Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life test

How is Samsung Galaxy S III battery life? Samsung Galaxy S3 has 2,100 mAh removable battery. Based on specification, it should enough to power 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen and Exynos 4 quad core processor. If Samsung Galaxy S3 battery cannot last long enough for your works and tasks, just replace the removable battery easily. Unlike non-removable battery in iPhone 4S and HTC One X. So how is Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life? Let’s find out…

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life

Detailed battery usage
Screen time on

As usual, I enable 3G connection all the time instead of Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S3. And enable WCDMA only in Network mode. This will consume more battery than GSM only with Wi-Fi connection. Samsung Galaxy S3 manages to survive half day on moderate usage. Lower auto brightness value on Samsung Galaxy S3 display is helping to save battery life a bit. But there seem like a bug in Samsung Galaxy S3 radio modem because Cell standby uses up a lot battery life. Hopefully, future firmware update can improve Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life on this area.



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