SonicGear Pandora Neo Classic 600 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Classic outlook + modern technology = SonicGear Pandora Neo Classic 600. Yup, it is a hand-finished retro styling Bluetooth portable speaker that loaded with lot of functions like FM radio, dual alarm clock and speakerphone. Besides Bluetooth connection, it also supports normal Aux-in, micro SD card and USB flash drive too. Powered with 1800 mAh battery, 8 watts 52mm driver with same size bass driver as subwoofer. Come with a remote control as well. Wow… That’s really a lot of stuffs in a small profile speaker. Let’s find out how it performs now…


  • Dual alarm clock settings
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.0
  • Built-in microphone with call answering function
  • 5 Music playback modes: Bluetooth | Aux-in | FM Radio | TF-Card | USB
  • Built-in FM radio function
  • LCD Digital display
  • User friendly functional button design
  • 6 Equalizer acoustic modes
  • Built-in 1800mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Continuous music playback for up to 6 hours
  • Continuous talk time for up to 5 hours
Tough packaging box

Package Content
SonicGear Pandora Neo Classic 600 is very well protected as it comes in a tough packaging box like above. And covered with foam in another box (refer the first picture). In addition, the speaker is covered with another layer of plastic.

Protected by foam
Cover with plastic

In the package, there is Pandora Neo Classic 600 itself, remote control, micro USB charging cable, 3.5mm Aux audio cable and user manual. By the way, the remote control comes with pre-installed CR2015 lithium cell. And it is very useful on selecting the songs that you want to listen with its number pad. Some of the functions like LCD light brightness, repeat mode and equalizer are accessible through remote control only.

Package contents

Build Quality & Design
Did I mention that Pandora Neo Classic 600 has solid wood as its housing? Yes, its wood housing is very sturdy and tough. And comes with 2 types – maple and cherry oak. By the way, mine is cherry oak. Both front and back panel are made with plastic. Same apply to the buttons and volume knob except for the speaker grill which is metal. Overall, the build quality is top notch thanks to the wood cabinet.

Control buttons, infrared receiver & volume knob

Pandora Neo Classic 600 has a stylish classic design too – retro style. You have LCD display, microphone, control buttons, infrared receiver and speaker at front. There are reset button, aux-in port, micro SD slot, USB port (for flash drive), micro USB port (for charging) and LED charging light indicator (red for charging and green when fully charged) and subwoofer at the back. Finally, there are 4 round anti-skid pads at the bottom to provide stability.

Lot of inputs
The subwoofer
4 round anti-skid pads


  • Total system power (RMS): 8watts
  • Driver impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Driver size: 52 mm
  • Bass driver: 52 mm
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-18KHz

Performance Result
SonicGear Pandora Neo Classic 600 is a multi-function speaker. To me, Bluetooth is the most important part of all of the features because we can connect our smartphones and tablets to it. And enjoy better sound quality and larger volume. Pandora Neo Classic 600 does not have any audio delay (out-of-sync) at all unlike some Bluetooth speaker which lag a bit. Therefore, it is a pleasure to watch movie and listen MV with it. Of course, games as well. As for range, it exceeds the standard 10m Bluetooth range in straight sight line with no obstacle. And up to 6m with obstacles like wall. For devices without Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX line-in port is always there for you.

Useful remote control

Besides being a Bluetooth speaker, Pandora Neo Classic 600 displays time. Have alarm clock ability with 2 sets of alarms. Loaded with high pitch beep sound that surely will wake you up. Like traditional alarm clock, it is loaded with FM radio as well. Its reception is good and no external antenna is needed. Of course, this depends on the location that you put it too. No complaint from me here. It has auto scan feature that scan from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz and save all available radio stations then. The remote control is very helpful here to ease you to configure and select radio station. For example, you can input 988 on remote control to get 988 Radio Station directly. By the way, the remote control infrared range is good. It manages to get up to 5-6m in straight sight line.

Pandora Neo Classic 600 loves micro SD card and USB flash drive too. Yup, just plug them in and it will start to play MP3 songs. It supports up to 32GB capacity storage and MP3 rate up to 320kbps. In this mode, you can adjust player equalizer – normal, rock, pop, classic, jazz and bass to suit your songs and preferences. Playback mode is there too – repeat all, random and repeat single. Basically, it is a MP3 player on the on (with speaker attached of course). For your information, it will continue to playback the last MP3 song when power on back. Same apply to FM radio station.

3 level LCD brightness

13 hours of non-stop music playback is what I get from its 1800mAh battery. Tests were done with average room sound level through Bluetooth connection. Battery life is shorter when play louder. As for charging, it took 4 and a half hour to fully charge. By the way, battery life is displayed on LCD screen. However, it is not so accurate as it is still showing full bars after 7 hours playback.

Don’t forget that it has speakerphone function too. And the call quality is good. In short, other can hear me loud and clear. As usual, the closer to the mic the better quality. A very useful feature for small group meeting or act as hand free.

SonicGear Pandora Neo Classic 600

Pandora Neo Classic 600 can blast even being a single channel speaker. It easily fill the whole living room with music. And there is almost no distortion even on maximum volume here. As for sound quality, the high and mid are crisp. You can hear the vocals loud and clear. However, the bass can be a little bit lack of power even with the subwoofer. Therefore, you get the sound signature that emphasizes treble over bass.


  • Crisp high & mid
  • FM radio with alarm clock
  • Built-in MP3 player (USB & microSD)
  • Speakerphone ability
  • Excellent build quality
  • Stylish retro design


  • Lack of bass (for bassy head)
  • Sharp wood cabinet corners

SonicGear Pandora Neo Classic 600 is a nice portable multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker. Loaded with lot of features like FM radio, MP3 player (micro SD & USB flash drive), speakerphone and other more. Perfect to place at bedside, workdesk, living room and even kitchen. Still need more information, head to SonicGear Website to get it now.



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