How to undervolt Samsung Galaxy S2?

Overclock and overvolt terms are very common on computer PC. However, this will increase power usage and generate more heat. Not so good to try it on smartphone. So the other ways ~ underclock and undervolt should be better on smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S II, right? Yes, to improve battery life. Underclock may not be so efficient in performance / walt ratio. But undervolt surely will improve battery life while maintain the overall performance speed.

Undervolt Samsung Galaxy S2

For example, by underclock from 1.2 GHz to 1 GHz, speed performance drops 16.67% but voltage usage drops 6% only from 1250 mV to 1175 mV. Therefore, it is better to just undervolt only and keep the highest speed stage. Let’s say by reducing voltage from 1250 mV to 1150 mV at 1.2 GHz speed stage, you will get 8% voltage usage reduction while maintaining 1.2 GHz speed.

How to undervolt Samsung Galaxy S2?

  1. Install custom kernel that support undervolt.
  2. Install SetCPU.
  3. At Voltages tab, select the desire value for each speed stages.
  4. Note – try to reduce 25 mV each time.
  5. Click Apply then.
  6. Run Stress test ~ Stress CPU to test stability (located at Info tab).
  7. That’s all.

Note – Only check ‘Set on Boot’ when you are confident that the undervolted values won’t hang and stable all the time.

Each phone has its own CPU chipset. Other people’s SetCPU voltages settings may not work for you. Therefore, you need to try lot of the settings until you get the lowest voltages and stable for daily use.