OnePlus 2 flagship is coming

OnePlus 2 the 2016 Flagship Killer? Lot of people is putting high hope on OnePlus 2 after successful OnePlus One. Including me. Meh… This is my response after look at the specifications. Well, OnePlus 2 is not a bad smartphone with this kind of specs. But definitely not a flagship killer for year 2016 even for 2015 too. Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge has better specs than it. Not to mention the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 which will be more powerful. How does OnePlus 2 call itself a flagship killer?

USD 389 for 64GB model is quite interesting though. But it has 1080p Full HD display only compare to the very same competitor – Xiaomi Mi Note Pro which use the same Snapdragon 810 CPU with Adreno 430 GPU. The later has 2k display. 1080p is so yesteryear. My Galaxy S4 has that 2 years ago.

As usual, OnePlus’ pricing is very competitive. However, the availability is not. By the time it arrive at your door based on the invite system, there is another ‘real’ flagship already. Interested? Use this link to find out more…


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