Pink spot camera issue on Samsung Galaxy S2

Pink spot camera issue on mobile phone is not new to me. My HTC HD2 had this camera pink spot issue previously too. Issue solved after a hotfix patch. There is pink spot camera issue on Samsung Galaxy S II too. But there is no hotfix patch for this issue yet…

Pink spot camera issue on Samsung Galaxy S2

This pink spot colour issue only happens in certain low light environment especially on white surface. Both camera and camcorder mode have this issue. It is not a hardware issue as you can see the last shot don’t have this pink colour issue even on white letter. Hopefully, Samsung can release a patch to fix this issue soon.

By the way, the camera firmware that I am using is SCEF02. You can check your Samsung Galaxy S2 camera firmware version by dial *#34971539# at Phone Keypad. Then select Phone/CAM FW Ver Check.

Samsung Galaxy S2 camera firmware

Do you have pink spot camera issue on Samsung Galaxy S2? If no, what is your Samsung Galaxy S2 camera firmware version?


  1. Hai Samsung, saya baru beli samsung galaxy s 2 tapi mengapa ada ping spot pada kamera belakang, sedang pada kamera depan tidak. Galaxy mini tak ada ping spotnya. Saya sangat kecewa… kecewa berat, bagaimana mengatasinya ?. Mohon perhatiannya, kan anda pabrik besar !! Tolong diumumkan resmi lewat media masa, seperti honda memperbaiki/ menarik produknya. Terima ksih. Salam

    • Hai tjaliek,same as me.galaxy s2 ku jg ngalamin mslh yg sama.solusinya cma update firmware.yg sayang skli blum tersedia sekrng untuk wilayah indonesia….so..
      Still waiting…so sad…

  2. My Phone ver is TBEC28, Cam ver is OMEF01
    I get center pink spot while taking a photo of a light blank wall. I have not noticed this spot on darker backgrounds. hope samsung is going to issue a firmware upgrade / fix .
    In the meantime any thoughts on what to do to take a photo of a light colored background without the pink spot?

  3. Mine also has the same pink spot issue. The cam firmware is also SCEF02. It appears to me that s2 with this cam version consistently shows the same problem.

  4. Hi there,
    i have purchased SGS2 i9100. i see the moving pixels or dots on dark area of the movie when i capture also when i play whether in my phone or PC.actually the whole screen contains a moving particles layer that makes the video ugly. any suggestions to make it clear??


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