. I reinstalled CWM recovery, then went on to create the EXT partition, after that I copied android zip file I downloaded, then used CWM to install it followed all the instructions and it all went smoothly. Now when I power up my phone it says booting from NAND and a host of things come up then I get

    1EFatal Hit!

    I dont understand why this happens, especially when it was all going well…..:-(

  17. Thanks Jayce,
    I downloaded another Android Rom and tried the process again , now, when I select option 8 (Ad Recovery) it doesnt go past the Go Go Go msg, I get the “1EFatal Hit!” msg. Even when it goes past that stage and I try to get to CWM by pressing the vol up or down button, nothing happens it just stays at the “123456 Go Go Go Msg” prompt. Is that another way of getting to CWM apart from the volume keys ?

  18. Hi Jayce,

    Now the phone wont even connect to PC, I tried starting from scratch and as I was installing Radio it got to 96% then it stopped then it said unable to install radio. If I volume down to get the Red, Green, Blue, White on it says, “Upgrade ROM Code Error” and the serial at the bottom of the screen wont go to USB even when I connect the USB cable. Any suggestions please, Its getting a bit frustrating now

  19. Hello Jayce,
    Thanks. I’m converting from windows mobile to android, so I followed the steps to wipe my phone clean from winmo and do a fresh android installation. So do I still need winmo to convert to android ? Also I still get the O2 logo when I boot up, how do I get rid of that ?

  20. And frank any question u need to know link me this guy really does not know what he is talking about and use xda forums to help educate ur self a little more

    • Hi DJQ,

      As you may have noticed I’m new to all this Android stuff. I followed instructions from various blogs and links, now my phones really messed up. winmo has been wiped out, and when I power on my phone all I get is the O2 welcome screen. So, whats your suggestion. I want to start from scratch to convert my HTC HD2 to Android. I’ve got all the prerequisites – Task 29, HSPL4 – 2.08.hspl, Magldr1.13, Radio, ClockWorkMod Recovery. Am I missing anything….?

      • If u have windows 7 and a hotmail account i can assist u via remote desktop but i dont wanna give out my email adress out openly so i dont know how i will help u out in this case its hard.

  21. What i can do for u tho is try to locate me on facebook search for douglas mcdonald my display pic would have a picture of me with dj q on it

  22. Hi DJ Q,

    Couldn’t find you on f/b loads of douglas mcdonalds none with dj q. Anyway if you can give me a step by step rundown of the procedures ie: what to start with….etc it will be much appreciated. Thanks

  23. Hi agian ! Can you please help me with my Htc Hd2 … I downloaded HD2 CoreDroid GB 2.3.5 V3.7 [SENSE 3.5] [FAST|SMOOTH] ONLINE! . I have 16 gig sd card that came with mt T-mobile phone . I’m using Magldr v.1.13. I got as far as sd partition done, Can’t mount sd card to download zip file to card. I’m using Win XP. It’s asking me to find file to make usb work…. HELP !!!!

    Frank S.

  24. my htd has spl-2.10.0000 i downloaded hspl4 but it gives me that “could not find rapi.dll” or something like that. I noticed someone had this issues before but you replied “Install the prerequisites software please” what exactly do you mean by that?

  25. dude when i try to get hspl4 it says could not find rapi.dll but when i try windows mobile device center it says installation package not supported

  26. dear jayce,

    why do we install hspl 4 ? I got a ROM update v3.14,, but i tried installing it.. It says this device doesnot support updation.. So i contacted htc care, they also said the same…….Shoul we hack it ?

    Can i update rom ? If yes , tell me what are the prerequisites for RUU, in sequence…… I mean, first what to install, then next , next like that………..

  27. hi,
    I’m running wp6 with spl-2.10 and can’t seem to down grade so i can install ics 4.0.3.. need lots of help!!! this is my first time trying this type of install and finding all instructions rather confusing.. are there any simpler instructions????

  28. I have a problem I did this, after booting up My touch screen “touch” wouldn’t work anymore, meaning that I can’t touch any bottom anymore I have spl-2.10.0000 and yes the mobile device its installed in my win7 computer. thank you.

  29. hello jayce, I downloaded this file for the purpose to download the new version of android 4.0, however when I was downlaoding it did not say we hacked it but when I did the first step again the microp 0x30 it changed to CotullaHSPL 0x40. shall I reinstall it again or is it ok.

  30. Hi Jayce! I bought a Tmous HD2 which has cotulla’s 2.08HSPL installed already by the seller. But i dont know whether it was done by HSPL2 or HSPL3 or HSPL4. Now, is it possible to overwrite/reinstall 2.08HSPL by HSPL3/4? Any harm/problem in doing this?

  31. hi i would like to know if i have to root the phone before installing android or after installing it because im currently running nrgz energy

      • ohhh okay thanks! and i was wondering if the 4.0.4 came out with a non beta version cause i found [NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.4-CM9-HWA V2.5 (Hardware Acceleration)] recently online and was wondering if this was a the updated version of the ICS
        and thanks again ! (:

  32. I have a HTC HD2 with a bad charging port. With the SPL-2.10.0000. Is there a way to do the the SPL-2.08.HSPL update without using the USB cable?

  33. ohhh okay thanks! and i was wondering if the 4.0.4 came out with a non beta version cause i found [NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.4-CM9-HWA V2.5 (Hardware Acceleration)] recently online and was wondering if this was a the updated version of the ICS
    and thanks again ! (:

  34. Hello,

    I have SPL-1.42.HSPL XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x50

    Radio is

    Do I have install new HSPL and radio? Or is this good? It doesn’t say if it’s HSPL4
    And I don’t know if this radio supports 576mb memory.



  35. i installed windows mobile device and everything worked fine thanks a lot. my phones hangs up when it reach the htc logo when booting after i installed clk bootloader. i need your help, and i canter enter into cwm on my phone

  36. Hello sir,

    Can i install windows phone 7.5 mango version 8107,or android on my htchd2.

    i have-os version

    Manila version

    ROM version

    ROM date10/08/10

    Radio version

    Protocol version


    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP(LED) 0x05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0x40.

    or sir please suggest me the best for me.

    waiting for your reply sir,
    thank you very much.

  37. HEy … when i connect the usb with my laptop .. the redgreenbluewhite screen still writes serial…no USB /// you know whats wrong?

  38. Hi Jayce, I have installed Active sync 4.5 for XP and am using Windows XP SP3 on my PC. When i am connecting the USB to mobile, the serial is changing to USB. But I am not getting “Run as Administrator” tab on my pc when i right click the HSPL4 file, it not visible on right click.

    Pls advice…thx

  39. Hi Jayce, i hav got a new hd2(1024mb)-usa-wp6.5-original phone. I cant enter its bootloader by presing volume down. So i need to put Hspl than Magldr to install anroid/customWP. But how?
    1st step needed as i cant access tricolor screen. Thanks

  40. Hi there,
    I followed the instruction above exactly, ran HSPL4.exe as administrator and installed 2.08.HSPL.
    Got the “we hacked it!” on my phone.
    When I reboot into bootloader it still shows SPL-2.10.0000

    Now I can’t seem to get it to connect to my PC.

    Any ideas?

  41. Hi Jayce.
    I bought a HD2 one month ago from somebody. It works ok. It is with wm6.5 stock ROM. I wanted it because I need winmo.
    Today I spoke on phone with HTC support and I discovered that motherboard was replaced on repair center because S/N and IMEI does not fit. They said the phone (actually motherboard) is european version.

    So this is my Tricolour screen:
    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP(LED) 0x05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0x50

    and phone T8585 info:
    OS: 5.2.219313 (219313.5.0.94)
    Manila: 3.14.479.2 (04666) WWE
    ROM date: 10/04/10

    I read over 20 pages on XDA and I’m still confused.
    Am I able to install nativeSD Android ROM and leave the winmo on NAND?
    Which choice should I select for that on HSPL screen?
    I intend to buy a Kingston 8G class10 card for that. Is this ok?
    I mention I did not tried anything just to be sure how to do.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. So I have been trying to install HSPL3 and 4 and it will not install. It keeps saying “Windows cannot access the specified device path or file. You my not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.” I have tried in admin mode but still stuck with the same message.

    I have an SPL 2.10 by the way.

  43. Please can you help my htc hd2 just loads to a white screen ,i can get into the red green blue and white screen , and i can connect my usb as it changes from serial to usb , it says on the phone screen PB81100 HX-BC, SPL-1.42.0000 XE,microp(led) 0x05, microp(TOUCH) 0x30,it wont let me install hspl it gives out error codes- flow : 00000006, error code: 00000014 please can you help .

  44. Hi yes i am running as admin, and i have tried different usb leads still no good get the same errors . I dont know what happened i only plugged charger into my phone and it just loaded to a plain white screen and wont go any further, there is no hpsl intalled on it either

  45. Hi i am trying to install my os back onto my phone as its just stuck on a white screen , i have done reset and nothing , i dont have a clue how to do this i have just been looking for a way on interenet and it says you cant install a rom without hpsl on your phone which i dont seem to have so please you help

  46. Hi thanks i have tried to do both methods but nothing as the only way my phone will connect to pc is to put in into bootloader mode when it is in normal mode ( screen white) it comes up with device not recognized on my pc ( usb port) i downloaded the rom and renamed the ruu to leoimg.nbh copied it to my micro sd card and then put the sd card into my phone, put it into bootloader mode but nothing it dosent load it onto my phone.

  47. Hi please can you tell me where i can download the original win rom from , also i put my phone in the tri coloured mode and usb mode but the sd card is not showing up in removeable devices so i cant install the win rom onto my sd card . Thanks

  48. Hi really sorry about this as iam a novice and have no idea about how to do this please can you tell me how i use a card reader to copy, do i have to buy this , thankyou

  49. Thanks once again, but right now I have issue of WMDC not recognizing my HD2 having android. I tried to do all updates and drivers…. Any help…

  50. dear jayce,
    i live in india and your guide is very helpful for me.i nstalled 2.08 HSPL and flashed radio in my htc hd2 and installed installed MDJ android in the sd card and it was fine and working nicely.
    when i switch off the device i clicked reboot in the menu and after that when i go to the the android folder in the sd card and click CLRCAD and haret its not booting and few apps which i installed in winmo6.5 not working showing invalid certificate.idont know what to do?
    can i do a hard rest the device after installing HSPL AND NEW RADIO

  51. Hi everyone, this is probably a daft question but i get to the tri-color easily enough on my HTC HD2 but it will not say USB… I have two different cables and both charge it normally but for some reason it is as if the phone is not recognising that it is a USB cable…. I dont suppose anybody can help? I have never done anything like this before and just want to get everything right, thanks in advance!

  52. hi good day i have a HTC HD2 my htc hd2 phone shut down when I try to load a ROM on it And it Dont Come Back On the battery is Full help me you are the god for htc hd2


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