Polaris Office 5 for Galaxy Note 3

Want to get free Android office suite for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Well, you can try out the free one at Google Play Store. Or download Polaris Office 5 at Samsung Apps. Yup, Polaris Office 5 is still available free for Galaxy Note 3 users. In fact, free for other new Galaxy devices too. Be sure to grab it and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents on the go. Don’t stay with viewer only.

Polaris Office 5 for Galaxy Note 3

Hmm… Why Samsung doesn’t include Polaris Office 5 in Galaxy Note 3 in the first place? It already released long time ago. Anyway, it is not hard to download it manually. Do so now.


  1. Unfortunately Polaris Office 5 Does NOT work on the Note III.Actually it works but there is a irremovable huge gray rectangle in the middle of the screen. I have been in constant contact with support, sent screenshots and all. They finally concluded that “devices registration is not yet complete with Samsung Apps and will take up to 3 weeks.” Whatever that means, it was last week.


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