Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ Price & Availability at Malaysia

Wow… Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ will arrive to Malaysia real soon. And their pricing was announced by Samsung Mobile Malaysia ahead of official launching date. Yup, these phablets will be available on 4th September 2015. This is too good to be true. And the price is not so bad even with poor Ringgit Malaysia performance lately. Okay, Galaxy Note 5 is priced at RM2699 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ at RM3099. However, they do not interest me much due to lack of microSD slot. 32GB model will not enough to store much 4k videos. Wait for 64GB model if you take lot of videos. Or be sure to do lot of housekeeping then…

Personally, I recommended people to get Galaxy Note series over Galaxy S series usually. This is mainly due to its resell value. Of course, Note series also has better performance than S series. However, this is not the case for Galaxy Note 5. Basically, it is just a bigger version of Galaxy S6 with S Pen. And other minor increments like 4GB memory, dual SIM support and LTE Cat.9.

Pick Galaxy Note 5 if S Pen is a must for you. Else look for Galaxy S6 with much lower market price now…


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