MINIX NEO U9-H Stock Firmware

MINIX NEO U9-H is a feature-packed and well performed Amlogic S912H Android TV Box. And highly maintained by MINIX support team as well. Therefore, there are lot of official stock firmware comes out from time to time. You can upgrade it by using OTA method. Or download MINIX NEO U9-H stock firmware and install it with USB flashing tool. Not all firmware are free from bugs. So having the chance to downgrade / upgrade firmware is great to get the best ROM that suit you most.

Download MINIX NEO U9-H Stock Firmware

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
FW003 (20170216) – link
FW004A (20170412) – link
FW005 (20170623) – link

FW003 (20170216) Changelog:

  • Fixed a 4K .mkv video playback issue
  • Enabled the All Apps drawer button of A3 & A2 Lite remotes
  • Minimum CPU frequency boosts to 500MHz
  • Fixed an Ethernet related bug during system boot

FW004A (20170412) Changelog:

  • Fixed the system brightness issue
  • Added new Samba server function (Run -> \\your U9-H’s IP)
  • Added 1080p resolution support for web camera
  • Temporarily disabled the HDMI spoofing feature (we’re re-developing a bug-free approach)
  • Fixed write/delete permission issues of some apps (e.g. Solid Explorer)
  • Fixed a bug when using 128/256GB TF card
  • Fixed some Daydream related bugs
  • Fixed a bug that Bluetooth re-enabled itself during each boot cycle
  • Fixed an .avi video playback issue
  • Added Celsius/Fahrenheit option to MINIX launcher
  • Added Wi-Fi/Ethernet shortcuts to MINIX launcher
  • Fixed audio passthrough issue of FW004

FW005 (20170623) Changelog:

  • Fixed a .TS video playback issue
  • Fixed a .MP4 video playback issue
  • Fixed a playback bug related to Showtime app
  • Improved logic of the faked Wi-Fi status function
  • Removed the launching Camera app shortcut
  • Fixed some permission related issues
  • Fixed a SAMBA function bug after reboot
  • Default refresh rate switching level changed to level 1
  • Fixed Deep Color mode bug
  • Added PCM/AAC passthrough support in Kodi 17
  • Added the “CLEAR ALL” shortcut in recent apps list
  • Improved TF card read/write performance (exFAT, EXT4 format)
  • Fixed the greyscale inaccurate problem in Kodi 17
  • Improved some 4K VP9/HDR videos playback smoothness
  • Fixed the “Enter” key bug of some USB keyboards
  • Updated AirPin (PRO) app to support iOS 10.3.x


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