KZ AZ15 Review – Turn Your Wired Earphones Into Wireless!

KZ is well-known for value yet performing earphones for both wired and wireless. There are a lot of interesting wired earphones like KZ PR1 Pro. Thanks to the detachable cable design, you can turn them into wireless ones with the help of KZ AZ15 Wireless Bluetooth Earhook. Does it sound great as wired? Let’s find out together…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected as usual. Once opened, there are KZ AZ15 Ear Hooks in a charging box, short USB-C cable and user guide in both English and Chinese. Take your time to go through the manual.

A rock-solid charging box with green LED light indicator. The USB-C port is located on the left by the way.

Excellent build quality. KZ AZ15 is loaded with smooth matte plastic housing with gold colour. The ear hook is flexible. Comes multi-function button with green light indicator around it. The microphone is just beside the button.

The charging pins are located at the back as you can see. There are also left and right indicators on the hook.

Fit & Comfort
It fits well. And does add some weight when compared to TWS Bluetooth earphones. That’s for sure. But you have the chance to enjoy your wired earphones wirelessly. And that’s priceless. Comfort is great too once you get used to it. And they stay secure during exercise activities.

Performance Result
KZ AZ15 is powered by Qualcomm QCC3046 Bluetooth 5.2 Module. It supports aptX and AAC codec with low latency gaming mode. The connection is excellent. It can go up to 9m with obstacles like walls. As expected, the audio and video are virtually in-sync. All thank to aptX and AAC audio codecs that have lower than the usual SBC codec. In addition, high performance mode has even lower latency. Lastly, you can use KZ AZ15 as stereo or mono as you wish.

Based on specs, KZ AZ15 can last for 6 hours on a single charge. And up to 54 hours when combined with the charging case. More than enough for your daily activities. There is battery life percentage status on Android devices, iOS devices should have it as well.

Thanks to Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 Microphone Noise Cancelling. You can enjoy crystal clear phone calls as it will suppress noise during a call and reduce echo feedback. Yup, others can hear me loud and clear.

Sound Quality
KZ AZ15 is loaded with standard and high performance modes. You can toggle them with 3 clicks of right button. Another full power mode can be activated with 3 clicks on the left one. Standard has the best audio quality, high performance has lower latency and full power boost overall output power, clarity and deeper bass (it can be used on both standard and high performance).

Sound signature will be determined by the earphones that you used. For the KZ AZ15 itself, it is a bright DAC. That’s the standard with full power. The highs are crisp and clear. You can enjoy the clarity that it brings. As for mids, both male and female vocals sound nice. Getting the clean treatment here. Bass is there but don’t expect too much if you are using bright earphones. As for the soundstage, it is wide. Much better than other TWS out there. For performance mode, everything is slightly closer to your ears. The soundstage is narrower too. But you are getting warmer sound and lower latency in return.

As for driving power, it is good enough to drive PR1 Pro on full power mode. You almost need to max out the volume without it. As long as your earphones are 20Ω impedance and below, you are good to go. And for the best result, pair warm headphones with it. By the way, the sound quality won’t be as outstanding as those expensive wired DACs. But you have wireless mode in return…


  • Crisp & clear sound with nice bass
  • Wide soundstage
  • Wide Bluetooth range
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Excellent microphone
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Great battery life


  • Voice prompt notification can be improved

Turn your wired earphones into wireless. That’s the wonder of KZ AZ15. Enjoy crisp and clear sound. Ultra long battery life with the changing case. Don’t forget you can also make phone call now. Interested? Get yours at Lazada, Shopee or Amazon. Enjoy it!


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