How to restore stock ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to restore stock ROM on HTC HD2? How to remove everything that I installed for Android or Windows Phone 7? I need to send HTC HD2 to HTC Support for warranty service because unlocking bootloader may void all or parts of your warranty. No worry, you can restore HTC HD2 to stock ROM and everything back to stock even after installed Android or Windows Phone 7. Just follow below step by step video guide.


  1. Stock ROM

Note – make sure that you have downloaded a HTC HD2 official Windows Mobile ROM from HTC Website for your country. Don’t use other region ROM other than your very own region. As for T-Mobile HD2, do download yours from T-Mobile website. And use free unzip software – 7-Zip to extract the exe file.

Step by Step Guide

  1. At PC, right click and open official HTC HD2 ROM with 7-Zip.
  2. Copy ‘RUU_signed.nbh’ to desktop.
  3. Rename it to ‘leoimg.nbh’.
  4. Copy leoimg.nbh to SD card (root level).
  5. Double confirm leoimg.nbh file is located at root level of SD card.
  6. Power off phone.
  7. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
  8. It will load into ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen bootloader.
  9. Let go volume down button when you see ‘loading…’.
  10. Then ROM upgrade screen will be loaded.
  11. Press power button to start update the ROM.
  12. ROM update process will take around 15 minutes.
  13. Take off the battery after update success, then put it back on.
  14. Power on your phone.
  15. First time booting preparation process will take around 4 minutes.
  16. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  17. That’s all.

As you can see from the video, I managed to remove Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread from my HTC HD2. Then install back stock Windows Mobile 6.5. And the HSPL was reverted to stock SPL too. No worry about warranty issue when send your HTC HD2 to service now.


  1. hello? i have android installed in NAND and i want to go back to winmo…i am now viewing HTC website…will i download ROM UPDATE? will that be the ROM to be used?

    thank you!

      • hey man, great tutorial. Im flashing an old hd2 for fun n i tried to revert back to stock. It gets stuck at the update. It just goes blank and a message saying updat failed, please try again appears. The it reboots and the same thing happens. Help me out bro.

        • Please…I need help….I am completely clue less when it comes to Rooting etc. I purchsed a second hand phone and apparently it was rooted and running on Android NAND?? When we exchanged the phone he took his SD card and SIM…now the phone will start and boot…however when at the homescreen the touchscreen is completely unresponsive.
          I would like to know if there is any way to restore the factory settings running on Windows…or How I can get the phone to work as is??? PLEASE HELP ….Oh and the guy I bought it from will not return any of my calls…yes, I am fairly dissapointed.

  2. Hello friend,

    If you can kindly help me please. I followed your instructions and made a mistake by plugging my usb cable to charge while attempting the rom update via sd card.

    I now have an error message, “0028002 Error” not allowed.
    Then goes back to the red, green, blue, and white boot loader screen.
    With the message, “Upgrade ROM code error please try again”

    I have made many attempts to flash the rom back to stock WWE LEO.
    I am stuck and have no phone to use. Please help me friend.


  3. I’m running windows 6.5 Energy ROM and have windows 7 on my laptop.
    I have tried booting the HTC HD2 via usb and I only get a black screen saying, “Software update failed please try again”

    I cannot charge my battery as well 🙁

    Hopefully I hear from you soon 🙂

  4. The ROM I downloaded does not match this HTC HD2 T8585 Hong Kong version.
    Where can I get the Hong Kong ROM my friend?

    Thanks again for your help

  5. Thank you SO much! I just followed all the steps and my htc was back to the original way it was. This is by far the best tutorial I have came across yet. Keep up the good work!


    i tried to install android using NAND, but something went wrong…it says that i cannot copy the files on to the SD using the USB MassStg
    I have tried everything

    So my problem is that i cannot go out of aMAGLRD V1.13
    That means i cannot do anything on my HD2 so i tried to reset everything back to normal settings..i tried this method and it didn’t work 🙁 I dont know what to do..please help me ?!?

  7. HI JC
    i trying to return my phone to winmo following your instruction but when i reach to the bootloader it doesnot take me to loading page it just show me (serial) thats all
    please please help me out my friend .

      • I’m having the same problem. leoimg.nbh is in the root directory and all I get when I hold power and volume down is the r-g-b-w screen with “Serial” in the white panel.

        I have to remove the battery to go anywhere

        • I had the same problem too but I just figured it out. I am on T-Mobile US version. After you extract the files and copy the .nbh file to the desktop open the .nbh file on your computer. Instructions will pop up and tell you to power the phone off and unplug, then hold volume down with power until it says “serial” in the bottom white bar. Then plug the phone in and “serial” will change to “usb” then click ok on the computer and it will flash back to stock automatically.

          • If you had the Dark Forces Team Version you might wanna try to go into the Boot manager (the black window at the start, when you bood yout phone) and hold the power-key. Then you get a menu where you can choose(with VolUp or VolDown) a Hardreset. Do that and then try the Method in the Video.
            Worked for me!

  8. Pls Give RUU_signed.nbh download link i don t have htc site in country i am from srilanka

    and does not working this steps Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
    It will load into ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen bootloader.
    Let go volume down button when you see ‘loading…’.

  9. Hi !! What words should we search to download WM ROM !!! I try to search on t-mobile website !!! but i give up i cant find it !!! may you please give me the exactly website to download it !!!im really really appreciate it !!! thank you very mcuh

  10. When I Let go volume down button when I see ‘loading…’, after 1 sec, the ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen bootloader come again and stay there..
    There is no ROM upgrade screen.

    What could happened?

    I have in the bootload screen:
    PB1120 SS-B3
    SPL-3.03.HSPL XE
    Cotulla HSPL 0x50


  11. Hi Jayce..

    I’ve followed your guided steps here as mention above. all done, but something so weird happen; when it comes to booting, why aMAGLDR V.1.12 is coming, and not going to w 6.5.?
    moreover I did a download LEO RADIO ROM same version as you, Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 . is there any suggestion, many thanks


      • Hi Jayce

        Oaps!! I did it fail again, atfer following your steps and then i decide to install vodafone rom, then it lead something error, here it written in booting loader:
        PB81100 HX-BC
        SPL-3.03.0000 XE
        MicroP (LED) 0X50
        MicroP(touch) 0x50
        and then in the green olor written: upgrade ROM ode error please try again.

        so, what should i do, is there any easy step to erase all this data?

          • Hi Jayce

            currently, I’m living in UK. but I could not find which one is best for my hd. just recently, I use vodafone stock rom and it doesnt work too, then I do hard reset, and overall process then, there is a notification: “software upgrade is failed”. so do you have any suggestion? kindly help me please. many thanks


  12. hi jayce.. im trying to revert to stock rom 6.5 after installing windows phone 7.. i did all the step n the upgrade process went well.. but after i remove the battery and switch on the phone i was taken to the bootloader back and the upgrade process try to repeat, i guess its due to the leoimg.nbh file in sd card.. then i remove the sd card but i still taken back to bootloader.. now im stuck at bootloader with the message
    PB1100 HX-BC
    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP(LED) 0x05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0x50

    please help me, i cant find any solution in xda forum, or internet..
    p/s: im, from malaysia, n this hd2 is bought from SenQ.. the ruu that i used is HTC HD2-RUU_Leo_S_hTC_Asia_WWE_3.14.707.3_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship..

  13. i’ve tried through usb method. no joy.. i think i’ll send it to SenQ.. but can they detect ive put other os on it? does varranty still valid?

  14. hey jayce…i tried restocking the rom….i unlocked the sd card frm wp7 and repartitioned it….and i copied the leoimg.nbh file in the root of the formatted sd card….the installation started and after a minute…it said upgrade rom failed…..i tried redoing it but now in the red, blue, white screen, says ” upgrade rom code error try again” …. how do i sort it out ….. my hd2 is from singapore…..please help soon thanks

  15. I tried to do this as you described. I hold the volume down and power on and it only goes to MAGLDR. It will not go to the bootloader screen. Is there any other way to get into bootloader.
    Perhaps from MAGLDR or a program that will allow me to use USB to flash Windows back on.

    Thank you!

  16. hey jayce sorry to bother you but i tried to restore my hd2 to factory rom but it didnt go through. I get the error code and software update fail. Also I downloaded my rom from the t mobile website by putting in my IMEI code, so I know I have the right rom. So what do you think I should do?

  17. hi Jayce,
    i have reply twice,but didn’t see it come up on the page?
    now just curious about your phone, my phone i find the bright light dot around the bottom screen of the phone when there is white background, is that common to this phone?

  18. hey i have a problem, i trye to put windows mobile on htc hd2 i have android on him, i trye the leoimg stuff and at 10% of update it restarts…can u help me?

  19. Dear Jayce: I saw all the information on the website and I found out that you are very informative and helpful. I was wondering that if there is any bugs or anything that wont work by installing the android by using the sd card method. If everything works fine, it will work perfectly like a really android phone does? Sorry I am new to these things I got a HTC HD2 t-mobile version, I have been using it for about half a year. It freezes quite a few times. I am really tempted to try the flashing to android. Can you show me which android that it is and by which method that the android shown on this video was from? I kinda wanted to see from android to wm and then if anything went wrong i cant come back to this website. Thank you very much!

      • Thank you for the quick reply, I am really new to this, i am kinda slow and I dont quite follow the HSPL and all other prerequisites. But I found one that you had before with the sd card, just unzip a file and put it into the sd card—this means to root it right? and then press something like clear card or “Hrrt”—i think i spelled this wrong. to install the android with sd card seem to be easier for me to understand. I think I found a video that you have that did this, and it is the most recent one and I was wondering if that installation with sd card wil be the same rom as this one or does it have bugs or anything not working? and does it also have that file manager could let us to put the files onto the sd card and let us restore to stock rom? and also i read something that it says we need to have the newest t-mobile htc hd2 version, i had that download and going to update it soon. I have only this phone to use, so i really wanted to get it right before i mess anything up. Thank you very much for the help! I really appreicate it. Thank you very much!

  20. Thank you very much! Those are super helpful. I just wanted to make sure i understand this, sorry if i am being slow and repeating myself. I want to do a SD build, by doing that i can keep the windows mobile and all i did was put an android folder on my phone and the phone still works. and everytime that it turns on it goes through the same process. but at least the usb cable can read the sd card and everything is normal. If i decided i dont want the android model. Do i go through the same process that is shown here? and that android will also have that file manager thing that would let the usb read the sd card? Thank you!

  21. Hi Jayce,
    It’s really great to have you here online helping others and answering all the questions that htc users have fro their phone. I have the same problem as one of the guys here. So i just followed waht you had explained to them and how they will do it. Thanks and God Bless.

  22. Hi Jayce, i was running wp7 and had some issues flashing to android, nand flash issues and bad crc sectors, i followed this guide to get back to stock and tried to reflash droid but im getting the same errors, i cant even re partition. so am i stuck with stock or do you have any ideas, i can install mgloader and use that but im really stuck !

  23. Please I need HELP!!
    When I tried to update in Grey screened Process, screen goes off and when I press the power button(the red one)it show that update was unsuccessful please try again later.

    Please help me, I want to give my HD2 for my home button key replacement in the service center and need to replace the stock rom on my HD2, I solution found then it would be much better to mail me at []
    I am waiting for your reply!!
    Thanks in advance!

  24. Hi Jayce,

    I am a user of HTC HD2 (Win 6.5) and I have read couple of forums and blogs but it’s very confusing. I have couple of questions hoping that you can help clearing up:

    1) I have Win 6.5 running on my Phone. what if I change the OS to Android or Win 7, but later if I want to go back to the same old OS Win 6.5 or old factory setting, can I do that?

    2) By doing the above action will my warrenty be void?

    3) When I bought my phone I have copilot live 8 trial software installed on my phone, I have used the trial and then deleted it, how can I re-install the trial from the ROM without hard resetting it? I want to use the trial again hoping that it won’t keep any track that I have used all 14 days of trial, is there any way to reset these settings?

    Below is my Phone Info, just incase if you need it:

    ROM Ver: 1.48.405.2 (71294) WWE

    I will appreciate your response.

    Thanks heaps.

      • Hi Jayce,

        Appreciate your quick response. So this means I can try this “Download & Install CyanogenMod 9 Android 4.0 ICS ROM for HTC HD2” on my HTC HD2?

        Also to get the Original ROM can I search my phone for this or do I have to contact HTC support? Is anything else required?

  25. I get to the multi color splash screen see loading very fleeting and that is as far as it goes, what am I doing wrong HTC HD2 T-mobile, can you help me please?

  26. i have reinstall window 6.5 back from window 7 in my htc hd2 and after this process the internal and rom memory has been rediced to half from its origional memory pls help me how can i gat it back pls help me reply soon thanks…..

  27. Hi Jayce,…
    I follow all the step but still its not working..
    I installed 4.0.1 beta 5.
    I use same rom for my HTC HD2 (HTC HD2 Tmobile US)
    Is there any way to get Windows 6.5 back.
    It is not going in “Loading Screen” plz help…

  28. STOP!!!!

    Do not follow these instructions, you are likely to finish up bricking your phone.

    The stock ROMs should be installed using the proper RUU method which is built into the exe file and has fail safe procedures should things go wrong.

    If the ROM fails to load in this method you could destroy your phone.

  29. i dont want to send my hd2 to service center. i just need to restore winmo after using android nand. so is in necessary to download the rom for my country only or can i also download any other rom?

      • ok so i found these roms. i live in saudi arabia. so can you plz tell me which one should i download. these were the 2 files i found on htc support site.

        1: Reload HD2 (GCC and Egypt)

        is now available to customers updated on your HTC HD2. This update includes the new reforms as well as other hotfixes from the date of issuance of this update. As always, HTC Company undertakes to provide customers with the best possible experience with the use of mobile phone.

        2: Reload this read-only memory (ROM) English – Arabic for the operating system WM version 6.5 the user with a HTC HD2 (Gulf Cooperation Council GCC and Egypt)

        is now available for users of your HTC HD2 read-only memory (ROM) English – Arabic for the operating system Windows Mobile version 6.5 for download . As always, HTC Company undertakes to provide customers with the best possible experience with the use of mobile phone.

  30. sir where i can find rom that for my phone .
    i tried with htc uk tmobile rom but it hangsPB1100 HX-BC
    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP(LED) 0×05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0×50

    so pls help me out in . how reinstal the correct rom and from where

  31. sir i am having hd2 tmobile (leo1024) do rom from india htc will do.
    as i tried it from uk tmobile the phone
    hangsPB1100 HX-BC
    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP(LED) 0×05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0×50

    sir how should i will get the rom fit for my phone.
    as i have replaced the mother bord now i got it from the other damaged phone.

  32. Hey Jayce, Thank you for the nice work and help you are providing. Pls i need your help, I had the MAGLDR v1.13android rom on my Hd2 and i needed to restore the phone back to Winmo, i deleted the files on the sd card and i followed the process in putting the leoimg.nbh on the card, i ran it and i was successful, But when i removed the battery and put it in back, i switched on the phone and it would not go past T-mobile’s “Stick together” screen..pls help me i don’t know what to do

  33. i tried to go back to window mobile 6.5 on my htc hd2 everything went great but now it is just stuck on the t-mobile stick toghether when i start up the phone any ideas of what could of happen?

  34. Hi, I’ve got to setp 9 on your great instructions (9.Let go volume down button when you see ‘loading…’.) but the leoimg.nbh (which I know is a good one) still will load and cannot progress beyond that Point.

    I have MAGLDR working fine and when I boot into tricolour screen I have

    PB81120. HX-BC
    SPL—2.08.0000 8G XE
    MicroP(Led) 0×05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0×30

      • Thanks Jayce,
        I actually found that one of the guys on this Forum (Simon says: October 5, 2011 at 3:15 am) had already ingenioulsy resolved the problem by using the romupdateutility.exe in the MAGLDR113_DAF folder and replacing the magldr.nbh file with leoimg.nbh – amazing. Now got WInMo 6.5 back on – phew.

  35. Hi jayce..
    I’ve been trying for past 2 days already..cant get it done. i get till “loading…” but it doesnt move any further. Am i missing anything? leoimg.nbh is at root.
    I’m from singapore i downloaded RUU_Leo_S_hTC_Asia_WWE_3.14.707.3_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship

  36. HI ..

  37. Hello.. pls help me:(( i tried exatly how you say and i do exatly how in the video is.. i thing i try with a bad rom and now my telefon is stuck! “SOFTWARE UPDATE FAILED. Please try again”
    I try with anather leoimgh but when on the display appears LOADING, is stuck 🙁 .. i don’t now what kind of htc Hd2 i have, t-mobile or not! Because i buy it from a friend! Another problem is that wenn i powerd my phone , in bootloader, i try to connect my USB cable to install another rom, but my phone don’t see the USB! I’m afraid that i don;t have enough power on my telefon, but i can’t charge it because the telefon don’t se my cable..! I’m stuck!! Please help me my friend! Can i repair my telefon or its over?:( sorry for my english!

  38. now i have on my bootloader this:
    PB81100 SS-BC
    SPL-w.10.0000 8G XE
    MicroP(LED) 0*05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0*50 in the red panel

    Upgrade ROM code error
    Please try again in the green

    Serial in the with

    wenn i try to connect my USB cable ,serial don’t change:(

  39. can you find for me a god Rom my friend? I’m now in Germany, but i don’t know from where is my phone, because i buy it from a friend:(… or tell me what to do!!! pLs my friend! i really need your help! i need my phone!

    • IMEI: 352666043937160
      S/N: SH07CNW05109
      i alredy look on Htc but i can’t find nothing 🙁
      can you help me please? 🙁
      i can repair but i need my Usb Connection:(
      only thing i cand do is retry a rom with Sd Card like you say,leoimg. but didn;t work:(
      but in bootloader when i connect my Usb,Serial don’t change in USB !

      • Can be a problem that my Battery is not full? Because in bootloader my phone didn’t see the Charge Cable 🙁 and i don’t know how to charge:((.. Can be this a problem,why Loading a rom is freezing? Because i don-t have enough battery?:(

  40. Hello.

    It seems that I can’t download the ROM from the T-mobile website because the IMEI is not valid, and the reason I need this ROM is this: my touch screen became completely unresponsive for no apparent reason. I flashed an Ice Cream Sandwich HTC HD2 NAND ROM (okay, that might be the reason, although I’m not sure), and the touch screen just won’t work. Got the phone from my brother in law, although I am not sure if he got it from T-Mobile or a different network, I’ll ask. So, before I throw this phone so hard that it’ll pierce the ground and go straight to hell… could it be that my digitizer is dead? I mean, the phone didn’t fall to the floor (even though it might now, for obvious reasons) even once!

    Thank you in advance,

  41. Hello Jayce,
    In need of help my friend….. trying to put stock back onto my hd2 however im struggling. I have looked at your video over and over, i have downloaded 7zip, downloaded my original rom from HTC etc. The only difference i find from your video is that when you open your RUU to rename it it appears as a page font, MINE DOES NOT!!! I dont understand it, its as though my computer does not recognise file format and therfore I cannot continue the way you do on video. I have tried renamimg it anyway and copying it to sd card and it shows it on computer when i explore sd card, but when card is back in phone its not there!! There maybe a simple reason for this for a man with so much experience as yourself in computing, but for me im stuck now. Would greatly appreciate your help and expertise my friend

    Many thanks,

      • Even more confused now Jayce, how can i change the format of the rom file i downloaded???? When I opened the file with 7Zip the file structures are different than those on your video………your file to be renamed is a different font than mine!!!!
        Very confused now, i know enough to follow your videos Jayce but this is different and not mentioned in video.
        Please advise me more.

        Thank you.

          • I Downloaded RUU_Leo_S_Orange_UK_3.14.61.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship and RUU_Leo_S_HTC_WWE_3.14.405.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship from HTC Rom Support Site.
            When I open with 7Zip as you advised it shows the files differently than when you do it!!
            Perhaps im just doing something basic wrong but as i said before, following your video.

            Please advise, thanks Jayce

              • Yes it does Jayce, but as I have said, the files have different fonts, on your video it shows RUU_signed.nbh as a piece of paper font.. like a page. On mine it shows a different font, is this important? I renamed it anyway as video says and did what video says to do but when I put card into phone it does not recognise file, i cannot find it and therefore the process the video tells me to follow stops!!

                I await your reply friend, many thanks for your time and help.

  42. hi Jayce,
    i try like already 2 hours to find the HTC HD2 official Windows Mobile ROM link and with no luck i also tired a link that u gave: and i put my lmel in it but it says wrong number. i also talked with htc agent on phone he said they do not provide it today and if i want to get the official rom i need to go to thier rapair center in my country. but this option include spending money which i realy dont have right now .. so i was thinking if u can upload the official htc that u have in your own pc.

    or maybe give as and up to date link so we can do it freely without troubles.

    tnx , i hope u understand my language.

      • international version cuz i dont see the icon of “T- mobile” on it ;D and i bought from another person and it is “sec hand” phone .. i live in israel so i guess its from israel as well but maybe its from another country. can i check it somehow with the “limil” number i didnt spell it right ..or maybe there is another way? anyway like 80% its from israel but is it so important to suit the stock rom to your country? why? and tnx for help so far..

  43. Hi Jayce,

    I recently followed your video to in stall Android 2.2 on HD2 and its working fine but i am crippled by unable to use the gprs and the phone gets heated up fast and was trying to get back win 6.5, did everything told in this video and installed the leoing in the root bu when i restart it just does not change screen…..i switched it on normally to find if the file is in root but i am unable to locate the file explorer in my phone…..where is exactly is the file explorer in the menu pls help

  44. Great work, I did this with official rom for my US t-mobile one and its fine, ready to be sent in for repairs (cracked screen)

    by the way what song is this?

  45. Hi jayce,

    I have saved the leoimg.nbh file in the root of SD card & followed the procedure.
    It says Loading… & hangs there itself for longtime.

    Please help me

    • I Bought this mobile in Netherlands, After loading & playing with android, now when i tried to restore back, i am facing this problem

      • When i tried to locate the ROM for Netherlands, it took me to the UK site & i have downloaded that & installed.

        While Installing the LEOIMG.nbh –

        I only see the below

        RADIO_V2 –

        Then Press power button to start update the image

        Press Voldown button to cancel update image.

        After Completing successfully, i have rebooted the phone & it just stops in the HTC logo Screen.

        Please help

          • I have downloaded the ROM from NL site & installed it successfully by following the procedure. After that when i reboot the phone, it just stays in the HTC Screen & doesn’t move forward 🙁

            • When i try re-install, the installation is successful, but when i reboot, either it vibrates for 5 to 6 times & hangs on the htc logo screen.

  46. I have downloaded the ROM from NL site & installed it successfully by following the procedure.
    After that when i reboot the phone, it just stays in the HTC Screen & doesn’t move forward 🙁

  47. i bought htc from singpore. but cant find the rom for singapore area. it ask for the imei of my phone. after i key in then it stated imei not found. please help

  48. hi jayce..
    i want to install winmo 6.5 in my htc hd2.. i had android 4.0.3 cm9 v1.4.
    i did as it is in the video. the update process after some time gets an error as not allowed.. pls help me.. what should i do

            • hi jayce,
              sorry to disturb u again.. i have gone through htc support site. But there i cant find my mobile model in “select your phone” option. i live in India. i am using htc hd2. its not t-mobile htc hd2.. in support page there is only one htc hd2 option only for t-mobile.. What should i do pls help me.

                • I directly called HTC customer service from different mobile and I was asked to tell the IMEI number and the OS. I gave the IMEI number and then they asked about the current OS.. but now I am using android 2.3.7 and so I didn’t tell anything about OS and I have just cut the call. so if I give the details of the current OS, will there be any problem? what will happen? and I have one more doubt.. How to find out whether my mobile T-Mobile or not? I saw in some photos that for T-Mobile phones, on the top of the front face it will be written as “T-Mobile” right.. but in my phone its not written like that but when I scanned the IMEI num which was on the mobile phone box using “red laser” app, the app scanned it and searched for the product and in search it was showing as “T-Mobile “.. so then my mobile is “T-Mobile ” right?

                    • I told them that I am using win no 6.5 but they are asking the version.

                      My mobile doesn’t have “T-Mobile” word on it so my phone is not “T-Mobile “?. But the red laser app showed that the mobile is “T-Mobile” HTC hd2..

                    • my phone model is HTC hd2 t8585
                      If I give you my phones IMEI number.. can you tell me whether it is “T-Mobile” or not and also can you give me the link to the correct rom? please my friend.

  49. hi,
    i had install android nand 2.3.2 on my htc hd 2 (6.5) but now i like to restore my window 6.5 back.
    for that i also download rom from htc site but it not working so what can i do now.
    please help

  50. Hey, Jayce.

    I have Cyanogemod7 Android 2.3.7 installed. I want back to stock.

    I downloaded this from HTC:


    I have made different EXT. partition on SD card when I installed this android version.

    Now I’m wondering. Can I turn off phone, get into boot mode, plug in USB, then drive the whole file I downloaded and it will get back stock?

    And will this replace stock HSPL as well?


    Can you PLEASE, help! I am really in need for this so much. Thanks bro!!

    Btw I have 512 MB Europe version, and on HTC site it states this ROM I downloaded is a upgrade.

    Help please!!

  51. i did everything that you said and once i followed the instructions it said that i had to restart the phone, there was a back option but that would take me to the previous step in the instructions, when i clicked restart the phone would restart but it would stay on the white background with the htc logo on it. what should i do?

  52. Hey Jayce. I did download the HTC Rom file from HTC (local). I put it into tricolor screen, then drove the file from computer via USB. It started well, then got stuck after 8%. :S I had to take out battery, now I get message SOFTWARE MEMORY FAILED, PLEASE TRY AGAIN.


  53. Hi Jayce. Thanks for reply. 🙂 Yes, I am positive 90% I am.

    The thing is I downloaded it, then I did not extract or anything, but put it into tricolor on the HTC, then I run the file direct from download, and I don’t think it works like that?

    I took another method than you if you understand..

    Should I take the RUUsigned.nbh, rename it leoimg.nbh, put it to root of SD, then volume down + power on till it gets to tricolor? Because the phone is unable to boot now. :S

    It cannot boot or go into bootmenu whatsoever. Should I try this method? That is stated on your video as well?

    And also, on my SD card when I sync with portable usb reader, it has got the cyanogenmod file on it (on root). This is not any problem when copying leoimg.nbh to root?

    Thanks. Please try respond detailed. It is hiiighly appreciated. You are great, thanks!

      • Dude how could you go into bootloader by pressing vol+ and power key?? your doing by a wrong method. Attach the usb the the phone will automatically switch on so no need to press the power button, just hold down the VOL – key and you will definately be in bootloader screen(i guess red green blue white) and when you see USB prompt on your device then do the pc procedure… hope you”ll find this helpfull..

  54. Hello, I did the SD card method but it gets stuck at around 10% of the whole bar, and I get the message “software update fail” or something!!! and it reboots 🙁 OMG.. What to do???

  55. Hey Jayce.. The method actually worked. Now it is stuck on HTC logo. It took forever to boot first time, but it worked until it came to SIM-code, then it rebooted itself. :S

    Now it is stuck on HTC LOGO.

  56. Hey Jaycee. Thanks so much for all help!

    It has booted fine now and everything, all though the same problem occurs even faster now; extreme overheat, which results in random reboots or freezes.

    How to check for if the HSPL and everything is original? So perhaps I can send it back now. 🙂

  57. What I mean was, since I installed “leoimg.nbh”, is the phone absolutely complete stock?

    If I send it to service, is there no chance they will see it? The phone now does not reboot. :S

    I removed the SD card since it is made in EXT partitions and it worked fine for 15 minutes, got stuck and now won’t turn on. Damn, so annoying…

  58. hi jayce,
    i am using htc hd2 and its problems came me here .
    im toooo happy with your work. may god bless you.
    now i will share any problem with you…

  59. hello Jayce, i’ve a problem regarding my hd2,i want to install the stock rom of htc,
    1st of all please tell me that which was the official rom for “htc hd2 south east asia” & where from i can get that.
    2nd when i go to boot loader of my hd2, it displays “CotullaHSPL 0x50” i have tried many times to change this to “CotullaHSPL 0x30” but no changes.& i think that is the reason i am not able to install nand android 4.0 icecream sandwich rom on hd2.
    kindly help me regarding my problem.
    thanks & regards.

  60. Hi,

    I have recently purchased a second hand HTC HD2 which currently has android ICS on it. I want it to go back to being a windows phone but I dont know how to do this? Also if I do this will it wipe everything I have on the phone such as my contacts?


  61. Hi Jayce,
    please help me with two issues
    1- i still have the old Market icon at menu, no “PLAY” icon, and i can’t go to market through the old Market Icon.
    2- i have only 151.25MB space for apps on phone memory, it is very small space, i use app2SD application but as you know few apps can be moved to SD.
    Please Advice

  62. Hi!
    I`m writing you from Serbia, Belgrade.
    I have a HD2 and i have a problem.
    I bought HD2 here in Serbia but when i bought it, it was in German language. I didn`t know anything about that phone,so i gave phone to a guy and he switched to english. Rom was 1.66, i supose. after that i upgrade it on 3.14. now i have RAM memory about 208 MB of 576 MB, and i want to get it back. the quesiton is , HOW?
    Manila ver. 2.5.20181527.0, rom ver, 3.14.405.2(04666) wwe, radio ver., rom date 09/29/10.

  63. I want to get it back to stock rom, but i don`t know which rom is for my phone. i tried with this one RUU_Leo_S_HTC_WWE_3.14.405.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship.exe, but it`s not working. so, can you wright me a tutorial or give me a link to do it, and give me a link to proper ROM, thanks

  64. just contact them, it is a Austrian ROM. The last version is 3.14.407.2.
    So what can i do with it. ih i install that rom it will be on german? if yes, what to do to be in english. or, you have sam other idea

  65. Hi, just would like to ask assistance,sorry but i’m all new to this. i followed the instruction but i think i downloaded the wrong version of ROM for the phone. the was given to me and i don’t have any idea as to what region my phone belongs to. Is there a chance like you can give me a suggestion on where i can check the region my phone belongs to?. Thanks

    • Hi,
      if there is a HTC site in your country, just wright them an e-mail and ask them to tell you which ROM is for your phone. Just send them a serial number. you can find it in setings, about phone, phone identity. or send mail to any HTC region.

      • i did download every ROM on each region, with my playing around i manage to get the right one and the phone is back on the stock ROM. thanks a lot for the tutorial. i have the stock ROM now.

  66. Hi… i need ur help. i boot loaded my htc hd2 and pulled out the battery to get out of it… now my fone isnt powering up…plz help.

  67. Hey i have a problem!
    the update stopped and then the red green blue white screen came out and after that moment i cant boot my phone even in android … A triangle logo pops out and after it only the red green blue white screen come out.after it goes to the white screen and its loading but it says not allow….PLEASE HELP!

      • First of all i really thank you for replying! I really need your help.
        I think so … i dont have t-mobile and i used this

        RUU Leo HTC WWE 1.43.405.1 Radio Signed 2.04.50 22 2 Ship
        I had the android 4 icecream sandwich installed the one you made a tutorial … everything was ok but sometimes it was lagging and the camera was not responding..also the video mode it was not working i know that it’s not full fixed yet but i downloaded and i was using it for 3 weeks .. then i thought maybe i better install the froyo version which was faster for my phone…so i had to install windows again because the android 4 that i had it was automatically booting when i power on my phone….. i downloaded the windows rom that i told you before i did everything excactly …then i reboot my phone as you show us and the update started automatically everything ok .. but in the middle it stoped and then the red green blue white screen came out … I tryed again but then it was telling .. ” not allowed” and some numbers on top i think 20203 or something like this .. and now always the same thing … i cannot boot my phone even in the android …….
        If you think i have downloaded the wrong can you please help me fix this and tell which is the right one ….. i bought the phone in paris and i leave in greece so if you know which one is right.
        Thanks again i really appreciate your help …hope to read soon your reply thanks! bye
        sorry for my english writting..

            BECAUSE I CANNOT CONNECT MY PHONE TO MY PC(I CANNOT TURN IT ON ALWAYS RED BLUE etc… SCREEN) IM GOING TO CONNECT THE SD CARD WITH THE ADPTOR AND PUT THE RIGHT RUU WINDOWS ROM ….but it tells me that i have to format it but thats ok im going to format it and then copy paste leoimg and do you think it’s going to work and start updating the windows again?

  68. :/ i tryed with the official one from the french htc website..but again it’s loading with blue letters on a white screen and after that again its telling me “not allow”
    I dont know what to do … what is this not allow please if you know please help me ..

  69. Hi Jayce, I have followed the steps and also the commentators’s ways. But the only problem I got is the about USB. When I connect it to the PC, in the Tri-Colour screen mode, the “USB” sign doesn’t show out instead of “Serial”. I also try the official method, they said the usb is not connect to the PC. But somehow when my phone is on, the usb disk connection is available. Yesterday I just went Lowyat Plaza for the repair, and none of them are able to do it!!
    P/S: I use TMOUS version.

  70. Hey guys! I bought my phone in the USA a year. I installed NAND to my phone after i bought it. But there was always some problem with apps, signal and the worst was sometimes when i picked up my phone it stucked. Now, i want to put back wm6.5 to my device. I downloaded a rom from here i do that this site write, but my phones during the update suddenly wrote this : “Software update failed…” Is that a wrong rom? Or i need another rom on my LEO? PLS help me, im not a big genious. Thank you!

  71. hey man, great tutorial. Im flashing an old hd2 for fun n i tried to revert back to stock. It gets stuck at the update. It just goes blank and a message saying updat failed, please try again appears. The it reboots and the same thing happens. Help me out bro. i used the stock rom from HTC malaysia.

  72. Yea, i downloaded it from the HTC SEA site. I tried again and the loading completed. But now, its stuck in HTC white screen. One problem after another la. I also tried the workaround technique that i saw in the comments. Still stuck at the HTC screen. ANy ideas? tnx.

  73. I’m trying to use an Htc HD2 on the telus network:
    HSDPA 850/1900
    HSPA+ 850/1900
    UMTS 850/1900
    WCDMA 850/1900
    1x EV-DO CDMA2000

    The phoen is currently is HSDPA 900/2100,
    if I flashed it with the Australian Version: HSDPA 850 / 2100 – would it then work with the Telus network?

    thank you


  74. Thank you so much! I was able to do all the steps and restored my HTC HD2 back from running Android, this tutorial was awesome!

    I have one problem, my HTC phone screen (the digitizer) doesn’t work, so I can’t select anything once my phone boots up with HTC, such as selecting the TMobile network, etc…do you know of any way I can get around this since the touchscreen won’t work? Tmobile is shipping me another phone, is it ok to return it like this and will they know I previously rooted it?

    Again, thank you so much!

  75. Hola donde descargo la ROM entre aqui pero no veo donde la descargo
    me puedes ayudar espero su respuesta con ancias saludos desde México

      • ya consulte la pagina de HTC de mi region y estuve checando las instrucciones de instalacion pero me dice que devo de tener el Centro de dispositivos de windows mobile.
        yo tengo el windows 7 y descargue el 6.1 que es para windows vista de 32 bits
        pero al iniciar la aplicacion conecto mi HTC y me dice error y no me da otra opcion mas que salirme.
        bueno esta aplicacion la descargue por que es la unica forma de sincronizar mi HTC HD2 con la PC pero no puedo continuar si me sigue saliendo mi error

  76. Thanks for making the instruction. My HD2 is having problem when I tried to flash ram using MAGLDR using AD recovery, it show Fetal Hit. I tried Task 29, and reinstall MAGLDR but problem still there.

    Now I want to try installing stock rom. I have T-Mobile US HD2 so I download the latest version from there website. I couldn’t do the SD card flash for some reason the loading screen didn’t appear.

    Can you tell me what I need to begin this process. I think I have HSPL 2.08 with Radio-Leo- When I try to install stock, I ran into invalid command.

    What are alternatives for installing stock rom?


      • Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

        I tried but loading stop at 8%. I didn’t run Metty and found there there are many bad blocks. How do I get the phone to the stock? Currently I only have HSPL in it. What would be steps I should take?

  77. i tried the above stated method, but phone gets stuck on that three coloured screen saying serial and doesnt proceed. i did copy the renamed file to the raw folder but it didnot work.

    i dont know the origin of the phone as i got it from a stranger and only got the phone, no box.

    its currently on 2.3.2, mod version nima cm7… when u start the phone it says nand and cotulla 2011.. magldr 13, andriod nima,

    please help.

    • Hi farhan, you need to use the correct region ROM for your HD2. Please consult HTC Support if you don’t know which region ROM should you use.

  78. hi jayce my friends htc hd2 is not working and he is not into os,rom,cwm and this stuff so he gave me the phone to fix it its stuck at the magldr v1.11 and the error is FATAL HIT 1 i tried to do this method but the loading screen will tot appear and i even can not get the phone to connect to the computer when i connect it the ding sound from the PC will be heard but it says no drivers found
    i dont care about the os if its android or wp or anything i just want the phone to boot up thanks

  79. Hey JC my HD2 is screwed its an android with a cyanogen mod now everytime i reset it its stuck on the Boot Menu that says MAGLDR and everytime it get to load up its stuck on the HTC screen i tried Hard Reseting it by holding Volume up, down, and end button but it just flashes back to boot menu again. But when i saw your video you have to use the proper country type of software and it needed the IMEI code from your phone but i cant get my code because of the problem i have above how is there another way to reset my hd2 to windows? please help

  80. I tried to do as said, but when it should get to de “loading…” message, it gets stuck at the 4 coloured screen. Any idea of why could that be?

    • Okay, after posting this I tried to just follow the official steps to do it (just plug it via USB and run the application on the PC) , and it worked.

      Thank you, anyway. Your post on how to install NAND Android on the HTC HD2 worked perfect

  81. the progress has been stoped .. and I can’t do anything
    it’s has been loaded about 2 min. and then there is no action

  82. jaycee, My HTC HD2 get stucked at MAGDLR boot menu and can still go back to red,green,blue and white color, with d following info displayed. PB811 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08,HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x30



  83. jayce, yet another person with “upgrade rom code error”. i d/l’ed the rom that tmo provided when supplied my IMEI number. any suggestions?

  84. my htc hd2 touch screen suddenly stopd responding my current os is android. so i need to change it to windows in order to send for repairing. Can u send a link for downloading windows rom stock.
    i have been looking for it thru the official website for htc, but i cudnt find it.

  85. hi jayce

    Used to have WP7 Tango 8773 ROM for HTC HD2 installed from

    and was using so much bat, was messing up all of a sudden, sms order messed up, cant see calls that just came in call registry, when taking picture, blacked out image issue…. wanted to change to the winmo6.5. came back to ur website(i have bookmarked it :D) and revived my SD card, i had issues, searched all over ur website, found the solution >>

    Notreallyme says:
    September 11, 2011 at 6:51 pm
    Yep…not working. When i’ve install the 7720 RTM Mango i had to change some stuff from magldr from services…
    • Move down to and select Services
    • In Services menu select option 4, uselast24nand.
    • You will auto return to main menu
    • Move down to and select Services
    • In services menu select option 5. clearsd MBR.
    • Confirm selection.

    then went to HTC official website, downloaded the wrong build because by default it took me to ASIA/INDIA website, downloaded that and tried to install it using the above tutorial, got the following error >>

    Your OS ROM isn’t customized for your hardware. Please reflash the proper ROM code or contact the service center.

    the reason for this was because, i got this from a friend who bought it from UK, so went to the HTC UK website and downloaded the “ROM Upgrade for HTC HD2 (3.14.405.2)” which is WWE. put it on the SD card, booted it, Works like a charm! 🙂

    Thank you for all your tutorials. u been of great help.

  86. im currently using winmo manila version elegancia v50 final wwe and trying to revert to stock wimnmo, and im stuck at 1% only.. any idea? im using malaysia rom

  87. HTC will not hand over sofware. T-mobile seems to only have the up-date portion. i made a copy of my phone JIC and have all original files…… its been a while and im lost where do i proceed?

  88. ok, got the software from tmoble, tried your steps but doesent go into the loading menu from the tri color screen, the guy who originally modded this used magldr…. im lost where do i proceed?

  89. hey jayce, i actually fixed it via sd card using somewhat of your method, my prob was, getting the file first if t moble zaps your IMEL number you can use the new one off the phone t moble sends you!…… next was just having an extra sd card (so you can still have your olld operating system contacts ect.) on the new sd card DO NOT PUT IN PHONE YET format on computer to FAT32 standard follow your steps to copy over to sd you are just doing itfrom your comp not inside your phone…. one on new sd card, remove your old sd card from your phone and insert the new one and follow your reinstalling steps, when process says complete hit master reset remove all your stuff and send in for warranty, i couldnt have figured it out without your guide you may add this as an alternative way if others were having the same issue of it not booting in the tri color screen thanx again jayce!

  90. hi jayce im currently running on nrgz energy with radio version and i was wondering if its possible for my to restore it to stock rom T-Mobile HD2 MR Software (Version 3.14.531.1 ) and hopefully android Ice Cream Sandwich from there?
    thanks for the reply

  91. Hi jayce, I have one question to be asked with an HD2 expert like you. I have a t-mobile HD2 with AOKP ICS 4.0.1 installed on it (I bought it not as a new phone, I already have it with android installed on the device).

    So here’s my problem, yesterday I tried to install a font-changer app on google play store, and with an unknown issue, the phone reboot itself. After the t-mobile’s “stick together” screen shows up and goes to android logo, it won’t proceed anymore, in other words, my device stuck on android logo screen everytime I boot it up.

    My question, how can I re-install this stock ROM, if I can’t make it to the phone’s normal state (I can’t transfer the leoimage file to the SDcard). I really need help with this, it’s unquestionably frustrating.


  92. hi, Jayce,

    i have a problem with my htc, screen doesn’t work, can’t lock it. pressed read button in a back – nothing. if there is any way to load windows file ant start leoimg.nbh without touching a screen? couse i my screen doesn’t work.

  93. Hi i just download that wwe rom version i did like u said in this video but my phone is showing upgrade rom code error please try again…………………….please reply asap need help…:(

  94. Hello, Jayce! I can`t find and download the stock ROM. Can you PLEASE send me direct link, where can I download it. I live in Latvia.
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  95. Hi please tell me if i restore htc hd2 rom from t-mobile site it should not get locked again. beacuse it is unlocked phone of t-mobile.please reply soon. thanks

  96. Hi Jayce,
    I try to restore my HTC HD2 to WinMo 6.5
    I have already download official ROM from T-Mobile website (I use T-Mobile)
    I try to restore in two way, but both of them still occure error
    1. Via PC -> I run .exe file, but it’s stuck on 8%
    2. Via SD -> when upgrade radio (point #1), error message shown, its “Upgrade Terminated”

    any solution for this

  97. Hi! I need a help. I cannot find any stock rom for my HD2 on htc site. I am form Serbia and i have HTC HD2 T8585 with HSPL 2.08 and MAGLDR 1.13 installed. Please provide me a link where i can download correct rom for my HD2.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  98. Hello

    I tried just that, but there appears no “loading” screen when starting into HSPL with Power on + Vol down.

    My HSPL screen reads:
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x40

    Thank you very much for your help.

    It was very odd, the very first time I started into the original SPL and exited (by taking battery off – otherwise that worked), the TouchScreen stopped working and I need to send it in for repair.

  99. I partitioned the SD with the recovery tool of CLK 1.5 previously to also have an EXT3 partition. Maybe that’s the problem?

    Oh f..k, it’s finished updating now, but the Touchscreen still doesn’t work.

    So it’s a hardware problem, right?
    I just don’t understand that peculiarity – it exactly occurred when I once entered the (totally unmodified) SPL screen for the very first time and exited it by taking battery out.

    Can taking the battery out there somehow break the hardware?

  100. Jayce hi!

    I live in the USA and accidentally came across an HTC (T-Mobile) HD2 which will not boot past the power-on greeting screen (e.g T-Mobile’s pink color with the words “stick together” written in it). After some basic reading I did on the internet I was able to boot to the boot-loader(?) screen, e.g. the one with the RedGreenBlueWhite stripes. The information I read in there, make me believe that the previous owner must have tried to install Android on it but -apparently- it failed. Basically here’s what the info (in the red stripe) says:

    PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-3.03.HSPL XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x40

    The green and blue stripes have nothing written in them but the white one has the word “serial” written in the middle.

    I would like to bring this phone back to its windows state so I downloaded the latest official ROM for this phone from T-Mobile’s web site. It is version 3.14.531.1 dated 9/29/2010.

    Is there anything I should know BEFORE I attempt your procedure? My phone is very similar with yours yet not identical. I realized that you also had a similar entry in your RGBW screen (i.e. CotullaHSPL, pointing to the fact that you also had installed Android) but the top number (i.e. PB81100 HX-BC) and the SPL version (i.e. 2.08) in yours are different than mine.

    Do you think this is OK and will not affect the procedure you described? I basically want to wipe out what ever is currently there and start fresh with a windows 6.5 version. Like I said the phone will not boot the OS, but with my limited knowledge it appears that the bootloader and the hardware in general are working fine. Apparently something went wrong with the previous owner and they decided to abandon it. However if the fix is so easy like you demonstrated why would anyone on earth trash a legendary phone like the HD2 so easily?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • OK, never mind, I went ahead and did it anyway.

      The procedure went exactly as you describe, there was ONLY one difference. During the ROM update the file I downloaded did not include the EXTROM component, it is the 7th from the top after CONFIGDATA. Nevertheles, everything went as in the tutorial, the update was completed successfully, then windows went through the initial setup as expected. BUT at the first chance I had to touch the screen to select/config something I realized the screen was unresponsive. I restarted a couple of times still the same. Is it possible that something went wrong? This is a hardware issue right? Unfortunately, I do not know the previous owner so I can’t ask him if there was something wrong with the screen before he ditched the phone. Perhaps, that’s why s/he did it, who knows?

      Right now my boot-loader screen says this:

      PB81120 SS-B3
      SPL-2.10.0000 8G XE
      MicroP(LED) 0x05
      MicroP(TOUCH) 0x40

      also, now, during boot-time at the bottom of the “stick together” screen the following numbers appear while before it never made it to that point.

      R 2. 15. 50. 14
      G 15. 42. 50. 11U
      D 3. 14. 04666 8G

      It looks as if I did everything according to your instructions and the screen problem is unrelated, or am I missing something?

      Thank you very much!

  101. Hello, do I need to install a different radio and uninstall magldr or does the stock ROM takes care of everything. I am asking because when I installed android I had to install a different radio and magldr. Thanks…

  102. Hey jayce Iam running android 2.3.4 & cynogen mod. 7 on htc hd 2 watched your video on restocking my Mob. So pls tell me does my htc sense get back after restocking it …..

  103. Hi, well I’ve done averything until I need to get my phone in BootLoader, but I can’t turn him on? :s
    If I put my USB cable in my phone and then put it in my laptop somethimes it reacts but just with the white screen with the green letters :’htc’ but thats it, it stays stuck there :s.
    (I tryed to make my phone Android but did it wrong ofcours haha :D)
    But as you said I’ve setted a normal ROM from my htc hd2 from the htc site on my StorageCard, but yeah, I’m stuck there with getting it into boatloader :s.
    If you need any more information just leave a message ;d..
    Please help me out of this piece of crap haha and sorry about my english, I’m dutch ;p.

  104. Ohh, my battery pins where bended, they are straight now :D.
    Okay I’ve got it in bootloader now! 😀
    But it doesn’t load.. :s it’s like this:

    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x50

    (and in the white part there stands:) Serial

    Weird eh? Hehe, you woul’d be awesome if you can help me further with this!
    Love the toturial btw ;D

  105. hi,tanks for good site

    which version of windows mobile phone work better on the htc hd2????? (for example windows 6.5 , 7 , 7.5 , 8)

  106. hi!!!!
    I have installed windows phone 7.5 on htc hd2 , but I can not use it because i dont have Activation Code please send it to me.
    i can not call local microsoft because there is no local support in IRAN.
    please help me.
    This is my email: aj,

  107. Hi, will you please tell me what is the stock rom version of Htc Hd2 Leo T8585? Also which Spl is better for this Rom version. Further if you can give me link to download this Rom. i will be very great full to you for this.

  108. hi,i want to go back to windows mobile rom on my htc hd2 phone from android ice cream sandwich nand if not mistaken but i cannot get or download the rom on htc website the IMIE is 354120039737141 HTC HD2 T8585 i bought it in singapore but on my phone stated made in Taiwan.i hope you can give me the link where to download the right ROM so it can run windows mobile again,,,thanks

  109. ok,i bought this phone in singapore it is htc hd2 t8585 should i download the link for taiwan since it is made in taiwan it is at the back of my phone

  110. help me in this case
    trying from last 3 hours but cannot find useful information on this error

    I used to have android on my htc hd2 before I wanted to roll back to windows so I tried to follow the steps 
    downloaded the rom from htc site and I found it is wrong
    my hd2 is not t mobile
    its model number is T8585
    made in india
    hspl4 does not recognise the phone
    gives out connectivity error 
    but my phone shows usb in white boot loader
    when i tried with other rom it gives out 00028002 dont allow message 

    so if any one can help me please…….

  111. can you share the link to download RUU_signed.nbh (full version) for me ~
    because i want to restore back my window mobile 6.5 for htc hd2
    Thanks first

  112. Hi
    Thanks alot for woderful information here. I had used your instruction to install incCream sandwitch beta on HC HD2. It worked great untill something happened and now it does not boot up completely. It gets stuck past HTC screen on zigzag. I would like to get this phone back as its useless as of now.
    I can not down load any software from T-Mobile as software are not compatible with Windows 7.

  113. Hi. I studied very carefully the discussions and answers u gave to various persons. Great job. Thanks.
    I managed to install android ics on my T-mobile HD2 but I have noticed that the camera is not working satisfactory. It is as if you have a laminate film covering the lense.
    However I switched back to WM6.5 ROM “3.14.405.2(04666) WWE”. The device works fine but is crashes often. This would not hapen before.
    I tryed to get the T mobile ROM but when I enter the IMEI code I get the message that says that its wrong, But its not. Its writen on the device(at the back) and in the Settings/ about.
    Can I get the original ROM from another source?. Can I get another-newer ROM from another source?
    Thanks In advance.

  114. Hi. I have a problem. I followed all the steps, but, when I get into to “Red, Green, Blue and White” screen bootloader, the “loading” screend doesn’t appear. What am I doing wrong?

  115. Hi, I have a HTC HD2 T-Mobile running a cyanogen rom and I want to go back to Stock, can I use this method without having any brick? I already downloaded the T-Mobile stock updated rom, and what about the spl? what spl i need to have to do this?

    • Hi Fernando, this method should work (but I can’t confirm myself since I don’t have T-Mobile version). Any SPL will do as long as you can load into bootloader.

  116. Please give me the link what ROM u used, because i have used one with 274MB, after which my phone shows “Updating ROM failed”, plz help

  117. hi jayce

    i am in trouble i have rooted my htc to androd icecream sandwich but when i update my rom with ruu it get error it shows “upgrade rom code error please try again”
    please help me out

  118. Im having problem..
    after the R-G-B-W screen,
    just serial,
    no USB after inserting cable.
    no loading and whatso ever..

    im using US T-mobile

    please help!

  119. hi,

    i have a sad story
    one day i woke up and my HTC HD2 was out of battery
    and when i tun it on the phone vibrate 1 time and it show the logo
    But then the phone vibrates 7 times and i cant do anything
    i tried to change the rom but the phone do not show the menu of MAGLDR
    it shows only :

    aMAGLDR v1.13
    Build: Feb 1 2011 03:46:07
    By Cotulla 2011

    i have searched about this problem and some of them said that this is a hardware problem
    and some of them said that i have to get back for stock rom
    but when i looked for the rom from /wmupgrade/
    when i chose get software the link for HTC HD 2 is dead
    and when i tried to download it from other sites
    i have read if its HTC HD2 T-mobile i cant download other roms expect the original one or i will brick my phone

    im using
    HSPL 4
    2.08 HSPL

    this problem happened maybe after one year after switching from windows mobile to android (by watching your videos 🙂 thank you )

    one more thing after this problem when i was trying to change the rom when i download the radio it come to 96% and then just show error 290
    i have tried other radios and the same problem error 290

    i tried to install NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10.1_V2.4
    from your video in youtube

    sorry for my bad English
    Thanks in advance

    • Ok thank you. I will try it now
      i will use this one:


      it will not beak my phone right?

      i will try it and i will tell you if it works …

    • i tried but it does not load ROM upgrade screen
      it just stay at the Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen bootloader

      maybe it is because of my SD Card????

      im using Lexar 16GB (4)
      and i tried my other card
      SanDisk 16GB (2)

    • the problem was the name
      when i rename it to (leoimg.nbh) i does not load
      but then i rename it to (leoimg) and it works
      but i have another problem 🙁
      when i download the original rom it shows radio fail

      i tried other roms and them same problem

      can you help me please

  120. my htc hd 2 just keep reboot to htc logo i have no android in or windows phone so my phone cant connet to pc with active sync from winmo can you help me to solve this problem i want to instal original winmo rom

  121. i tried the guide to install android on htc hd2 but my phone cant go to magldr menu… i see we hack it after installing hspl but just dont go to magldr menu after installing magldr…is there any way to install android without magldr?? maybe from android i can go to winmo after my pc connected to pc

  122. the problem is i cant install either both of them… i use to install android with magldr and now it doesnt work…and i did try install winmo with boot loader and also doesnt work…i guess my pc doesnt sync with my phone

  123. Hi Jaycee,
    Good day,I bought my pH from Singapore but now I’m in India so what should I choose for my ROM location.
    Thnx in advance and as I always say u r d best

  124. I’m facing a little issue here. I have Android Kitkat (Cyanogenmod) on my HTC HD2 and it’s quite laggy. I’m not sure what the better option is: restore the stock ROM or try to install an older version of Android on it? I mean, I guess by now Windows Phone 6.5 should be quite outdated…

  125. when i update my rom with ruu it get error it shows “upgrade rom code error please try again”
    please help me out….
    And yes i m using my country rom only its ‘asia wwe’ ….
    It says 0028002 error
    jayce i think its bricked pls helpppp meeee

  126. hi jayce the link to the stock rom download doesn’t work anymore… Do you know anywhere else to get the vodafone uk rom from?


    Hey Jayce, I am Yushubh
    I am trying to downgrade my phone from windows 7.8 pdaimjan…. whatever it is…. to stock rom. I have downloaded the stock rom. And now I am trying to put leoimg.nbh to my sd card but not able to do so. In magldr, I am using option 4.USB mass storage to do so. And on my computer I am not able to access the sd card. And because of this when I am going to boot screen and the SERIAL is not going to USB. WHAT TO DO?


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